Chapter 98 – Contract Established

A large number of zombies appeared on the territory of Qin Land, roughly the equivalent of half of the population of F City during the civilized age.

“Let us part ways here.”

The General-Class commander zombie clasped a hand over its fist towards Guan Ren Zuo.

And head towards the Qin Land.

Yang Tian believed that Qin Land would undoubtedly experience a significant change under its leadership.

Yang Tian had heard that F City has been split into half in his previous life as well, but the contract lost its effect after Guan Ren Zuo was betrayed and killed. At that time, Sky Hegemon Blade Sage had developed to an extremely terrifying level, plus the Sky Hegemon Blade was complete at that time. Due to Sky Hegemon Blade Sage, the humans reclaimed the other half of F City and became whole again.

Of course, Yang Tian was only a weak ordinary beast tamer at that time and was unable to experience what had happened. Everything he learned was information he had gotten after becoming a legendary beast tamer.


Guan Ren Zuo returned the gesture.

The humans left within the current F City was likely everyone that was here. After the zombie wave ended, a vast expanse of corpses and destruction littered the field, literally every building has been flattened.

“This… will there be other survivors?”

Guan Ren Zuo looked at everyone hesitantly, he was unable to decide what to do next with the current situation. If this was all that’s left of humans, let alone the current Benevolence Land, even if their territory is reduced by another half it will still be hard for them to defend their territory!

The Flying Zombies and Burrowing Zombies during the zombie wave had cut off all forms of escape for the people in F City.

However, Yang Tian knew that there is still a place where there will undoubtedly be human survivors.

Underground sewage.

There was a Rat King in the underground sewage, or to put it precisely a pseudo-king! Yang Tian believes that the General-Class zombie was only targeting humans and did not make the decision to offend the Rat King by invading the underground sewage. The underground sewage was also the only place where humans could evade the zombie wave.

Yang Tian also nearly head down to the underground sewage to hide at that time, but he was worried that the General-Class zombie will not fear the Rat King and invade the underground sewage as well. Moreover, Yang Tian clearly remembered that the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage would appear and stabilize the situation, that was why there was no need for him to gamble with his life.

“Maybe not! We can search for some traces amongst the rubble, considering F City’s population, the zombie wave might not be able to reach everyone.”

“Okay, let us all split up to look for them.”

The Sky Hegemon Blade Sage is now behind Guan Ren Zuo, even if some might have thoughts of rebuking the latter, they would still have to make sure that the former allows.

Yang Tian used this opportunity to depart, he rode on Dark Storm Eagle and left Benovelence Land.

Before he left, Yang Tian asked Chen An to help take care of Yang Yi Ran. With Chen An’s character, he would surely ensure that Yang Yi Ran remains safe and unharmed.

When Yang Tian encountered the zombie wave in F City, he was also anxious about the manor’s situation. However, based on the King’s Spirit in Yang Tian, the manor did not encounter a severe problem!

Yet for some unknown reason, Yang Tian kept feeling a sense of unease!

There’s also a pseudo-zombie king near the manor, he wondered if it had followed the General-Class and invaded F City.

Also, that Metal Devouring War Wolf was also a relatively sizeable hidden danger, Yang Tian needs to think of a way to exterminate it when he returns.

“The zombie energy has yet to dissipate?”

There was still zombie energy lingering in the skies, preventing Dark Storm Eagle from flying up to a high altitude. Along the journey, they were attacked by several flying creatures as well.

But none were exceptionally power and could be easily resolved.

“Thirteen Rank 1 energy crystals, five Rank 2 energy crystals.”

Yang Tian looked at the unexpected harvest in his hands.

Flying in the air was much faster than traveling on the ground, allowing Yang Tian to quickly reach the manor. Yang Tian also used the opportunity to make a close observation of the Qin Land and Benovelence Land. The Qin Land was filled entirely with zombies, and these zombies were currently carrying construction materials like lumber and rock, if he guessed correctly, the General-Class zombie is planning to construct a palace for itself.

There are still fifteen days until the second blood rain, Benovelence Land might look desolated now, but the Thirty-Six Paradise City that will belong to Sky Hegemon Blade Sage will appear after the second blood rain.

The Thirty-Six Paradise City had many city lords before, but only the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage was recognized by the King’s Spirit to be its master, the other city lords of Thirty-Six Paradise City was never considered the real city lords.

As Yang Tian was pondering, Dark Storm Eagle had arrived above the manor.

“It looks like nothing has happened.”

The manor looked exceptionally peaceful, his tamed beasts like Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Brain-Eating Terror Hog were currently inside the manor.

Yang Tian got Dark Storm Eagle to slowly descend. When he reached the perimeter walls, Yang Tian jumped off its back.


Xu Dafu approached Yang Tian full of smiles when he saw the latter.

Char Char!

Charmander also happily ran over.

However, Xu Dafu’s expression soon turned strange.

“Boss, something happened to Xiao Xiao.”

Xu Dafu’s words caused Yang Tian to frown.


“After you left, a Zombie King appeared and surrounded the manor, it said that it wanted to meet Xiao Xiao. We initially wanted to stop the Zombie King, but Xiao Xiao came out and referred to the Zombie King as Grandpa.”


Yang Tian was shocked! When did Xiao Xiao have such a level of relationship with the Zombie King?

No, wait!

Yang Tian recalled something. In his previous life, Xiao Xiao had once told Yang Tian: My Grandpa is very powerful, if Big Brother follows me, we will surely be much better off than now.

At that time, Yang Tian assumed that Xiao Xiao was referring to her grandfather during the civilized age, he did not expect that she was referring to a Zombie King! In his previous life, Yang Tian had searched for Xiao Xiao’s body for a long time, but he was never able to locate it and also nearly lost his life. It was likely that the Zombie King had rescued Xiao Xiao at that time.

“Later on, Xiao Xiao left with the Zombie King and told us not to worry.”

Xu Dafu checked Yang Tian’s expression after speaking, when he found that the latter was looking fine he sighed in relieve. Xu Dafu knew that Xiao Xiao is very important to Yang Tian.

“Just move freely within this region!” Yang Tian instructed Dark Storm Eagle.


Dark Storm Eagle cried out before flying to the high altitudes, as it was no longer in F City, there was no longer any zombie energy in the skies.

“Did the wolves of the back mountain attack the manor?”

“It did not happen, in fact, not a single mutated wolf could be found nearby.”

It looks like the Zombie King was causing significant pressure on the Wolf King, it allowed the manor to remain peaceful when Yang Tian was not around.

“That Shepherd Dog had also left with Xiao Xiao.”

“No need to be bothered about it, did none of you reach Rank 3 over the past few days?”

Yang Tian checked their ranks and saw that all of them were Rank 2. If it were before, they would undoubtedly be powerful, but after experiencing F City, Yang Tian felt that Rank 2 fighting power was no longer enough.

Moreover, they were all elite tier, once they ranked up, they would be of great help to Yang Tian.

“Brain-Eating Terror Hog had already reached the requirement for ranking up, but it has been unable to do so all this time. Also, it will often become very ill-tempered.” Xu Dafu pointed at the resting Brain-Eating Terror Hog nearby.

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