Chapter 219- Political Pains

While the others interrogated Kevin, an army general continuously glanced at a government politician while they watched the live feed from another room.

“You’re the expert, what do you think?” (General)

“Well… I don’t think he’s a terrorist, but he is definitely hiding something. He also exposed everything in order to give us a chance. In my honest opinion, we won’t lose anything helping him and we can bury him afterwards.” (Politician)

The General stared at Kevin through the screen and all he saw was an isolated child that was afraid of people. Without giving a physical sign, he felt sorry for the young man. He figured that whatever plans the kid had will not go well, but it’s not his job to worry about an individual’s fate.

“In order to do this, I will need to arrange a whole company and a supply…” (General)

The politician placed a hand on the general’s shoulder, causing him to flinch and stop speaking.

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A man who stayed completely calm when his damaged craft re-entered the atmosphere a long time had actually flinched!

“You do that general, but I will handle the personal security detail.” (politician)

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The general swallowed hard, “…Naturally.” (General)

The politician then left the room and it took several minutes before the general finally relaxed.

“D*mn politicians! What happened to the days military rank meant something?” (General)

The politician had a smirk on his face as he walked. The unexpected windfall from this sour situation made his day. As the one that will recieve credit for figuring out this mess, his political position will be secured for years. In addition, he could easily earn a small fortune for selling the scans he got from the mechanoid. All that was left was learning the machine’s secrets by tapping into her memory.

Thinking until there, the politician went to check on the progress where Astrid7Astridcharacter was being held. When he arrived, he saw that she was completely naked and strapped to an examination table. She was in a starfish position and her tail and wings were also pinned down. The table was the kind that was designed to keep prisoners completely immobile during a physical.

In her case, it was enforced with extra restraints.

“So, what have you found?” (Politician)

The lead scientist turned towards the politician with a sour look on his face and said, “Well, first of all, everything about her is different than any other mechanoid we’ve seen before. Her AI matrix is far superior to the others of her unit type. Her intelligence also rivals a supercomputer-class AI. Her security maze alone is perplexing, but the most interesting thing about her is that she’s disintegrating.” (Lead Scientist)

The politician was puzzled as he looked at the scientist, “Are you saying that not only are you unable to learn anything, but you’re on a timetable as well?” (Politician)

The scientist took a step back and stammered, “Well… sir…” (Lead Scientist)

“To say they aren’t learning anything is incorrect, but you want my inner secrets. It would be like me hacking into you to learn your deepest secrets. Unlike you who is organic and can not be easily hacked, I have developed pseudo psychological defenses. If you try and do a hard bypass, this drone is designed to self-purge!” (Astrid)

There was a pause throughout the entire room before the politician broke the silence, “Drone?” (politician)

Astrid gave a slight smile as she closed her eyes, “Remember, I am the key to unlocking the port to the Green Corporation AI core.” (Astrid)

The politician sneered with an annoyed look on his face, realizing that he can’t gain anymore from the situation.

“Restore her in two days! We have to move as soon as possible to capitalize on this situation.” (Politician)

“And don’t forget to keep that special rig intact!” (Politician)

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