Chapter 846 – Permission to Marry

“Sorry to make you worry, Mum.” The Huan couple had treated her well and loved her regardless of what the reincarnated girl did.

She was grateful.

Otherwise, she would not have returned this time.

There was a rowdy crowd surrounding the Huan Estate.

Everyone was looking at Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan…

“It’s Young Master Ya who came to Hanging Cloud three years ago. I can’t believe he took the Huan girl as his concubine. Why did he come back with her?”

“No wonder the Emperor kicked the Huan family out right after the prince brought them into the palace. The Emperor was afraid of angering Young Master Ya. The Ji Mo Clan is no joke.”

“Hmph! It’s her loss, not the Prince’s…”


Madam Huan would never have thought to see Young Master Ya come home with Little Yan. She was worried that the gossiping crowd would make them feel uncomfortable.

“Master Ya, Little Yan, let’s go inside.”

Ji Mo Ya gave an elegant smile and said, “Sure, Auntie. I have come to ask for your permission to marry Huan Qing Yan as my wife. Please give us your blessing.”

His voice was not loud but it was naturally not soft as well.

Just enough for the crowd to hear him.

Everyone was stunned and found it unbelievable!

“What? Did I hear wrong? As what? His wife?”

“I think he meant as his concubine? The Ji Mo Clan is even nobler than our Hanging Cloud royal family, a mysterious great clan…”

“This guy must be an imposter! I don’t believe this…”

The Huan family had already entered the house and closed the front gate by the time the crowd had recovered from the shock.

At this moment, a group of royal guards arrived at the residence.

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Behind them was a horse carriage and inside the luxurious carriage sat the Emperor of Hanging Cloud.

Bai Jing Hua!

A group of dignitaries was following behind.

And there was a group of imperial officials…

The Emperor’s carriage stopped abruptly in front of the residence. “Young Master Ya, please wait. Young Master Ya…”

But the door had closed.

Ji Mo Ya’s charming voice came from inside, “I am here on personal business. I will not see anyone. Please return.”

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Everyone was stunned. They did not know what to do. “Your Majesty, should we return to the palace?”

“No, we will wait here. I need to clarify this misunderstanding.”

He had never thought that Master Ya would appear in Hanging Cloud Empire, and even asked for a marriage proposal! How can that be! Didn’t rumors say that she was to be a concubine? And someone that the Ji Mo Clan will never approve of!

It had turned out completely different from what he had imagined. He must fix this mess and explain why he had Madam Huan and Huan Xing Han removed from the palace.


After everyone went into the hall, Huan Xing Han went to prepare tea.

There was nothing valuable left in the room except for an old table; the valuables and decorations from before have all disappeared.

All the servants were gone too.

Huan Qing Yan asked, “Mum, what happened? Did someone plundered our house?”

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