Chapter 843 – Thank You Master!

“After he returns, if he comes to see me tell him I’m sick because of him!” she was not going to forgive him that easily for crippling her subordinate.

Mu Rong Xin Nuo said, “Auntie, cousin did not come back. He went to the Hanging Cloud Empire…”

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Madam Ru was so furious she heavily slapped on the table, turning the table and teacups on it into powder.

“He went with that little whore?”

“Yes, auntie. But I think it’s best to not get into a fight with him or you’ll push him further away. It is not to your advantage. The elders in the clan are keeping watching him already, there is no need to fight with cousin. Why not take a step back and restore the peace…”

Madam Ru was beyond furious. How could he disobey her! She is his birth mother!

But come to think of it, he had never listened to her on important matters.

Perhaps she’s just overreacting.

Madam Ru’s anger dissipated quickly, “So be it, let him do what he pleases, I don’t care and I won’t anymore. Just treat it as I never had this son.”


Bai Li Clan.

Bai Li Zi Xi returned to the clan after she got out of the Blood Moon Hidden Realm.

She needed to heal the wounds that she had gotten when she was in the hidden realm. Besides, the Clan Chief was asking for her to return as well.

Bai Li Clan Chief had thought long and hard. Everyone knows by now that Ji Mo Ya has another woman. Until the Ji Mo Clan solves this matter, it is better for Bai Li Zi Xi to stay within the clan to prevent more gossips.

More importantly, people were spreading negative things about Bai Li Zi Xi. Her reputation as a Saintess has suffered badly and reached an all-time low.

The Clan Chief was afraid that she’d be devastated if she finds out, so he had requested her to remain in closed-door training within the clan.

But today, Bai Li Zi Xi received a Spirit Crane message.

It was from one of her admirers, “Saintess, how are you doing lately? When will you be back to the Holy Court? By the way, Young Master Ya had left the hidden realm with Huan Qing Yan that bitch and is heading to the Hanging Cloud Empire…”

That infuriated Bai Li Zi Xi. She gripped her fist tightly, crushing the message she was holding into powder.

Suddenly, she felt a surge of devilish power rising from within her body. Her facial features became extremely alluring as a strange smile appeared on her.

A small vortex appeared above her head. There was a pair of devilish eyes in the vortex, staring at her alluringly.

“Zi Xi, you don’t have to fret. Master’s here. Everything within Spirit Treasure Continent is your plaything. So what if it is Ji Mo Ya? You can just destroy him if he doesn’t obey you.”

“Master, didn’t you say that my training will be benefited greatly if I perform dual cultivation with him?” Bai Li Zi Xi felt calmer after seeing the pair of devil eyes.

“Yes, that would be best. But if he disobeys you, we will no choice but to do so. Don’t worry, I will help you to get him back first. I will incite the heaven tribulation earlier for him, let’s see if he is still able to ignore you…”

“Okay. Thank you Master!”

A burst of demonic laughter came from the vortex and then slowly disappeared.


Hanging Cloud Empire.

Children came rushing out from the school at the sound of the bell.

Huan Xing Han was walking amongst the crowd as the kids around him said mean things about him.

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