Chapter 845 – Get Out Of Here Quick…

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Surprised, Huan Xing Han wiped the tears off his face, “Young Master Ya! You came back with my sister to visit us?”

Ji Mo Ya’s lips curled into a half-smile, “Yes. Were they picking on you? Go show them who’s boss!”

The kids who were mean before suddenly became terrified and fearful at the sight of the couple.

“Young Master Ya? Isn’t he the one who came to Hanging Cloud three years ago? The one who even the Emperor has to listen to?”

“I don’t know. My heart was trembling when I looked at him, I want to go home to my mum.”

“Huan Xing Han wasn’t lying. His sister is back and riding on a dragon! Let’s get out of here quick!”

“Stop this chatter and let’s get out of here quick…”

Huan Xing Han stopped them in their tracks, “Hold up.”

Those chubby kids stood, frozen, and turned their heads back slowly.

“Big Brother Xing Han, what can we do for you? We will do anything for you!” Their attitudes had changed unbelievably quick.

“Big Brother Xing Han, please forgive us. We were just joking with you. Big Brother Xing Han, we promise to bring you scrumptious breakfast every day for the whole of next month…”


Huan Xing Han said coldly, “I’m not afraid of you guys. Nobody is to talk bad about my sister anymore, is that understood?”

“Yes! Yes! We will not say another word about this beautiful fairy big sister.”

“Now that we’ve seen a heavenly match such as your beautiful sister and the handsome Young Master Ya, we promise not to say anything else anymore. You are our big brother from now on. We will punish anyone who dares to defy you!”

These little brats were sucking up, forgoing their morals.

Xing Han just waved his hand and said, “Go home!”

They immediately felt relieved and scrambled away.

Huan Qing Yan was impressed by her brother’s action, “Xing Han, you’ve grown up and know how to be forgiving and magnanimous. I thought you were going to get your revenge and beat them up.”

Huan Xing Han kept a serious face and said, “Yes, I’ll let them go today because I want to accompany you and Young Master Ya home. I’ll deal with them again in the future when I have the time.”

Huan Qing Yan was taken aback. This kid’s action was pretty calculative.   

Ji Mo Ya nodded his head, “Well done, kid. Revenge is a dish best served cold, you know how to prioritize what’s important. You have a bright future.”

Huan Qing Yan was speechless at Ji Mo Ya’s words. Don’t corrupt my little brother into being black-bellied like you!

Huan Xing Han broke into a broad smile. He held his sister’s hand on one side and Ji Mo Ya’s on the other, “Sister, let’s go home. Mum will be glad to see you…”

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The Huan Estate was not far from the school. Just two blocks away.    

Someone informed Madam Huan in advance and she was already waiting at the door for them.

Her eyes teared when she saw Huan Xing Han with his sister and Ji Mo Ya.

“Mum, Little Yan is home!”

Madam Huan hugged Huan Qing Yan tightly, “Little Yan, the last I heard from you was more than a year ago. Why did you stop sending Spirit Crane messages? I’ve missed you…”

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