Chapter 94 – Sky Hegemon Blade



Pikachu released a powerful electric attack on the zombies.

Unfortunately, Mu Ran’s mental power was not even high enough to allow Pikachu to unleash higher level skills, just one thunderbolt was enough to cause Mu Ran’s forehead to be covered in cold sweat.

Yang Tian rejoined the battlefield and started reaping the Rank 2 zombies. Having lost the Long Snake Formation, the Rank 2 zombies’ fighting power had been significantly reduced.

While attacking, Yang Tian also continued to monitor the surrounding situation.

The ground was beginning to boil, it looks like Chen An has started releasing a big skill.

Break Break

Several Burrowing Zombies came out to the surface of the ground, targeting ordinary humans. The Burrowing Zombies entering the group of humans were like wolves diving into a flock of sheep.


Screams came from the group, some of the metahumans reacted by stopping their current attacks, turning their bodies to save ordinary humans.

“Too late, too late!”

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The metahumans who wanted to save them were not focused and became targeted by the other zombies. Every time they managed to escape a zombie, another new one would appear to stop them again.

“Elder sister, let go of my elder sister!” a sharp cry came from the group.

That’s right, sharp.

“This blade intent… it’s him, I remember it clearly.”

Yang Tian looked down onto his chest; it looked undamaged and was without any wounds, but deep within Yang Tian’s soul, he could still clearly feel the pain from the injury that the person gave him.

Yang Tian looked at the group hoping to see his real face, but unfortunately, the humans and zombies were too tightly packed together and it was obstructing his vision.


Yang Tian tried using the skill Examine, but it was blocked by the blade intent in the air, Yang Tian’s skill was forcefully sliced apart and he was prevented from checking what was happening inside.

“No wonder I did not see the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage and Blazing Flame King, they only awakened during a desperate situation caused by the zombie wave.”

Currently, the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage is awakening within the group of ordinary humans.

Metahumans that completed their awakening during desperate situations would generally have robust growth. Moreover, the innate talents that Blazing Flame King and Sky Hegemon Blade Sage possessed could be said to be leading ahead of everyone in their generation by a significant chunk.

And compared to Blazing Flame King, Sky Hegemon Blade Sage was even more terrifying.

Boom Boom

The plane started to shake.

“This… is the energy of Sky Hegemon Blade.”

The moment Sky Hegemon Blade Sage awakens, the legendary weapon Sky Hegemon Blade that was wandering in another plane will immediately come looking for Sky Hegemon Blade Sage. The Sky Hegemon Blade used its powerful energy to sliced a passage that will lead it to the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage.

“He is indeed the future king of F City, even a legendary weapon is willing to pay such a heavy price to come to his side.”

In the Post-Apocalyptic Era, people have a term for people like the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage: Children of Heaven

Their growth was literally unrestricted, their journey was like a triumphal song. During their journey of growth, godly weapons will recognize them as masters, divine beasts will volunteer to become their mounts; they will obtain resources that people can only hope to get.

They will become the masters of the Celestial Empire in the future.

Sky Hegemon Blade will arrive on Earth soon as space started to vibrate.

Cracks began to appear on the bodies of the humans and zombies closest to Sky Hegemon Blade Sage. As the frequency of the vibrating space increased, the cracks on their bodies also increased.


A beam of light appeared on from the sky, the Sky Hegemon Blade was within the beam of light.

It slowly flew towards Sky Hegemon Blade Sage. The humans and zombies who were covered in cracks had also shattered into pieces at that moment.

The entire body of Sky Hegemon Blade Sage started to release light, preventing anyone from seeing his real face. Only when the Sky Hegemon Blade arrived in front of him, the light on the weapon and the person disappeared at the same time.

A bronze mask covered his face, his lean and muscular body was emitting a domineering blade intent. Yang Tian was simply too familiar with this figure in front of him.

“So the mask is worn during this moment?”

Yang Tian had once checked the people within the ordinary human group and had not seen anyone with a mask.

“I will avenge my elder sister.”

Sky Hegemon Blade Sage grabbed the Sky Hegemon Blade in front of him and unleashed a powerful and domineering blade strike, turning all the Rank 2 zombies into pieces.

Something’s wrong with the Sky Hegemon Blade? Yang Tian immediately noticed that something was off about the Sky Hegemon Blade.

The destructive power displayed by the legendary weapon Sky Hegemon Blade earlier on was too weak. Yang Tian guessed that the Sky Hegemon Blade had likely consumed an enormous amount of energy to reach its owner.

The current Sky Hegemon Blade is a legendary weapon, but the power it was displaying was equivalent to a Rank 3 weapon at most. However, Yang Tian knew that the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage would undoubtedly repair his weapon; that was because Yang Tian had experienced the full might of the Sky Hegemon Blade back then.

Wielding Sky Hegemon Blade, the zombies in front of him all turned into piles of scraps.

High-Stage Rank 3 Martialist, Sky Hegemon Blade Sage tier has likely reached General-Class Commander as well, he might even have reached King Tier straightaway.

“How dare you!”

Another Captain-Class Commander Zombie appeared.

However, this time the opponent is Sky Hegemon Blade Sage who is much more powerful than a Captain-Class Commander Zombie. Unless the General-Class Commander Zombie in hiding decides to appear.

Mid-Stage Rank 3 Zombie, Netherworld Rat Zombie.

With a human head and rat body, rather than a creature of Earth, it looked more like a monster from hell.

“All of you killed my elder sister. Today, I will wipe out all the zombies present!”

If this sentence were spoken by another metahuman, Yang Tian would only laugh at it. However, if spoken by the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage, Yang Tian would only find it natural.

“Haha, how laughable! I am going to show you how powerful I am.”

Netherworld Rat Zombie was the leader of the Burrowing Zombies and possessed an extremely strong defense.

Sky Hegemon Blade Energy

Netherworld Shield

A black energy shield appeared on the Netherworld Rat Zombie, it confidently charges towards Sky Hegemon Blade Sage, thinking that the Sky Hegemon Blade Energy would not be able to break its shield.

However, only at the instant the Sky Hegemon Blade Energy touched it did the creature knew how terrifying the attack was going to be.

Netherworld Shield was sliced in half by Sky Hegemon Blade Energy which continued to fly forward, reaching the terrified face of the Netherworld Rat.


A powerful explosion was produced the moment Sky Hegemon Blade Energy collided with Netherworld Rat Zombie

Golden Cicada Shedding?

Yang Tian had thought that even if the Netherworld Rat did not die, it would still be heavily injured. He did not expect that the latter knew a lifesaving skill like Golden Cicada Shedding. By using its skin to substitute its position, it could select a location and teleport to that spot. However, as the Netherworld Rat was only Rank 3, the distance it could travel will only be seven to eight meters at most.

Yet, seven to eight meters was enough for it to evade the entire Sky Hegemon Blade Energy attack.

The human face of the Netherworld Rat Zombie displayed an expression of obtaining a new lease of life.

The Netherworld Rat Zombie no longer dare to face the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage, it immediately dived underground and no longer appeared.


Chen An was suddenly kicked out of the ground while covered in blood. It was likely that the Netherworld Rat Zombie was the one which had forced Chen An out of underground.

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