Chapter 97 – Territory Division Contract

“Master, save me!”

Spirit Zombie suddenly shouted.

It was about to be killed, once Yang Tian completely removed its limbs, only death awaits.

After Yang Tian heard Spirit Zombie calling out, he sensed a dangerous threat, but fortunately, it was not targeted at Yang Tian.

Except for the Enfeeble Zombie, the other zombies were literally in a sure death situation, even the Ghost Bat Zombie fighting in the sky was not a match against Blazing Fire King.

By the time it fell onto the ground, it was covered in burns and was even emitting a barbeque smell.

“Just this much, and you dared to fight against me?”

Blazing Fire King that was covered in fire stepped heavily on the chest of Ghost Bat Zombie, the latter was half dead, only the constant muffling sounds it made showed that it was still alive.

At the same time, Blazing Fire King also sensed a threat coming from behind him.

“A bunch of useless trash!”

A piercing voice came from the sky that shocked even Yang Tian’s soul, a small trace of blood flowed out of his ears.

The rest were faring worse, especially the ordinary humans, the voice had caused them to faint instantly. The Rank 1 metahumans have all collapsed onto the ground, blood flowing out from five orifices, causing them to lose the ability to fight. The Rank 2 metahumans were slightly better, but their five orifices were also bleeding.

The four Rank 3 metahumans were about the same, faint traces of blood could be found flowing out of their ears and eyes. Only Sky Hegemon Blade Sage was not displaying any similar signs, while Blazing Fire King was mildly affected.

“Since you dare to start a zombie wave, why do you not dare to reveal yourself?”

Sky Hegemon Blade Sage seems to have discovered the source of the voice as he pointed the Sky Hegemon Blade towards a direction.

“I will settle the scores with you after I save them.”

A powerful suction force appeared, pulling all the Captain-Class zombies away.

“Escaping through space?”

Yang Tian discovered that the General-Class commander zombie was hiding within a space, no wonder he was unable to detect its location when he used Examine.

Currently, the only one that can travel through space was likely Sky Hegemon Blade Sage.

“Are you thinking of saving them before quietly running away!”

“What a joke! You think I am afraid of you?”

“Then come out and fight.”

“If we continue, neither side will benefit! Why not we negotiate?”

The General-Class commander zombie’s suggestion had caused Sky Hegemon Blade Sage to hesitate, or to put it more accurately, he did not expect that zombies can negotiate.

“This young hero, can young hero allow this old man to handle this?”

When Guan Ren Zuo heard the General-Class commander zombie’s words, he was moved.

“Principal, since you have spoken, I will follow your arrangements!”

When Sky Hegemon Blade Sage saw Guan Ren Zuo, he immediately created space for the latter to stand beside him.

“Young hero, are you really a student at our school?”

“Principal, you might not recognize me, but I will always remember the kindness that could you gave to my sister and me.”

The reply of Sky Hegemon Blade Sage has undoubtedly confirmed Guan Ren Zuo’s guess.

“Then young hero, will you agree to this old man’s suggestion?”

Guan Ren Zuo had something in mind and hopes that Sky Hegemon Blade Sage would agree.


“Thank you young hero.”

Guan Ren Zuo shouted towards the sky: “Tell us your goal.”

“Looks like I will be negotiating with you! Then I shall cut to the chase, we want half of this region.”

When heard by others, it sounded as though the zombies were asking for the lion’s share. However, Yang Tian did not feel that way, and with Guan Ren Zuo’s wisdom, the latter should not find the demand excessive as well.

Earth is facing the invasion of otherworld creatures, even if the humans occupied the entirety of F City, can they really defend it? F City has a vast territory, the power of F City’s humans was undoubtedly not enough to protect all of it.

If that’s the case, they might as well split half of it with the zombies.

If they continue to argue, it would eventually turn into another war. The fighting power of humans have significantly suffered, it was also unknown how much fighting power the zombies have left.

“Okay, but we cannot just let you have all the land for free.”

“Of course, in return, you will have our friendship. You should know that a large number of otherworld creatures are invading Earth, with this friendship, you can seek our assistance to defend against the otherworld creatures in the future.”

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The negotiation did not need many words, what’s important was the main point. In the post-apocalyptic era, there is no need for complex negotiations, just a simple contract will do.

Territory Division Contract

A faint pulse appeared in space and an agreement that highlighted how the territory was to be divided equally appeared. The person who leaves their soul mark on the contract must be the leaders of each side, if any party is to break the contract, their soul will receive a backlash.

The General-Class commander zombie must personally appear, or the contract could not be established.

After the contract appeared, a terrifying and violent tremor appeared.

A hulking zombie in armor and more than thirty feet tall appeared. One could feel the innate aura of a leader emitting from it that caused even humans to want to kneel in front of its feet.

However, Yang Tian only saw a cloud of mist that obstructed him from seeing its appearance clearly.

All he could gather was that it was as expected, a general from ancient times.

“This is thine blood that contained thine essence.”

A strange orb of blood appeared on the finger of the ancient general, it was sent inside the contract.

As for the human’s side, as Guan Ren Zuo was the leader, the contract was signed by Guan Ren Zuo and not Sky Hegemon Blade Sage.

A drop of blood also appeared on Guan Ren Zuo’s fingertip, which he used to place his soul mark on the contract.

Both sides have established an agreement.

A crack appeared on the ground of the city center, the crack became longer and wider, reaching far and wide into the horizon.

Humans were the original masters of F City, now that Guan Ren Zuo has become the leader of the humans of F City, signing the contract meant that the humans of F City had officially given up of F City to the zombies.

The zombies are now the masters of the other half of F City.

After the changes to Earth’s magnetic field, the formless contract was a reality that exists in the post-apocalyptic era. The Territory Division Contract was not something that was created out of nowhere by the zombies, but a product created by the magnetic field upon the establishment of an agreement between the humans and zombies.

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“From today onwards, this land shall be named: Qin Land.”

A gigantic stone tablet appeared on the crack, there were only two words on it: Qin Land.

When Yang Tian saw the words Qin Land, he had some ideas on the identity of the General-Class commander zombie.

“A general of the Qin Dynasty.”

I will investigate further if there’s a chance in the future! Yang Tian currently still lacked the strength, if he was to act carelessly, he might anger the General-Class commander zombie.

Another stone tablet also appeared on the side belonging to the humans, but there were no words on the stone tablet, it seems like it was waiting for Guan Ren Zuo to give it a name.

“I hereby name this place: Benevolence Land.”

After Guan Ren Zuo spoke, the two words Benevolence Land appeared on the stone tablet.

After the naming of the two stone tablets, the rights of both parties have been completely established. As for the Territory Division Contract, it has disappeared above the dividing line where the two territories meet.

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