Chapter 847 – Reliable

Madam Huan started crying again, “Our evil relatives came and took everything when it was just me and Xing Han, splitting our property and lands amongst themselves… and the old ancestor passed away a year ago due to bad health and old age.”

Huan Qing Yan could not help but sighed, “I hope the old ancestor went in peace. What about the servants?”

“I dismissed them. With everything taken from us, we can’t afford to pay the servants. Only Luo Qiao stayed behind. She’s working to keep us fed. I’m useless, I couldn’t protect our properties…” Madam Huan sobbed.

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Those greedy relatives were deplorable. They took advantage of her family while she was away.

It was a good thing that her family was unhurt.

“No, Mum. It’s okay. Possessions can be replaced. The most important thing is that all of you are okay. It’s my fault for not being unable to keep in touch with you for the past year while I was in the hidden realm.”

She met Bai Cheng Feng at the Earth layer and heard from Bai Trash that he was taking good care of her mother and brother, that was why she did not worry about it.

She did not think that things would have turned out this way.

That Bai Trash was an unreliable man as well.

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Just at this moment, Huan Xing Han came with tea, “Sister, Big Brother Young Master Ya, please have some tea.”

Ji Mo Ya took the cup, “Xing Han, just call this Young Master brother-in-law from now on. Brother-in-law has a storage ring you can use as a Spirit Master. Here, take it.”

Huan Xing Han was overjoyed. Everyone on Spirit Treasure Continent, even if they were not Spirit Masters, would know about the wonders of a storage ring. He had always wanted one.

But he dared not take it as it was too valuable.

He looked at Huan Qing Yan.

Huan Qing Yan glanced at the storage ring. It was different from hers and Ji Mo Ya’s. She made a decision on Huan Xing Han’s behalf and said, “Take it.”

“Thank you, brother-in-law!” Huan Xing Han said excitedly.

He took the ring and claimed ownership of the ring by using his blood. He sends his mind deep inside the ring…

His expression suddenly changes as he felt the ring getting hot, “Sister, brother-in-law, did you forget to remove the things inside?” he said with a flushed face.

There were hundreds and thousands of spirit stones in the ring. It was too much for our young friend who was only nine years old. He had never seen so many spirit stones in his life.

He could not even afford the three spirit stones monthly school fees and has been worrying daily about it. He was astounded at the sight of so many spirit stones now.

Aside from the spirit stones, there was also some magic equipments!

A teacher from the academy had once brought a white magic equipment and showed it off in front of everyone else. It turns out to be nothing compared to the magic equipment inside the ring; there were at least five or six of them and all were green and above…

There were also some edible spirit plants.

He was very familiar with spirit plants. He is from a family of Spirit Chefs where his father had been a Master Spirit Chef, and even his sister is a Spirit Chef. He had grown up eating various spirit dishes. However, he had never seen these spirit plants before, all he sensed was the strong spirit energy coming from them.

So he thought Master Ya had forgotten to remove the things inside.

“Of course not. Those are all for you. They will help you with your training.” Ji Mo Ya calmly replied.

Madam Huan could not understand. She was just a normal person, but when she saw Huan Xing Han’s excited face, she knew that Young Master Ya must have given him something invaluable.

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