Chapter 193: If Chosen Not to Do It, That is It; If Chosen to Do It, Do It Best

Right after exams, the form teachers will announce the scores the following Monday.

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was looking forward to this one even more than any he’s ever taken.

After all, he had the system and got every subjects’ expert reward.

The ending will soon be revealed.

As expected, just two minutes after Wang Xiao Gang sat back in his seat, a middle-aged man walked into the classroom. Shen Zheng, Su Ke’s form teacher, was over forty and was in charge of teaching chemistry to two classes. He had a medium-sized build, a slightly receding hairline, and black frame glasses with very thick lenses; his degree is probably quite high.

Shen Zheng has always been very stern. His personality was like a block of wood, and of course, if he was compared to Su Ke, he would look stronger. He always emphasized care and accuracy in his chemistry classes. However, at the same time, his class average was usually middle to low tier, so he was facing a lot of pressure.

When Shen Zheng walked in, Su Ke felt like his eyes immediately fell on him.

Su Ke looked up and saw that through the thick lenses his eyes were actually quite fervent.

After morning self-study, they all stopped copying homework, stopped eating breakfast, and everyone who was asleep was wide awake.

Each and every one of them was anxiously staring at their form teacher.

Shen Zheng walked over to his desk and cleared his throat, “Cough!”

He then placed the list of grades onto his desk before looking up at his students, “Students! Every monthly examination is an important way for us to keep track of your progress! They let us know, for every segment, whether we have improved and where we fall short. I have your results for the most recent monthly examination right here”

Shen Zheng took in a deep breath before continuing, “Now, there’s no need for me to say this, but the exam was harder this time around. However, everyone faces the same difficulty. We have to remember that our grades shouldn’t be compared with the other people in class, nor the other people in your grade, city, province, or even the entire country. We should first compare with ourselves!”

“If you improved, that’s good! However, if you declined, you should not be discouraged. We are all already year three students and the majority of you are already eighteen. You are adults and your bodies have matured, but your mentality has to catch up!”

“Don’t be scared of a small challenge or setback!”

Su Ke knew that Shen Zheng was referencing Ren Tian, the girl who was unable to perform normally for her exams. She took it too hard and tried to commit suicide by jumping off a building. This practice was not only irresponsible to your well-being, but also a crime against your family. Indeed, it is a means that should not be taken.

Once the incident occurred, the principal immediately gathered all the form teachers for a general meeting. He specifically mentioned that before they announce the results, the teachers should conduct a lesson on psychological well-being, for fear that there were still students who were muddle-headed and might commit foolish acts.

Once Shen Zheng finished his speech, he took a breath before holding up the list, “The ranking for this month’s exams are now out. The results will be posted on the door so everyone can see. Later on, Wei Lan will get the individual result slips from the office that require your parents’ signature.”

Wei Lan quickly nodded when she heard her name.

“Now, I especially want to praise a single student for their efforts. This student has had the fastest and greatest improvement. So much so, I dare say no one in the whole school could compare. He was placed far below five-hundred, so how much effort and time would he need to get rid of the zero at the back?”

“567th place was his previous rank! Now, he’s actually 50th!”

When Shen Zheng finished, all the students suck in a cold breath before exploding instantly when they heard the huge jump.

A successful elite is such a well-worn story, that it’s about to rot away. However, the story of an underdog was immensely popular. It was easier to sympathize and relate to such a person.

Just imagine how many eye rolls and ridicule the lowest ranked person has to deal with. Now, there’s actually a person that went from 567 to 50!

The students immediately started looking around to find the person who was so formidable.

“As ancient people say, if chosen not to do it, that is it; if chosen to do it, do it best (1). I think this student is the epitome of this statement!”

Shen Zheng spared no effort in his flaunting, causing the students to anxiously scan the area for any tells at the diamond in the roughs’ identity.

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Su Ke’s face felt hot. He felt like grass had grown below his butt, making him unable to sit still. Being praised so unexpectedly would always make people feel embarrassed.

However, 50th in the whole school! That’s an impossible feat! 300th and 200th place and above can get into any third-rate and second-rate university respectively, no problem.

However, the top 100 students can go to any university they please!

His heart beat like a drum and his whole body was covered in a layer of sweat.

He unconsciously looked up to find Wei Lan staring at him with suspicion in her eyes.

Seeing the girl’s expression, Su Ke’s mood relaxed a lot as he shrugged.

Looks like his chances of winning their bet was rather high.

“Boss Su Ke, is it you?”

If you think that the range for people below 500th place is drastically large, think again. In this class, there are actually a few high ranking students. Of course, Su Ke was one of them.

Wang Xiao Gang remembered that after the exams, Su Ke was full of confidence.

Even though Wang Xiao Gang spoke softly, when everyone started glancing around, it immediately started a wave. An immeasurable number of eyes shot over.

He was instantly laid bare in front of a lot of people, causing Su Ke to be unable to adapt.

Shen Zheng smiled heartily and decided now was the perfect time to reveal the mystery, “Not bad, everyone! The student in question is indeed Su Ke!”

He then glanced around the room for their expressions before he continued, “Student Su Ke is 50th place in the entire school and 1st in our class. His English, Mathematics, and Language are also the best in the school!”

Shen Zheng’s words hyped everyone up as they yelled praise.

“F*ck! That’s too awesome right!”

“It’s Su Ke? Oh my god, if only it was me!”

Shen Zheng was smiling with his hands clasped behind his back.

Since he knew of Su Ke’s grades, his waist didn’t hurt and his legs weren’t sore.

Running up five levels in one go was no longer a problem.

Being the top student for three subjects was giving this form teacher too much honor!

Shen Zheng could feel that some of the students were in disbelief, so he said, “No one needs to question the authenticity of his results!”

After all, his jump in grades was really too big, and the protagonist was Su Ke, someone who is prone to secrets. Their eyes were full of suspicion, thinking that the teacher had gotten the wrong person or that Su Ke had plagiarized.  

“Creating a cheat sheet is rather easy, so getting a high score wouldn’t be too impossible. However, relying on a cheat sheet to get first in school; I’ve never seen that happen before in all my years as a teacher. I believe Su Ke!”

Listening to Shen Zheng’s words, Su Ke felt very complex.

On one hand, he was touched by his teacher’s trust in him. On the other, he had to give the system credit where credit is due. His face was on fire and he was feeling uncomfortable, just like he was sitting on pins and needles.

At this moment, a person facing Shen Zheng waved from the door.

Seeing him walk in, Su Ke relaxed a bit from having the focus shifted to someone else.

The surrounding students, whether intentionally or not, stared at him, making the person feel uncomfortable.

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Shen Zheng walked over and chatted with the stranger for a bit before exclaiming, “Su Ke!”

Su Ke stood up from his seat with a quizzical look on his face before walking over.

When he arrived at the front, he noticed that his teacher had a vacant look in his eyes as he said, “Su Ke, a person from the police station is looking for you and is now waiting at the principal’s office!”

“The police!?”

Su Ke felt like his brain was about to explode.

His first reaction was that the situation with Wu Ao Ran was discovered.


  1. Basically, talented people are usually unknown, but when they do show their talents, they fly straight up to being the best. The direct translation would be, “if you don’t cry, your cry will shock people, if you don’t fly, you will fly straight up to heaven”.
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