Chapter 844 – Serving The Wife

“Move away, move away! Pauper, why do you still come to school when you don’t have money? You owed our teacher over six months of tuition fees.”

“Yeah, didn’t you use to be some big shot? Wasn’t the prince going to marry your sister, and invited you and your mum to live in the palace? Why were you kicked out after just a month?”

“Oh, you guys have no idea. It was because the Emperor found out his sister has another man out there. He got enraged, and kicked them out…”

Huan Xing Han was gripping his fist tightly, “My sister isn’t who they say she is! She’s an elite student of Surging Wave Academia and is now a True Spirit Master. You can’t talk bad about her!”

Huan Xing Han was nine years old and a Two-Star Spirit Master. He was much more powerful than the other kids, but he was by himself.

A chubby kid spat at him, “Still bluffing! If she’s an elite, a True Spirit Master, why haven’t we seen her come home for once?”

“Yeah, that’s right! Do you think becoming a True Spirit Master is a piece of cake?”

“I heard from my second aunt that she became someone’s concubine, which is why she will be too embarrassed to come home. Haha! I bet she is serving the wife, fulfilling her every wish and desire…”

Huan Xing Han could not take it any longer, “I’m going to beat you all up! How dare you talk about my sister like this!”

“Ooo! He’s going to beat us up. He doesn’t pay his tuition, and now he’s going to use violence on us…”

A few kids jumped on him at once.

At this moment, a powerful gust of wind came swooshing from the sky.

A dragon flew down like a meteor and two people jumped off the back of the gigantic dragon.

The man was tall and lanky. He had perfect facial features with eyes that sparkled.     

The woman had phoenix-like eyes, and her skin was fair and smooth. She was exuberant and attractive.

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What a perfect couple.

The fighting kids stopped dead in their tracks when they saw both of them. They had never seen such good-looking, extraordinary people here in the Hanging Cloud Empire.

Huan Xing Han had bruises all over his face, but the other kids were not any better.

He saw the woman walking towards him. “Sister?”

She had changed so much. She looked even younger than he remembered three years ago.

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Huan Qing Yan approached him gently and said in a soft voice, “I’m back, Xing Han!”

When Huan Xing Han realized it was indeed his sister, he pushed through the crowd and ran into his sister’s embrace. He had grown so much he was at the height of her waist now. “Sister, I’ve missed you so much.”

Ji Mo Ya was standing by the side. He was trying hard to control his impulse and not give the little kid a slap on the head.

He silently counted in his mind; one, two, three!

When he reached three, he immediately went over and pulled Huan Xing Han aside, “Kid, real men don’t cry. What’re you crying about?”

The truth was, he just wanted to get this kid away from Huan Qing Yan.

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