Chapter 627: Returning to underground base (2)

On the big square of sea imperial palace, sea people of various sea clans had gathered together. At the top of this square, there were the Sea Emperor and eight strongest patriarchs of Sea Race including Demon Shark, the patriarch of Shark Clan.

Wearing a sea-cloak, Long Yi was standing in the midst of this crowd. He was not interested in the power of the Waves Overturning Pearl and the huge black sword. The strength of those two things was limited. At this moment, he just wanted to discuss something with the Sea Emperor and returned to the underground base to explore.

Long Yi spread out his spirit power and faintly pricked the Sea Emperor. The Sea Emperor immediately stiffened and looked towards the place where Long Yi was located. Only after that, his expression returned to normalcy.

“Patriarch Demon Shark, this emperor has some matters to deal with. I leave the following matters to you.” The Sea Emperor made a sad appearance and said. His tone also had a hint of sadness.

The eyes of Demon Shark flashed, and he replied with a smile, “Since Your Majesty is busy, feel free to leave. As for the matters here, you can leave it to me.”

The Sea Emperor nodded his head and entered the sea imperial palace. His back view actually had a hint of vicissitudes.

“Demon Shark, what is wrong with this old fellow? He isn’t scheming something, is he?” The patriarch of Shihun Clan who was standing at one side frowned and asked softly.

Demon Shark just smiled without speaking. He already knew that there was an underground base like the one in the Land of Holy Spirit under the sea imperial palace. Although the spy planted in that underground base didn’t have a high rank, after inquiring around, he knew that the empress whose life was preserved using all kind of treasures had died. Thus, he could understand the current mood of the Sea Emperor.

If Long Yi knew the thoughts of Demon Shark, then Long Yi might have admired the performance of the Sea Emperor even more. Speaking from another aspect, the Sea Emperor was performing like this in front of Demon Shark because he should have already known that Demon Shark had planted a spy in his side. After sitting on the throne for so many years, how could he be so easy to deal with?

In the sea imperial palace, Long Yi was sitting on one side while leisurely relishing the snacks brought by an imperial maid with an intoxicated expression. Sitting on his opposite side was the Sea Emperor. He didn’t speak, but there was a hint of hatred in his eyes. How could he not hate this human who emptied his treasury? But, at this moment, they had common interest and enemies, so he could only endure for the moment.

“Long Yi, why are you looking for this emperor?” The Sea Emperor lowered his voice. In any case, since the layer of disguise was already seen through, he no longer pretended.

Long Yi turned over to Sea Emperor and said with a smile, “Sea Emperor, oh Sea Emperor, I wonder how long can you sit on this throne? I am afraid the entire Sea Race will be engulfed with foul wind and rain of blood very soon.”

The Sea Emperor was startled and his nerves suddenly stretched taut as he asked, “What do you mean?”

Long Yi threw a piece of pastry into his mouth, then his expression suddenly became serious and solemnly answered, “If I guessed it correctly, then the sealed Heavenly Demon King has already obtained God’s spirits. I fear that the seal will be broken soon very soon. At that time, the first to suffer is your Sea Race.”

“What? The descendants of mermaid imperial family have already been discovered? Then, wouldn’t my daughter…” The Sea Emperor suddenly stood up and his handsome face twisted.

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The corner of Long Yi’s mouth twitched. This fellow was so concerned about his daughter, merely, since he was able to kill even his own wife, his love toward a trifling daughter might also be limited.

“I am thinking of returning to the underground base below the Land of Holy Spirit to explore again. During this period of time, I hope the Sea Emperor can secretly summon all the elites of Sea Race. If the situation has truly turned for the worse, then it is better to attack first to take the initiative. At that time, I will also call the experts of humankind and Dragon Race,” Long Yi said.

The eyes of the Sea Emperor flashed and after a good while, he nodded his head and said, “Okay. This is also the only feasible plan at the moment. If the Heavenly Demon King had truly acquired God’s spirits, then we absolutely cannot sit back and wait for his strength to recover.”

Long Yi smiled as he thought that this Sea Emperor had a little foresight. He then said, “As for Demon Shark, the patriarch of Shark Demons, I hope Your Majesty can stall him for a period of time.”

“This emperor knows, if Demon Shark doesn’t know what is good for him, then this emperor will kill him.” A frightening pallid light flashed through the eyes of the Sea Emperor. This kind of deep and cunning individuals, once they start, they wouldn’t recognize even their kins.

“Killing him is the last resort. Until you have a good grasp on the situation, it is better to not act rashly. Otherwise, once he returned to the Land of Holy Spirit, the matter will become even more troublesome,” Long Yi faintly said.

The Sea Emperor coldly snorted and remained silent.

For just in case, Long Yi set up a transfer magic array in the underground base below this sea imperial palace. He then created magic scrolls linked to this transfer magic array. Just in case the matter was beyond him, he could directly teleport back.

After finishing some arrangements, when the Sea Race Convention was still bustling with activity, Long Yi quietly left alone.


In the underground base below the Land of Holy Spirit, Golden Shark who had stayed behind was teasing a beautiful little mermaid while grinning. This little mermaid looked very bright and beautiful, and her figure had just developed. She was in the age when she was just ready to burst. That unbearably coy appearance directly tempted Golden Shark. He touched her cheek with his one hand and used his other hand to grab her small breast.

Because Iron Shark was still in the restriction area of this underground base, he didn’t have the final say in this base. Formerly, Patriarch Demon Shark had placed a lot of restrictions on Golden Shark, so now that Demon Shark had left, Golden Shark did whatever he liked. But, since he still couldn’t touch the princess of Sea Race, he looked for this little mermaid to accompany him.

“Iron Shark bastard, there will come a day when this grandfather will toy you to death.” Golden Shark suddenly recalled his sworn enemy who had secretly tattled on him, making Demon Shark transfer his two golden shark guards. He fumed with anger and strengthened the grip on the breasts of that little mermaid, making this little mermaid cry in pain with tearful eyes.

Golden Shark came back to his senses and loosened his fingers. He saw that the snow-white breast of that little mermaid had a purple mark.

“I say Golden Shark, as a man, don’t you know how to show pity and tender love for women?” At that time, a familiar mocking voice resounded in his ears.

Golden Shark stood up in reflex and looked back. He saw a handsome young man was watching him with a hint of an evil smile. “Master!” Golden Shark then respectfully bowed, stunning that little mermaid at one side.

“Okay, no need to be too polite.” Long Yi sat on that luxurious stone chair of Golden Shark and shot a glance at that little mermaid but said nothing. Mermaid clan was a beautiful race, but many of them were attached to the strong to seek protection. Naturally, they needed to offer their good looks to achieve it. This young mermaid was clearly willing to serve Golden Shark, so there was no reason for him to meddle in other people’s business.

Golden Shark waved his hand, signaling this mermaid to leave. He then stood to one side, waiting for Long Yi to speak.

“What about the princess of Sea Race?” Long Yi indifferently asked.

“Replying to master, a few days ago, Iron Shark with an official letter of the patriarch took her away,” Golden Shark replied.

Long Yi frowned. It seemed that his ominous feeling wasn’t wrong. There was an issue with Liuli and now the sea princess was taken away. It seems the Heavenly Demon King had already begun to refine God’s Spirit. Merely, he didn’t know whether that beautiful princess had already died or not.

“Is there any abnormality in the underground base recently?” Long Yi asked.

Golden Shark thought for a bit and nodded his head, “Recently, the manufacturing of heavily armored guards has accelerated a lot, and that damned Iron Shark also seemed a little different. As for what is different, I am unable to tell.”

Long Yi pondered as he rhythmically tapped on the surface of the stone table.

“Golden Shark, lead me inside the restricted area, also gather your golden shark guards, we might have a major issue.” Long Yi suddenly looked up and said with dense killing intent.

“Yes, Master.” Golden Shark bowed and answered without any hesitation.

With Golden Shark leading in the front, Long Yi easily entered the restricted area. That long yellowish-brown passage was still as before. Those remnant auras of tens of thousands of years ago still made people feel pressure as if they had entered a door that led to ancient times.

Long Yi took a deep breath and tossing away those strange thoughts in his mind, he quickly disappeared at the end of this passage.

Since he had already experienced once, Long Yi easily entered the heavily guarded entrance gate.

In the forbidden zone, on the layer upon layer of round stairs that led downward around a huge crater, captured slaves of various sea clans were bustling about busily under the supervision of shark guards. From time to time, those exhausted and motionless slaves were kicked into the strange magic array located at the bottom of this crater.

This time, Long Yi didn’t feel that peeping feeling. This made him sigh in relief, but he felt even more restless.

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In the restriction zone, other than this huge crater, there were several passages leading to who knows where. Last time, since Long Yi had retreated hastily, he basically had no time to check carefully.

Long Yi concealed himself, walked towards the nearest passage, and examined it. He saw that there were stone rooms on both sides of this passage. Inside those stone rooms, there were ten or so shark guards laughing merrily and chatting. It might be assumed that this was the place for these shark guards to rest.

But, just when Long Yi was about to go to another passage, the conversation of shark guards made him halt his steps.

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