Chapter 626: Returning to underground base (1)

Now, the start of the Dragon Race Convention had already been procrastinated for a long time. It was already nearing noon. But, Long Yi and his numerous daughters-in-law had yet to show up, so Ximen Nu stood up and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s already time, let’s not wait any longer, what do the two Dragon patriarchs think?”

The elders of Divine Dragon Clan and Demonic Dragon Clan were already impatient long ago, so the two patriarchs looked at each other and then nodded in agreement.

It was already very noisy outside, so as a host, Ximen Nu took the initiative to give a speech. He first talked about the various heartening changes after the unification of Blue Waves Continent and explained the significance of the Dragon Race Convention being held in Blue Waves Continent, making the blood of everyone boil with words. In addition, he also made everyone feel incomparably honored to be people of the Blue Waves Empire. After that, Ximen Nu gave the stage to the people of Divine Dragon Clan and Demonic Dragon Clan.

The two dragon clans stayed on opposite sides of this conference hall. On one side, all were wearing golden scale armor, and on the other side, all were wearing black scale armor. There were also young dragons who had yet to reach adulthood and unable to change into humanoid form. They either had shrunk their size to the greatest extent, or were staying on the roof, or were hovering in the sky.

The various races of Blue Waves Continent had never seen so many dragons. Now, all of them were sizing up the dragons with excitement. They felt that they were truly lucky to be born in this age.

As a matter of fact, the theme of this Dragon Race Convention had already been decided long ago. The integration of two dragon clans was the matter, of course. Although the stubborn elders of Dragon Race were not too pleased, since Devouring Dragon Physique, the leader of Dragon Race, had appeared in this world, and a great calamity was upcoming, they had no choice but to stay silent because the division was not only useless but harmful.

Demonic Dragon Clan and Divine Dragon Clan had already reached an initial agreement on the issue of integration, and in order to avoid making the Dragon Race Convention too dull, Ximen Nu had done enough work. In this Dragon Race Convention, Ximen Nu also made a series of treaties with Dragon Race, forming an alliance. With this, Ximen imperial family reached the pinnacle of Blue Waves Continent. In addition, the first continental martial arts drill of Blue Waves Continent was also held in the course of Dragon Race Convention. Ximen Nu wanted to take advantage of this time when the experts of various clans had gathered together to unite all experts to deal with an upcoming great calamity.

Only after the representative elders of Demonic Dragon Clan and Divine Dragon finished the discussion on the matter of the unification of Dragon Race did a refreshed Long Yi arrive at this conference hall.

Nowadays, the popularity of Long Yi had reached an all-time high in both Blue Waves Continent and also among the members of Dragon Race. One might well say that everyone knew him, and he had also become the idol of various races’ younger generation. Many people worshipped him to the extent of madness. At this moment, many worshippers among the crowd, no matter the race, all were wearing his signature white robe. And upon his arrival, a loud cheer resounded, and the attention of everyone turned to him.

Long Yi flew to the stage. His demeanor was extraordinarily graceful and poised. It was something many copycats could never match. And when he raised his hand, the entire venue became silent.

Long Yi then cleared his throat and gave a speech. Unlike his father, he spoke in his usual casual tone, but it attracted the heart of everyone. And after the Dragon Race Convention came to an end for the day, Long Yi made a slight change in the main transfer magic array in the imperial palace, fearing the change in the circumstances of Undersea City. Then, he bade farewell to his women including Liuli and returned to Undersea City via transfer magic array.


At this moment, basically, all the people of Sea Race had gathered in the square in front of the sea imperial palace where the treasures obtained in Smelting Death Cave were displayed. Among them, there was Waves Overturning Pearl given to Karl by Water Space Variant Beast. It could instantly make ten huge undersea whirlpools. Its attack range was nearly a thousand li, and its might was very terrifying. In addition to this pearl, there was also the black sword Long Yi had taken from Nether Demon General. It had dense death qi around it which seemed to sever space. Moreover, the flesh of any living being that was infected by this death qi would fester in a matter of seconds and die. Even the most powerful eight patriarchs of Sea Race including the Sea Emperor didn’t dare to touch it head-on, which depicted its power.

When Long Yi returned to the residence of Miluo Clan, he discovered that Miluo Patriarch and Karl were not there, but Bifei and Xiaomi excitedly welcomed him.

“Young Master, we found and brought back our thing.” After setting up isolation barrier, Xiaomi excitedly replied to Long Yi.

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“What thing?” Long Yi asked in confusion.

Bifei stretched out her hand and a stone that was emitting a faint purplish golden radiance floated in front of Long Yi.

“Purple Gold Soul Stone!” Long Yi smiled and took this Purple Gold Soul Stone that contained a huge amount of energy. Since it was already extinct long ago within the radius of ten thousand li of Undersea City, it was an especially priceless treasure for any Sea Race. Merely, Long Yi didn’t care about it too much. He deemed that the value of this Purple Gold Soul Stone was only that. Although other ores didn’t contain as much energy as it possessed, a large number of ores could offset its worth.

He casually threw it into his space ring. Long Yi was not that interested in it.

“Young Master, is everything fine in Blue Waves Continent?” Bifei asked.

“It’s very fine, there is no war. Nowadays, the lives of various races are getting better and better. In addition, the Dragon Race Convention has already begun, if it was not for the matter of this side, I truly wanted to stay there for a period of time,” Long Yi said with a smile. After the unification of Blue Waves Continent, various races were on friendly terms. Without racial prejudice, regardless of the economic prosperity or the research of magic and douqi, Blue Waves Continent was making great progress. The development of civilization had accelerated.

After chatting with Bifei and Xiaomi, Long Yi used the thigh of Bifei as a pillow and closed his eyes, while Bifei caressed his head. As for Xiaomi, she was gently massaging his legs. One couldn’t help but sigh with emotion for the extraordinary luck with women of this fellow.

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After a long time, Long Yi suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes shone as he said, “I am feeling more and more uneasy. In any case, I have to go back to that underground base below the Land of Holy Spirit and explore it carefully.”

“Let us accompany you.” Bifei and Xiaomi said in unison.

“No, I will go alone,” Long Yi shook his head.

Bifei and Xiami became silent. Indeed, their strength was not up to much. If they accompanied Long Yi, then they would just become a burden to Long Yi.

“By the way, what about the siblings Yamei and Sijiate?” Long Yi suddenly remembered those siblings of Clam Clan. It seemed that he had not seen them since he came out from Smelting Death Cave.

“They left, saying they want to integrate the surviving people of Clam Clan,” Bifei answered.

Long Yi nodded his head and thought. Perhaps, I should talk about this matter of going to the Land of Holy Spirit with the Sea Emperor. His daughter was still imprisoned in that underground base. Moreover, if God’s spirit was already extracted by the Heavenly Demon King from her, then that girl without any value might not be left alive any further.

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