Chapter 218- Army Recruitment

Kevin was sitting in what appeared to be an interrogation room.

He didn’t blame the officials for being caution of their claims, but three days of isolation was a little excessive. Still, he kept his calm and waited until they came for him again.

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Kevin closed his eyes and thought about what direction the talk will go when the door finally opened. The person that appeared was a well-dressed middle-aged man in his early forties/late fifties. At a glance, he has been in the army for decades. There was a tan folder in his hand that he slapped down on the table before taking the seat across from Kevin.

“First of all, I hope that you understand our caution in this matter. To make matters worse, your disappearance over the last few years gives us reason to believe you may be a member of Galactic Dominance. If you were with them, this would an attempt at a sleeper cell gaining access to one of the government’s military AI.” (Soldier)

He then opened the file and read off the information inside, “Kevin ‘Karma’ Mega, born 2132, almost twenty-eight years ago. Parents: Sara and Luthor Mega, owners of the Gorner Company, where your older brother, Jake Mega, is acting chief executive. Due to your older brother’s incompetence, the company took a big financial hit, in which you bought one of their branch factories using your streaming money and winnings from the time you were in the Green Corporation Gamer Support Program.” (Soldier)

The soldier grabbed a few photos from inside the folder and showed him one by one.

They were pictures of his time playing in different tournaments.

“You were a respectable gamer in the industry, and at your peak, you were earning roughly five million coin a month. However, after you left the GSP, that income went down to less than ten thousand a month.” (Soldier)

The soldier then brought all the documents together and stuffed them back into the folder.

“Where did you get all the money to build a spaceship? Did Galactic Dominance approach you while you were a part of the GSP in preparation for this day?” (Soldier)

Kevin looked at the slightly agitated soldier, who was actually far more likely to be a person from an informational branch and said, “For starters, I did not receive financing from the terrorists. The money is a secret project for the Green Corporation. While the company is highly involved with virtual reality1virtual realitystory mechanic, there are other branches that they focus on like the  For example, the mechanoid research and space exploration branch. As I have a family connection to spacecraft technology, and the fact that I have a degree in theoretical deep space exploration, I am the head of a project to send a cryosleep crew on a colony ship to seek out habitable planets. Since you’ve probably scanned my mechanoid already, you know that she is a highly advanced custom model. You probably know that the Green Corporation isn’t the only business to attempt this, hence all the secrecy. In all likelihood, you have already raided the plant I’ve been living at for the last few years, so you should already know everything I’ve said so far is true.” (Kevin)

The soldier remained motionless, causing Kevin to sigh in annoyance.

“Look, can we cut the bulls*it? We’re wasting time! You want to know what I want, and I want to know about Weise Blackshore.”

The soldier didn’t even flinch at Kevin’s words, but he stayed completely silent.

Kevin sighed again, prompting the soldier to respond, “We have no information than what you already know.” (Soldier)

Kevin leaned back in his chair and the chains on his ankles and wrists rattled as he moved.

“I need the secure connection that I used when I stayed at the GSP. However, the dorms are within striking distance of the terrorists, which means I need security. I could also use some support once I’m in. Since I’ll be using a GSP backdoor, the people I used to play with during my time there should be able to come with me. However, it is very likely that the GD has overridden any pod safeties, so I will do no more than ask for their assistance…” (Kevin)

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