Chapter 194: Overwhelming Righteousness

His entire mind went blank. Su Ke2Su KeMain Character had already adjusted his emotions and threw all the difficult situations aside. However, when he heard the word police, everything came flooding in like a dam had burst.


Right after taking in a deep breath, his face immediately became stiff.

The previous elation from the huge jump in grades to 50th place had all vanished up in smoke.  His heartbeat was completely out of control as he thought about why they were here.

Sheng Zheng had no idea about Su Ke’s feelings as he nonchalantly exclaimed, “Go to Principal Liu’s office!” while grasping his shoulder.


With a simple nod, only then did he realize that his legs felt like they were filled with lead as he trudged forward. His imagination was running wild as he walked on, unable to calm himself down.

“Should I run away?”

“It can’t be that someone is aiming for me right now, right?”

“But if I run, what will happen to Mom and Dad?”

Su Ke took it one step at a time, his mind filled with these kinds of thoughts.

On law shows, there was one universal saying, “The net of justice is vast; loose, but will not allow escape.” Even if he ran, so what? He would definitely be caught one day!

He didn’t know when, but his hands were already clenched into fists. His hands were trembling and his palms were filled with sweat when he finally reached the principal’s office.

Not so long ago, he had come here before due to an act of bravery.

However, now he was here as a murderer, a criminal; the winds have changed, and the roles have been reversed.

Su Ke mustered up his courage and knocked on the door, Knock, knock, knock!

The voice of the principal quickly rang out, “Enter!”

Su Ke pushed the door open with a frightened expression on his face.

His eyes immediately met Principal Liu Pei Hua’s, who was seated at his desk.

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However, his face didn’t seem very serious at all, but rather carried a warm smile.

When he looked around the room, he noticed a person in a blue police uniform sitting on the sofa. Su Ke immediately felt anxious again and didn’t dare look at them for too long.

He could only continue forward before he heard the principal say, “Su Ke, come here!”

He then nodded at the officer on the sofa and exclaimed, “Officer Yang, look!”

His heart was beating hysterically and his breathing was heavy. Su Ke mechanically stood at his position. The corner of his mouth twitched, giving a slight smile.

However, as difficult as ascending to the heavens, he followed Liu Pei Hua’s gaze and turned around.

A familiar woman’s voice resounded, “Su Ke!”

When he heard the familiar voice, only then did he actually look at the person sitting on the sofa and realize that it was the extraordinarily outstanding Yang Pei Er that Wang Xiao Gang was talking about.

Yang Pei Er immediately noticed his stiff face and dull expression for reason at all, so she asked, “What’s wrong? Are you that surprised?”

“He he, Officer Yang!” Su Ke was rather disconcerted. He didn’t expect that the person coming to arrest him would be Yang Pei Er. However, this female officer’s expression wasn’t right; she was actually smiling at him.

He took in a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.

In any case, things have already got this far, and no matter what, he wouldn’t be able to change the outcome. With that thought, Su Ke relaxed a lot as he exclaimed, “You came!”

“Su Ke, Officer Yang especially came to find you!”

When Liu Pei Hua finished speaking, Su Ke’s forehead was filled with sweat.

Yang Pei Er suddenly said, “Stretch out your hands!”

It looks like she was about to handcuff him! Su Ke sighed gloomily in his heart as he thought about his end. He slowly stretched his hands out, clenched his fingers and placed his wrists together.

“Wei! Are you stupid?” Yang Pei Er’s voice caused Su Ke to jump before she continued, “I’m asking you to receive a pennant, okay? Are you sleepwalking?”

“Ah?” Su Ke didn’t understand what was going on at first as he vacantly stared at Yang Pei Er. Two lines of golden text could be seen, “Overwhelming righteousness, teachers and students are all extraordinary.”

There was also a line of small words on the side, “Wei Hai city, Public Security Bureau, Second Department, Yang Pei Er, presents respectfully!”

Su Ke’s brain finally crashed. He instinctively received the pennant and just stared at Yang Pei Er.

“He he! Su Ke is still young, so he’s definitely emotionally overwhelmed. Officer Yang, please sit!” Looks like this was also Liu Pei Hua’s first time seeing the words on the pennant, so his smile became even more pronounced.

Yang Pei Er spoke politely as she glanced at Su Ke, who had a completely vacant face, and winked, “I think it’s not confirmed! Yesterday, Su Ke’s performance was calm and quick-witted, agile and shrewd. If we didn’t have his cooperation at that time, things would have been really bad. Looks like your school is really committed to holistic development! Not only sports and morals, but even mental strength; your school has developed really well!”

“Officer Yang is praising us too much! The Police Academy should take all the credit for their efforts.  Our city’s public security bureau had specially opened up a class on criminal activity, upgrading a lot of student and teachers!”

How could Liu Pei Hua dare to take credit?

Even though the police officer in front of him looked really young, since she was sent to the school, she was definitely not coming here as an individual.

When he finished, the two of them competed in flattery.

During that time, Su Ke’s brain finally booted back up as he let out a heavy breath and refocused his eyes.

“Student Su Ke has always been this way. When he helped catch a thief before, he was on newspapers and news websites Once the results for the most recent exams came out, I had also taken a look. I didn’t expect that Su Ke would improve so quickly and jump to 50th place in the whole school. This really made me have a whole new level of respect for him!”

Liu Pei Hua words made Su Ke feel really embarrassed. I say, principal, even if you want to praise me, could you not do it while I’m here? It’s a virtue to praise people behind their backs!

Yang Pei Er nodded continuously in agreement before saying, “He he! Sorry Principal Liu, I still have something to do later, so I have to leave first!”

Liu Pei Hua had a completely understanding smile on his face as he responded, “Work is important, work is important!”

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Yang Pei Er quickly followed up with, “Can you have Su Ke follow me out!?”

She then glanced at Su Ke, who was still holding up the pennant.

“Okay, okay! Su Ke, go send Officer Yang off!”

Su Ke and Yang Pei Er then walked out of the principal’s office shoulder-to-shoulder.

Before Su Ke could speak, he felt Yang Pei Er hit his shoulder and ask, “How is it? I’m quite generous, right?”

Su Ke helplessly nodded his head as he inwardly thought, ‘This was too generous. You nearly scared me to death!’

“I spent my own money to buy that pennant! If you don’t buy me lunch later, you’ll be sorry! Hahaha!”

Yang Pei Er spoke very naturally, causing Su Ke to have a slow reaction, the expression on his face completely blank.

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