Chapter 92 – Erupt

Guan Ren Zuo approached, he had now noticed the gap between the two forces. The fighting force of the next battle would be even higher than the last, while on the human side, how much fighting power would they have left?

The attacks of the zombies got more ferocious each time, while the defenses of the humans were weakening.

“Yang Tian, what do you think we should do next?”

“Is this really all of Fortune Boat University’s fighting strength?”

Yang Tian did not answer Guan Ren Zuo’s question but pointed at the metahumans of Fortune Boat University.

Li Si Kai, Xiao Mei Yi, and several other metahumans. Behind them, were Rank 1 metahumans plus ordinary humans. Is this truly all that Fortune Boat University has?

Where is Sky Hegemon Blade Sage? Why is the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage not here?

Yang Tian could not help but feel agitated.

“Including Hu Jun and the rest, this is all of them.”

Hu Jun’s side only has a few Rank 2 metahumans, none of them looked like the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage.

“Why did it become like this?”

Yang Tian was unwilling to accept it, his fist slammed the ground, creating a small crater. The massive booming sound attracted everyone’s attention.

“I do not believe there is not a single Rank 3 amongst the metahumans of F City.”

Yang Tian glared coldly at everyone on the field.

“I know what you guys are thinking, hoping to keep your strength and only use it to protect the people important to you at the crucial moment.”

“But let me tell you this, when the Rank 2 metahumans have been mostly cleaned up by the zombies, the zombies will launch their final attack. Do you think you will be able to safely protect anyone alone? Don’t tell me you are so naïve to think that there are only Rank 2 zombies, do you think that the ones hiding and controlling these Rank 2 zombies into creating a formation would be weak?”

“When the time comes, don’t regret not coming out sooner, when you can only helplessly watch as the zombies slowly eat away the flesh of the people you wanted to protect.

After Yang Tian finished speaking, a commotion ignited within the crowd. Some came from the ordinary people, they had only noticed the victory and did not expect that the situation would turn out to be so bad, they were starting to feel afraid. Some came from the Rank 1 metahumans, they thought they did not need to act, but what comes next would require their power. There was also some…

“I will fight.”

Early Rank 3 Water Spirit Warrior

A scholarly looking young man, it was hard to imagine that he was a Rank 3 metahuman. It was hard to differentiate the stages within Rank 1 and Rank 2, but from Rank 3 onwards, there would be a distinct division within each rank.

Early-Stage, Mid-Stage, High-Stage, Peak.

“I am Xi Ye, I hope you guys will properly protect my younger sister.”

Standing behind Xi Ya was a meek little girl around the age of eight.

“Xi Xi, wait for me to return.”

“Elder brother, I will definitely wait for you to return.”

Xi Ye put his sister amongst the ordinary humans.

“I am Guan Qing Xue, a Radiant Angel, I will make sure to protect your younger sister.”

“Thank you.”

With Guan Qing Xue around, Xi Ye felt much at ease.

Shortly after, three more Early-Stage Rank 3 metahumans come out.

Rank 3 Flame Elemental Envoy

Rank 3 Flame Archer

Rank 3 Frost Mage

All of them have people they wanted to protect, either family or lovers.

Yang Tian’s words have made them realized that if the humans were defeated, just their strength alone would not be able to allow them to protect the ones they cared for.


Yang Tian looked at the crowd, he did not believe that there would only be four Rank 3 metahumans.

“Have I not spoke clearly enough?”

At the same time that Yang Tian shouted, the zombies have formed a new formation again.

“Hahaha, wait till they breached us, you will be able to witness how you lose your loved ones.”

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Yang Tian released a series of chilling laughter, they were already at a perilous situation, yet there were still people who were this selfish.

The Rank 1 zombies have mostly been destroyed, the Long Snake Formation this time was formed entirely of Rank 2 zombies. Ghost Face Zombies, Storm Zombies, literally all of them were sent out. Even the Flying Zombies and Burrowing Zombies underground were getting eager.

“The four of you should return to protect your own people, everyone just takes care of themselves in the coming battle!”

There were only four Rank 3 Metahumans, including him there were only five of them. There was only a few hundred Rank 2 metahumans while over a thousand Rank 2 zombies have been put into action.

Can each Rank 3 metahuman handle a hundred Rank 2 zombies by themselves?

“Wait a minute.”

Yang Tian might have said as much, but Guan Ren Zuo and the rest were still hoping that everyone will survive. They could not allow a few people to affect the lives of everyone.

“I have two Rank 2 Strength Enhancing Runes and two Rank 2 Speed Enhancing Runes, it can be used to increase your fighting power.”

Guan Ren Zuo handed the Strength Enhancing Runes to the warrior and archer while the Speed Enhancing Runes were given to the mage and Elemental Envoy. The runes might not provide a critical advantage, but it was better than nothing.

“Elder Guan, hello! I am a Rank 2 Summoner, but I have a Rank 3 Summon.”

“Mu Ran, your mental power has mostly been used up after summoning your Rank 2 Summons, you have no mental power left to sustain a Rank 3.”

Yang Tian also noticed him, the only person amongst everyone to have a Rank 2 Summon, he even summoned two Rank 2 Summons during the battle that resulted in a heavy consumption. It was also like what his companion had said, he no longer has enough mental power to call a Rank 3 Summon.”

“I have a Rank 1 Quick Recovery Rune, try it and see if there are any effects.”

Recovery Runes could provide an all-rounded recovery, including mental power. However, it was only Rank 1, the effects would not be prominent.

After using the Rank 1 Recovery Rune, the summoner had recovered a portion of his mental power, but to summon a Rank 3 was still difficult.

The zombies have started attacking, a Long Snake Formation created by Rank 2 zombies have made Yang Tian feel enormous pressure, it was the same for the other four Rank 3 metahumans as well.

The current situation was terrible.

Rumble Rumble Rumble

It begins.

The Long Snake Formation did not surround them this time but chose to charge at them instead, aiming to scatter all the humans.

This time, the zombies were acting to exterminate every single human.

The four Rank 3 metahumans noticed what the zombies were planning and immediately took up position to protect their loved ones, no one could be bothered about the rest of the ordinary humans anymore.

Not being able to block the incoming assault would only mean death.

The Long Snake Formation split the humans, a smaller group was formed on the right while the rest was on the left. A long snake surrounded the two separate groups and begun to shrink, the zombies plan to grind them to death.

Yang Tian was attacked by the zombies, but fortunately, Venom form has prevented Yang Tian from becoming truly hurt.

Every time the zombies attacked, some human lives would be lost.

The Flying Zombies have appeared above the humans while the ground below them was trembling faintly, the Burrowing Zombies were mustering for an attack. The humans were in a desperate situation.

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