Chapter 93 – Blazing Flame King

Even in a desperate situation, Yang Tian was still looking for opportunities.

“Master, not good.”

Yang Tian suddenly received information from Violent Corpse Worm Queen, he had never seen Violent Corpse Worm Queen getting so flustered before.

“What happened?”

“A Violent Corpse Worm is evolving and has freed itself from my control.”

“Which one?”

“Over there, the one that you implanted inside the Flame Warrior.”

Hu Jun?

Yang Tian was startled for a moment, the current situation was too chaotic, Yang Tian was unable to locate Hu Jun’s position.

“The evolution is complete, it has completely freed itself from my control.”

Yang Tian had also noticed something amiss; to put it accurately, raging flames started to burn on the battlefield on the left side. Be it humans or zombies, everything was being consumed by the fire, causing them to run away from it.

The encirclement on the left has turned into a fire field.

“That flame… it’s him!”

Cherry red flames, Yang Tian will not recognize it wrongly, it was undoubtedly Blazing Flame King.

Hu Jun was unexpectedly turning into the Blazing Flame King. The Blazing Flame King guarded Guan Ren Zuo in the past; but now, they were on opposing camps. What a laughable outcome.

The Blazing Flame King of his previous life had placed himself in dangerous situation multiple times to protect Guan Ren Zuo and died in the end.

The current Blazing Flame King and Guan Ren Zuo are enemies; his growth would no longer be restricted, it could be said that his future potential will be limitless. The Violent Corpse Worm within Hu Jun’s body had also completed its evolution; from what Yang Tian heard from Violent Corpse Worm Queen, the potential of this newly evolved Violent Corpse Worm will also similarly be limitless.

With the enhancement of the Violent Corpse Worm, the current Blazing Flame King was much more powerful than in his previous life.

Blazing Flames was the innate fire of the Blazing Flame King, the title of Blazing Flame King was also due to these innate flames that he possessed.

“To think that I, Hu Jun, will have this day as well. Hahaha!”

Hu Jun’s unbridled laughter came from the fire field, the desperate situation had forced Hu Jun to break through his limits and awaken the Blazing Flames hiding within his body.

Hu Jun’s battle power had immediately reached Mid-Stage Rank 3 from Rank 2.

When Yang Tian saw Hu Jun, the latter’s image had also gone through a significant change, becoming a completely different person. Had Hu Jun had not admitted who he is, Yang Tian would had likely not believed him.

No wonder I was unable to recognize him earlier on.

Hu Jun originally possessed the youthful energy of a young person’ but it had turned into violent flame energy of the Blazing Flame King; more than half of his face was also covered by a unique fiery-red rune.

“You came at the right time.”

The Long Snake Formation got utterly destroyed by the blazing entrance of the Blazing Flame King and the zombies were surrounding Hu Jun to kill the latter.

“Feel the burn of my flames.”

Volcanic Explosion

It was Blazing Flame King’s domain skill and the zombie nearest to him was his first target.

Boom Boom

Flames burst out from the ground, the blazing heat instantly burning the Rank 2 zombies till not even a speck of dust was left behind.

The land that was affected by the Volcanic Explosion had reached nearly 300 degrees. Even Yang Tian was able to feel the terrifying heat coming from the earth.

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Hu Jun’s stamina had skyrocketed after reaching Mid-Stage Rank 3, even after using a domain skill, he was not displaying any signs of fatigue.

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“That Violent Corpse Worm had given him powerful strength.”

“What is the gap between the two of you?”

“Its level is currently higher than me, but if I rank it using the standards of the Insect World, my value is still higher then it.”

Yang Tian was able to detect uneasiness from the Violent Corpse Worm Queen, it might be having mixed feelings towards this Violent Corpse Worm that has completed its evolution.

“What audacity!”

A shocking voice came from the sky.

It has appeared.

The Captain-Class Commander Zombie

Mid-Stage Rank 3 Zombie, Ghost Head Eagle Zombie

It was a humanoid eagle with black flesh wings protruding out of its back. This was the Captain-Class Commander Zombie that ruled over the Flying Zombies.

Every human present was feeling an immense pressure coming from it, the only one who was not afraid was likely Blazing Flame King. Having awakened the Blazing Flames, the quality of his ability has reached General-Class as well, it was only natural that he did not fear the Ghost Head Eagle Zombie.

As for the other four Rank 3 metahumans, their abilities were only at Common Tier, two tiers away from Commander Tier.

“Let me show you what I am capable of.”

With his entire body covered in flames, Blazing Flame King possessed the ability to fly as well. Facing the flying Ghost Head Eagle Zombie, he was not at any disadvantage at all.

Moreover, Blazing Flame King still has an evolved Violent Corpse Worm in his body, it would be hard for the Ghost Head Eagle Zombie to win him.

The Ghost Head Eagle Zombie pulled Hu Jun away, causing the situation on the field to become unoptimistic again. The Rank 2 zombies quickly reform their Long Snake Formation.

“Here is our opportunity, attack as quickly as you can.”

While the zombies were forming up, it presented an opportunity for the humans to attack. The Rank 3 metahumans displayed all their fighting power, preventing the zombies from constructing the Long Snake Formation.

The ones that stood out were the Flame Elemental Envoy and Frost Mage, their AOE attacks have created massive pressure on the zombies who were trying to form up.

The shaking under the earth became more and more distinct, the Burrowing Zombies were taking action as well.

“Watch the ground below.”

Yang Tian shouted out, some were able to avoid the attacks of the Burrowing Zombies while some failed to do so and were dragged underground by the zombies. As for what happened to those people, there was nothing much to say.

“You guys stop them, I will disrupt the Burrowing Zombies.”

Yang Tian combined his arms and turned them into a drill, using it to drill underground.

There were many Burrowing Zombies underground, Yang Tian alone would not be enough to wipe them out and could only disrupt them, he could only hope that the metahumans above ground could quickly take care of the zombies.


Someone broke through again?

The one who broke through this time was Chen An, he had reached Early-Stage Rank 3 while his fire and earth ability to combine to form a new attribute: lava.

Chen An could now dive underground to assist Yang Tian.

“Station Chief Chen, you have broken through as well?”

“That’s right, I want these zombies to feel my wrath.”

When Chen An went underground, the earth around him started to burn, it caused the movement speed of the Burrowing Zombies to slow down, alleviating the pressure on Yang Tian.

“Brother Yang, quickly go up, I am afraid of injuring you by mistake.”

From the increasing heat, Yang Tian guessed that Chen An was planning to use a big skill, he might really be injured mistakenly if he continued to remain underground.

Yang Tian was not a hesitant person, after shaking off the Burrowing Zombies, he quickly emerged above ground.

The Rank 2 zombies were in pieces under the combined efforts of the humans. Even if they are able to form a new Long Snake Formation, it would be a crippled snake with a very short body.

The four Rank 3 metahumans have also exhausted the runes that Guan Ren Zuo provided them. While on the other side, Mu Ran had called out his Rank 3 Summon.

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