Chapter 628: Meeting the princess of Sea Race again

“Old Three, since you were the one that transported sea princess, did you take any advantage of her? The girl is beautiful beyond words!” A somewhat sharp voice came from one of the rooms of this passage.

“Would I dare? Lord Iron Shark was walking alongside while keeping an eye on us, even if I have a hundred times more courage than what I possess now, I would not dare to make a move. But, speaking about it, a princess is a princess after all; just smelling her body fragrance, my little brother hardened, making me uncomfortable. If I can spend a night with her, then even death is worth it.” Another boorish voice accompanied by lewd laughter echoed.

“As small-time soldiers, we have a consciousness of small-time soldiers. Where can we ever touch the Sea Princess, that lascivious girl? Golden Shark should have already taken her long ago. With his perverted nature, would he be able to endure not touching her? As I see it, I fear Lord Iron Shark wants to wear the shoe already worn by Golden Shark this time.” Another shark guard spoke with a smirk.

“Is that so? But our Lord Iron Shark should be happy wearing that worn shoe. Otherwise, why would he imprison the Sea Princess in his own house every day? However, she’s still a princess. Even if she is worn a shoe, she is worth it,” the boorish shark guard addressed as Old Three sighed and replied.

“Okay, okay, don’t talk nonsense. It is almost time for our duty. If we are late, then Old Six would get noisy again,” a loud and jarring voice resounded.

Then, clanking sounds came from inside the stone room, and a group of shark soldiers stepped out from inside.

Long Yi hid in a dark place, but his eyes were glimmering. He then used his spirit power to scan around and unexpectedly discovered that there was a shark guard who had not yet left. He rejoiced covertly, and entering the room, he immediately grabbed the neck of that sleeping shark guard.

Without spending too much effort, Long Yi learned where the resting place of Iron Shark was located from the mouth of this shark guard. After that, he broke the neck of this shark guard and tossed him into the place where trash was piled up in the passage.

After this interrogation and murder, Long Yi quietly moved towards the passage where the resting place of Iron Shark was located.

As one of the Shark Clan’s few high-ranking military officers with real power, the dwelling place of Iron Shark was a lot more luxurious. There were fist-sized pearls embedded on the stone walls for illumination, and there was also various kind of coral tree decorations. It somewhat resembled the undersea world without seawater.

At this moment, Iron Shark was not present. There was nobody else other than two shark guards and a barrier outside. Presumably, no one expected anyone to sneak into the innermost part of this underground base.

Long Yi stayed still like a mountain and stuck onto the ceiling of this passage. He then shot two fine as a hair spirit needles at those two shark guards. After they hit on the neck of these two shark guards, he jumped down and waved his hand in front of those two shark guards’ eyes, but there was no reaction.

As for the barrier outside the passage, it was basically not worth anything to Long Yi. In front of his internal force that possessed barrier-breaking attribute, this barrier was clearly not strong enough. He easily slipped past it and entered the cave.

At this moment, Sea Princess Martha was frowning. There was a mixture of anxiety and melancholy in her beautiful blue eyes. She was an intelligent woman – although she didn’t specifically know why she was transferred here, she definitely knew that there should be a purpose behind it. In these past few days, she would frequently fall asleep nary a rhyme nor reason, and after she woke up, she felt as if she lost something, but she couldn’t remember anything.

Moreover, for no reason, she frequently recalled that human and his bad but reassuring smile. She wondered if he had met her father emperor with her token or not. Will he come to come to her? Although she knew that it was impossible and questioned herself as to why he would embrace the dangers present and risk alerting the enemy just to save her, she still had an inkling of hope at the bottom of her heart.

Martha had grown up in the sea imperial palace and was at the center of the power struggle. She deeply understood that, as a person in an upper position, only benefits were eternal. As for the rest such as family affection and romantic love, they were just secondary. Once benefit got compromised, familial affection and romantic love could be sacrificed at any time. Her father emperor was like that, no need to mention that human she had met just once.

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In fact, Martha’s understanding wasn’t wrong, but she misjudged Long Yi. For a person in a high position, benefits were truly fundamental, but Long Yi was different. He felt that it was not excessive to use any means to deal with the enemy, but for close kin and loved ones, he would use his life to protect them from any harm. This point was essentially different from Martha’s father emperor. It could be said that he was cold-blooded and heartless, yet he could also be considered as sentimental in nature. He was a contradictory and complex existence.

“Hi, Your Highness the Princess, are you thinking about me?” Suddenly, a low-pitched voice with a teasing tone entered the ears of Martha.

Martha suddenly felt as if she was dreaming. A hint of pleasant surprise appeared on her face, but soon after that, she shook her head and sighed softly, thinking that was just her auditory hallucination. How can that human appear here?

Long Yi stood behind Martha and raised his eyebrows. He originally wanted to surprise her, but who would have thought that this girl would actually have such a lackluster reaction – it truly was disappointing.

“Hello, hello, even if you are thinking about me, you shouldn’t indulge like that. I am truly a sinful man.” Long Yi helplessly patted the shoulder of Martha.

Martha’s entire body stiffened and suddenly turned back. One could see disbelief written all over her face.

“You … you …” The cherry lips of Martha trembled. Now, her mind was a blank sheet, and she was unexpectedly unable to speak for a short while.

“What? Unhappy to see me? Truly … Hello … Men and women shouldn’t get so close.” Long Yi joked, but before he finished speaking, Martha gracefully jumped up and tightly hugged his neck.

Martha tightly held onto Long Yi. She also didn’t know why she lost control of herself like this, but that was already no longer important. The important matter was her tiny hope had actually turned into reality. She was the princess of Sea Race, her disposition was firmer than many people. She had always been calm and composed, but suddenly experiencing this kind of matter, who wouldn’t be scared and nervous? She had just self-hypnotized to overlook that fear.

Feeling that pair of pincer-like jade hands on his neck, Long Yi couldn’t help making a wry smile in his heart. If an ordinary person’s neck was hugged with such strength, then his might would be crushed. Merely, seeing this Sea Princess who had always looked calm with this kind of reaction upon seeing him, a hint of pity couldn’t help but appear in Long Yi’s heart.

After a long time, Martha sighed in relief and retreated from Long Yi. Her beautiful face was beet red at this moment.

“You … How did you come here?” Martha’s face was boiling hot. Her heart was beating rapidly, but she forcibly suppressed all her feelings and questioned.

“I missed you, so I came to look for you.” Looking at the charming and shy appearance of Martha, Long Yi involuntarily teased.

Martha just snorted and didn’t speak. Moreover, her violently rising and falling bosom also slowly calmed down. However, a hint of blush was still visible on her beautiful face.

“This is not a good place to stay for a long time. Iron Shark will return soon, so you should leave quickly.” Martha said to Long Yi with a stern countenance.

“First, tell me about your situation.” Long Yi calmly sat on the stone bed where Martha was resting just a moment ago and said without any concern.

Martha opened her mouth, but eventually, she swallowed her words of persuasion. She knew that Long Yi was not an ordinary person when she saw him for the first time. He appeared as if he could do anything. Since he didn’t fear that the long delay might bring troubles, he must have his reasons. Moreover, thinking he would accompany her here, her heart vaguely jumped in joy.

Martha quickly suppressed her emotion and told everything to Long Yi without concealing anything, including what was happening to her these past few days.

Long Yi began pondering as his finger rhythmically tapped the stone bed. That ‘tap tap, tap tap’ sounds had a peculiar rhythm which gave rise to inexplicable feelings. This made Martha surprised inwardly.

As a matter of fact, Long Yi’s heart was not calm at all as seen on the surface. What was happening to Martha and the experience of Liuli were pointing towards the worst possibility. It was very likely that the Heavenly Demon King had already obtained all the materials required to refine God’s spirits, merely it might not be as simple as just refining God’s spirit.

When Long Yi was thinking, the fluctuation on the warning magic array he set up outside woke him up.

“Iron Shark has returned,” Long Yi indifferently said.

“Ah … then … then, what should we do?” Martha panicked.

“It is naturally the best that he returned.” Long Yi, however, just smiled, but his eyes were shining with pallid light.

Outside the passage, Iron Shark along with a group of patrolling shark guards had returned. He waved his hand, signaling this group of shark guards to return and rest. Then, he directly entered the passage covered by a barrier. He was inwardly happy, seeing those two shark guards outside the passage. They were standing straight with composed expressions, truly achieving the state of still as the mountain he had instructed. Like that, it appeared as if his method of leading the soldiers was not wrong.

Iron Shark complacently walked into the cave. There was the bewitchingly charming Sea Princess inside. Many people thought that he imprisoned her in his residence because he was craving for beauty, but humph, how would small fries know lofty ambitions? Beautiful women were as good as dry bones; he, Iron Shark, would never get charmed by a beauty.

After entering the stone room, Iron Shark saw that the Sea Princess was calmly sitting on the stone bed as usual. She didn’t have any reaction even after seeing he had returned.

“Your Highness the Princess, do you know why you are still not dead?” Iron Shark sat opposite of the Sea Princess and asked in his hoarse voice.

At this moment, upon hearing his words, Long Yi who was attached to the ceiling of this stone room like a gecko was dumbfounded. He then immediately retracted the internal force he prepared to shoot. He vaguely felt that he would be hearing some good information.

As for Martha, seeing Long Yi didn’t make a move, she instantly understood his intention.

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