Chapter 848 – Young Mistress’s Husband

She started thanking him profusely. “Thank you, Young Master Ya.”

“Madam, there’s no need to be so polite.”

Huan Qing Yan joked, “Mum, Xing Han, it’s alright. Just think of it as dowry. You didn’t think that there would be no dowry when marrying this lady off? Right?”

Ji Mo Ya grinned and said to her quietly, “This is just a small gift for our meeting, and you call it a dowry. Are you trying to save money for your husband?”

“Xing Han is still young, and he’s not powerful enough to handle too much wealth. You will have many opportunities to help him in the future. And who says I’m helping you save money. Don’t overthink it!”

“What a thoughtful wife, thinking for her husband. We’re going to have a good life together.”

She blushed and said, “Humph!” before ignoring him.

On the other side, Madam Huan and Huan Xing Han were watching them gleefully.

Huan Xing Han teased his sister. “Sister, you are becoming bolder. No proper lady would talk about her own marriage arrangements like this…”

Just at this moment, a girl came in through the front gate.

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“Young Mistress! Young Misstress, you are home!” that familiar face said with an excited voice.

Huan Qing Yan was genuinely grateful to her. “You have suffered, Luo Qiao.”

Luo Qiao was so happy to hear Huan Qing Yan’s voice that she started tearing up, “It’s nothing. It’s my duty. I belong to the Huan Estate and I will be happy to die for it…”

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Huan Qing Yan grabbed Luo Qiao’s hands as she was about to kneel, “There’s no need for formalities .”

Luo Qiao then tried to greet Master Ya nervously, “Greetings Young Master Ya.”

Ji Mo Ya acknowledged it simply.

Madam Huan pulled Luo Qiao to her side, “Little Yan, Luo Qiao is a Spirit Master and could have a better future if she left Huan Estate. This child has a good heart, which was why I’ve made up my mind to take her as a god-daughter. Xing Han is already calling her Sister Qiao, I hope you won’t mind?”

Huan Qing Yan smiled. She believed Luo Qiao to be a trustworthy person. “Of course not. Congratulations on having another daughter, and to me for having a new sister.”

Luo Qiao felt a little embarrassed. She clasped her hands tightly. Her hands were rough with calluses from all the work she had done. “The Madam wanted it, but I don’t deserve this…”

“Why not? Just leave it to me! Now that Ji Mo Ya and I are back, we will take care of everyone…”

It was a happy day for the family.

They updated each other with what had happened over the past year. The family found out that Huan Qing Yan went to Blood Moon Hidden Realm and became a True Spirit Master after getting a huge opportunity. Everyone was thrilled for her.

“Sister, someday I will go to Surging Wave Academy to study too.”

Huan Qing Yan then asked about the family’s situation. They had lived in the palace for about a month before the Emperor kicked them out quietly. It happened right after Bai Cheng Feng left.

Everything they had was taken away from them. They had to depend on Luo Qiao to work and put food on the table.

They soon talked about dinner. Ji Mo Ya kept a polite and attentive attitude during the whole conversation. Even though he seemed gentle, everyone felt like they had to be on their best behavior.

“Madam, Young Mistress, Master Huan, Young Mistress Husband, please continue while I go prepare food…”

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