Chapter 625: Boundless luck with women

What exactly was the good news? Long Yi was truly unable to guess. However, since there was such an opportunity placed in front of him, he couldn’t help but want to make a guess to achieve his dream of many years. Long Yi looked left and right and noticed that all women were watching him with expectation. Their beautiful eyes were shining like stars.

From their expression, he truly couldn’t tell what the great happy event that deserved announcement on such a grand scale was. But, he was certain that this matter greatly impacted him. Pondering in his heart, Long Yi’s spirit power shrouded this entire hall as he carefully examined everyone one by one.

When his spirit power landed on Nangong Xiangyun, the heartbeat of Long Yi suddenly stopped for a moment and his pupils instantly dilated. Within her body, he could clearly sense a small and weak but tenacious spirit fluctuation, which resonated with his spirit power.

“Big sister Feng’er, it seems our husband has finally guessed correctly, but as for the suggestion you raised, I am definitely not wild like you, you have to resolve it yourself.” Just seeing the dumbfounded expression of Long Yi as he stared at Nangong Xiangyun, Long Ling’er knew that he had already learned of this pleasant surprise. Then, thinking about how she had to serve Long Yi together with her sisters, her heart jumped violently.

Yu Feng just smiled and whispered in the ear of Long Ling’er, “Younger sister Ling’er, you should know that after the curtain of Dragon Race Convention rises, our husband will immediately return to Undersea City. then no one knows how long it would take for him to return. Don’t you want to give birth to you and our husband’s bloodline?”

Long Ling’er bit her lower lip. She and Ximen Wuhen were of the same age. In Blue Waves Continent, women of this age would already have children old enough. When women reach a certain age, a kind of motherly love would emerge within them. This would make them wish to have a child. Nangong Xiangyun was already pregnant, and there was no one among the sisters who weren’t envious of this. Everyone was waiting for the return of Long Yi and sow seeds within their body to have a baby. Just a moment ago, Long Yi had clearly stated that he would quickly return to Undersea City. In other words, he wouldn’t stay here for a long period of time. Therefore, they only had a short period of time. What’s more, it had truly been a long time since she had last gotten intimate with Long Yi.

Thinking of this, Long Ling’er rolled her eyes to Yu Feng. As it turned out, Yu Feng had already calculated the minds of the sisters, no wonder she promised that to their husband.

“Am I going to be a father? Am I, Long Yi, going to have a son?” Suddenly, Long Yi was unable to bear the joy. He took two steps forward and looking at Nangong Xiangyun, he asked.

“My husband, we… we are going to have a baby.” Nangong Xiangyun walked over to the front of Long Yi and responded. Her tone was filled with excitement.

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“Baby… hehe…” Long Yi laughed and suddenly hugging Nangong Xiangyun, he spun two laps.

Nangong Xiangyun was so scared that she turned pale. Pounding the shoulder of Long Yi with her small fist, she said, “My husband, don’t you care about our baby, what if he is scared?”

“How can Long Yi’s son be scared so easily?” Long Yi laughed. His complexion was flushed with success and appeared as if he was drunk.

“My husband, how do you know that the baby is definitely the son but not a daughter? What if the baby is the daughter?” Nangong Xiangyun looked at Long Yi and said. If the baby within her stomach was a son, then everything would be fine, but what if the baby was a daughter, wouldn’t he be very disappointed?

“Hehe, I, Long Yi’s child, whether son or daughter, I, Long Yi, will treat equally without discrimination. But, I am certain that this kid in your stomach is my son.” Smiling, Long Yi caressed the cheek of Nangong Xiangyun and replied.

Nangong Xiangyun sighed in relief and nestled in the bosom of Long Yi. Smelling his familiar smell, she felt at ease as she quietly muttered, “My baby, did you see it? This is your father. Your mother greatly admires him. You will also be just like your mother and regard him as your pride.”

The two people quietly hugged each other, and the rest surrounded them. Feeling the happiness between them, as a part of this family, they also felt very happy. Although the baby in the stomach of Nangong Xiangyun was not their own, the baby was equivalent to their own child because they had a common husband.

“Just now, who said that if I guessed correctly, she will persuade everyone to serve me together? It is still early, it would be better for madams to rest for a while with this husband.” Long Yi suddenly said with a bad smile. He looked at girls around him, and his black pupils began to become deep. How could he let such a hard to come by chance slip by?

Just after Long Yi spoke, a commotion occurred in the midst of the women. Ximen Wuhen, Murong Shuyu, and Yinyin took the initiative to run away with a red face. After that, Midi’er, Sharman, and Crystal, followed by Liuxu, Teresa who also took away the unwilling Niur and Little Xingxing. Now, in the hall, only the women who already had an intimate relation with Long Yi were left. Although their face was bright red with embarrassment and also wanted to run away, they feared that they would miss this chance to become pregnant. Besides, it had already been a long time since they had gotten intimate with their sweetheart, so they didn’t want to miss this chance.

Long Yi was truly excited. He didn’t care whether this place was a hall to discuss official business; he directly cast an isolation barrier and used water magic to condense an ultra large waterbed. Seven attributed magic light ball floated in the air, shrouding this hall with warm ambiguous hue.

After that, Long Yi began to size up these women, making them feel a tingling sensation.

And in an instant, other than panting sounds, no other sounds could be heard in this hall.

“Brother-in-law…” A charming voice suddenly resounded as a graceful figure rushed into the bosom of Long Yi. She was Nalan Rumeng. This cute Lolita, although looked young and inexperienced, after she had gotten intimate with Long Yi, she had grown like bamboo after a spring rain. Now, her bosom was even bigger than Nalan Ruyue. Perhaps, she might be able to catch up Yu Feng and Leng Youyou after a period of time. Nalan Rumeng tightly hugged Long Yi as she exhaled hot air from her small red lips, and her beautiful eyes were already blurred. Immediately after seeing Long Yi, she already wanted to throw herself into his bosom she missed a lot; merely, since Niur sand Little Xingxing had already occupied his bosom first, in addition, he was discussing official business with many people, she held herself back with great difficulty. And now, since all the irrelevant people were gone, she would not let this chance to get intimate slip by. Although she was also shy, compared to the longing of her heart, this shyness appeared insignificant.

“Meng’er, did you miss this brother-in-law?” Long Yi held the cheeks of Nalan Rumeng and softly kissing her red lips, he asked.

“Mmm, Meng’er missed brother-in-law very much. My big sister also missed you.” Nalan Rumeng felt dizzy upon feeling the kiss of Long Yi. She then rubbed her bosom against the chest of Long Yi.

Long Yi’s breathing suddenly got heavier. This little girl truly wanted to charm him to death. In an instant, he was unable to bear and kissed her again as his skilled hands explored her body.

The skilled hands of Long Yi moved around the body of Nalan Rumeng, and her clothing flew all over. All the clothing of Nalan Rumeng was instantly taken off, revealing her jade body.

That mellow and smooth body was no longer green and astringent like before. Her snow-white towering ** were big and two bright red buds were standing erect on those towering ** like a plum blossom. She looked incomparably pure.

The big hands of Long Yi caressed this familiar yet unfamiliar jade body, and his black pupils became scorching hot.

Moans that could make people’s heartbeat rise filled the entire hall. That huge waterbed seemed to ripple as a pair of man and woman rolled about on it. One black one white, one robust one delicate, they formed a strong contrast.

The breathing of all women became heavier; their faces became bright red and scorching hot. In addition, they felt as if a fire was burning their heart. Since Long Yi had left to Undersea City, they had not gotten intimate with Long Yi for many days. In the past, they had never felt like this, but at this moment, seeing their beloved rolling about with another woman in front of their eyes, they felt as if the lower part of their body was itching and tingling. What’s more, their secret garden was already moist. When it comes to the person who was affected the most, it was naturally Wushuang. She had a mystical spiritual connection with him. As a result, she was affected greatly by the pleasure of Long Yi.

At that moment, Nalan Ruyue stepped forward, and pulling open her belt, she took off her clothes and hugged Long Yi from behind, and then kissed Long Yi’s back.

“Yu’er,” Long Yi turned around and kissed Nalan Ruyue while swinging his hips.

With Nalan Ruyue taking the initiative, Wushuang who was already unable to bear also undressed and walked over, followed by Yu Feng, Leng Youyou, Feng Ling…

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Long Yi was instantly drowned in the midst of women. For the first time, he hated himself for not having a technique to divide himself or create clones. He was very happy and also suffering while enjoying this pleasure.


A fiery red sun slowly rose up in the sky that was decorated with some clouds. In addition, a cool breeze was blowing, indicating warm and sunny weather.

The new Continent Convention Hall was already opened in the early morning, and it was already crowded with people of various clans all over the continent. The representatives of Dragon Race were already prepared, and the representatives of various other races were also already present.  Now, they were drinking and chatting with each other in the groups of twos and threes.

“Your Majesty, His Highness the Crown Prince, he…” An imperial servant reported Ximen Nu with a somewhat perplexed expression.

Ximen Nu helplessly frowned. This stinking kid truly surpassed all other romantic people. But, since the husband and wives were separated for many days, having a hard time to endure their feeling was also normal, merely, this kind had so many wives, and he wondered when he got so licentious.

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