Chapter 629: Sea Swallowing Beast

“This ignorant princess doesn’t have Your Highness’s insight. I am very curious – since you have already obtained the thing you all desired from my body, why are you all still keeping me alive? I request Your Highness Iron Shark to enlighten me.” Martha turned her head and said indifferently.

“Your Majesty the Princess, you are very intelligent. The human race of 100,000 years ago had a saying, a beautiful woman is the source of calamity, but only an idiot like Golden Shark would indulge in beauty. However, I will not lie to you. As long as you hand over the magic core that can control the Sea Swallowing Beast, I guarantee you that you will live a better life than when you were a princess.” The sharp eyes of Iron Shark shone with cold radiance as he sneered at Martha.

Martha was shocked as she watched Iron Shark in surprise. She actually was speechless for a moment.

As for Long Yi who was stuck on the roof, he narrowed his eyes. A magic core that controls the Sea Swallowing Beast? What is that? Looking at the expression of Martha, that matter should be real.

“Your Excellency Iron Shark, are you referring to the legendary Sea Swallowing Beast? I have heard of it, but I have never seen it, let alone something like a magic core that controls Sea Swallowing Beast.” Martha’s expression quickly reverted back to calmness and responded indifferently.

“Your Majesty the Princess, since I am asking so, do you think I don’t know anything? Everyone knows that Your Majesty the Princess is the number one beauty of the Sea Race, but no one knows that you are a genius of magic arrays…”

“Long Yi, kill him, quick.” Just after Iron Shark spoke, Martha suddenly looked up and shouted.

Iron Shark was startled, but he retreated as quickly as lightning. He then looked up and only saw a white light flashing, and a finger was already pressed against his glabella. Then, an illusory figure slowly condensed in front of him. It was Long Yi.

“Human?” Worthy of a seasoned high-ranking military officer of Shark Clan, Iron Shark maintained his calm and asked. He didn’t dare to move. That huge amount of spirit power flowing into his glabella from this finger made him fearful. He understood that as long as he made even the slightest move, his brain would explode into pieces by this energy.

Long Yi nodded his head, and shooting a meaningful glance at Martha, he suddenly waved his hand, creating an opaque barrier to isolate Martha.

Long Yi then used spirit power to bind Iron Shark and asked after moving his finger away, “Iron Shark, now, tell me what that Sea Swallowing Beast is, and also, the magic core to control it.”

Iron Shark looked straight at Long Yi and said in his hoarse voice, “Why should I tell you?”

Long Yi sat on a stone stool at one side and replied with a smirk, “You have no other choice. Iron Shark, you are much better than that idiot Golden Shark, and you are also very ambitious. I can guess that even your patriarch doesn’t know the matter of this Sea Swallowing Beast.”

Iron Shark’s complexion changed, and a hint of admiration appeared in his eyes while looking at Long Yi. Not only the strength of this human was terrifying, but he was also highly intelligent. With just that small conversation between him and the sea princess, this human was able to guess his thoughts. He believed that this human was on the side of the Sea Emperor, but looking at how the sea princess had urgently called out just now, this matter was not so simple. Moreover, this human was so intelligent, how could he not guess that sea princess was unwilling to let him learn about the matter of the Sea Swallowing Beast?

 “What do you want?” Iron Shark asked.

“Iron Shark, tell me what you know about this underground base first,” Long Yi said with a faint smile.

“I am just guarding this place that manufactures heavily armored guards under the command of the esteemed patriarch. As for everything else, I don’t have the authority to know,” Iron Shark replied.

“Hehe, Iron Shark, do you think I am an idiot? You are even well aware of the Sea Swallowing Beast that Demon Shark knows nothing about. There is nothing you don’t know about in this underground base.” Long Yi seemed to be speaking softly, but his words reverberated in the ears of Iron Shark like thunder, jolting his brain.

Iron Shark came back to his senses as he felt tingling pain in his brain. Now, he was clear about the means of this human. Without a doubt, if he made this human lose patience, he will completely annihilate him without any hesitation.

This was the world where the strong prey the weak; Iron Shark had big ambitions, but he had to lower his arrogant head at this moment.

“Patriarch Demon Shark has long since become the dog of the Heavenly Demon King. This underground base is the base used for making heavily armored guards by the sealed Heavenly Demon King. Two days ago, when I received the order to bring the sea princess to the restricted area, I knew that the Heavenly Demon King must have already acquired the necessary materials required to extract God’s spirit from the descendant of the mermaid imperial family. At this moment, I fear the Heavenly Demon King is wholeheartedly refining God’s spirit,” Iron Shark honestly replied.

“Iron Shark, you should already know that once the Heavenly Demon King breaks out of the seal, the entire Sea Race and even the entire world will be torn to pieces. Why didn’t you choose to become the dog of the Heavenly Demon King like Demon Shark?” Long Yi asked.

A hint of a ferocious smile appeared on the face of Iron Shark. He then licked the corner of his mouth and said, “Originally, I thought that it was not a bad thing to become the dog of the Heavenly Demon King, merely, the Heavenly Demon King didn’t need a second dog. Besides, once he breaks out of the seal, he will slaughter all races, so what is the meaning of becoming his dog?”

Long Yi smirked and said, “Since that is the case, why don’t you become my dog. You will obtain many things you can never obtain, and enjoy many things that you have never enjoyed before.”

Looking at this human with unfathomable strength in front of him, Iron Shark sneered, “Do you have the ability to make me your dog?”

“Iron Shark, letting you become my dog is me thinking highly of you,” Long Yi faintly said. Then, with a thought, six spirit tablets shot out from his sea of consciousness and slowly spun above Long Yi. Those six radiances had a vast amount of magic power as if it was the power of the endless universe. This instantly made Iron Shark feel as if he was just a speck of dust in the universe in front of Long Yi

Iron Shark was a person with a firm will. There was no doubt about it. Merely, sensing the power of these spirit tablets of the Main Gods, his willpower practically collapsed. Since the seven Main Gods were cursed by the incurable divine curse in the battle of Demon and God 100,000 years ago, once the Heavenly Demon King broke out of the seal, Iron Shark believed that no one would be able to resist him. But now, there was a human in front of him who had already gathered six spirit tablets of the Main Gods. This had already exceeded the limits of his thinking. He felt that it was not bad to become the dog of this person. Once this person defeats the Heavenly Demon King, wouldn’t he also be majestic as his dog?

After his will collapsed, the following matter was only to be expected. The eternal mark of Long Yi was already branded in the sea of consciousness of Iron Shark. Henceforth, he was Long Yi’s dog, a ferocious hound.

Long Yi put his spirit tablets away and asked about the Sea Swallowing Beast.

As it turned out, the Sea Swallowing Beast was a kind of mythical beast in the legend capable of swallowing the entire sea. There were only a few words about it in the records of Sea Race, and most of the legend about this Sea Swallowing Beast was passed down orally from generation to generation.

In fact, the Sea Swallowing Beast truly existed, but it absolutely wasn’t as ridiculous as the legend. This was a kind of peculiar creature. It was just ten or so meters long and had a mild temperament. It swallows seawater for living and lives in a certain corner of the sea in groups. Although the Sea Swallowing Beast lives in the sea most of the time, it could also fly in the sky and run on the ground. Moreover, its attack power was also strong, but it hardly took the initiative to attack.

However, the Sea Emperor found a Sea Swallowing Beast from who knows where, and sea princess who concealed her talent in magic formation was actually able to invent a magic array and carve it on a magic core. Using this magic core, one could control the Sea Swallowing Beast and make it attack at will.

After hearing the explanation of Iron Shark, Long Yi frowned. He was unable to imagine how powerful the attack power of Sea Swallowing Beast was just listening to the explanation of Iron Shark, but just learning that Sea Swallowing Beasts were not restricted by land, water, and air, they were already amazing. If their quantity was somewhat big, then their strength couldn’t be underestimated.

At that time, that seemingly good and honest face of the Sea Emperor suddenly appeared in the mind of Long Yi. He felt as if he was about to learn something, but that feeling disappeared in the next moment. The face of the Sea Emperor disappeared, leaving behind an empty void.

“Iron Shark, do you know where the Heavenly Demon King is sealed?” Long Yi frowned and asked after shaking his head.

“Replying to Master, according to my investigation, the Heavenly Demon King should be sealed under the Undersea Forest.” Iron Shark replied.

“Undersea Forest, isn’t that the territory of Heaven Slaying Squid?” Long Yi said.

“Yes, I suspect that Heaven Slaying Squid is the physical body of Heavenly Demon King,” Iron Shark said.

The heart of Long Yi jumped as he asked, “Do you have any proof?”

“I don’t know whether Master has noticed it or not, but the sea monsters used in this underground base to manufacture heavily armored guards are all giant squids. Moreover, after my examination, the passage that only Demon Shark is qualified to enter in this underground base seemed to go towards Undersea Forest,” Iron Shark said.

“Putting it that way, the Heavenly Demon King might truly be that Heaven Slaying Squid. Iron Shark, in any case, find the exact location where the Heavenly Demon King is sealed for me.” Long Yi narrowed his eyes and ordered. This return to the underground base was truly rewarding.

“Yes, Master,” Iron Shark respectfully replied and retreated to arrange the manpower.

As for Long Yi, he walked two laps around the room while pondering, then waving his hand, he dispelled the opaque isolation barrier. At this moment, the complexion of Sea Princess Martha was somewhat pale.

“Everyone has a secret, and I am also no exception. It’s fine if you are willing to let me know, merely, in case my attack was ineffective, then what could be done? Your heart is also not to be outdone compared to your father that personally killed his wife,” Long Yi smirked and said, watching Martha. But, he suddenly felt that he was cruel, merely, thinking about her action just a moment ago made him angry.

“Nonsense, my mother passed away due to complications when giving birth to me. She was not killed by my father emperor, but by me!!” Martha yelled loudly, glaring at Long Yi with blazing and angry blue eyes.

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