Chapter 841 – Master Beauty

Luckily, everyone knew each other, so they quickly came forward to persuade them. As the conflict got rowdier, someone suddenly shouted excitedly: “Woah! Someone is falling! Someone is falling! Look!”

“There are many of them this time! A whole group of them!”

People were no longer fighting anymore, not drinking anymore, not even cultivating anymore as well. All of them were looking into the air like they had been injected with chicken blood.

At least a dozen people were falling from the semi-circular wheel in the sky.

One of the shiniest was a couple holding hands, looking like a pair of celestials, giving the feeling of an immortal husband and wife, people were wanting to involuntarily worship them.

After falling halfway, a white dragon appeared and roared before holding onto them.

With a turn of its head, it flew towards the direction of Hanging Cloud Empire, whistling and pulling through the wind and disappeared.

“Wow, if I’m not wrong, it is Young Master Ya! Is that lady the one who Young Master Ya proposed to in the Holy City? Truly beautiful like a celestial!”

“Of course, Young Master Ya is the last one to come out. Look! The wheel in the sky has disappeared, the Blood Moon Hidden Realm is completely closed.”

“Everyone will feel dizzy after coming out of the hidden realm. Before that, a few of them were almost killed by falling. Young Master Ya is the only different one. He stopped himself in the midair, not even touching the ground. His power cannot be underestimated!”

“I wonder how many people became God Chosen after this Blood Moon Hidden Realm? After the God Chosens came out, the Holy Court will likely do a count, right?”

Everyone’s high expectations and worship could not be stopped.

Most of the remaining people were still dizzy as fell from the sky, but fortunately, no one got killed as there was water at the bottom.

After being immersed in cold water, these people woke up from the daze.

They were all surprised, “Hey, I thought I was cultivating the manual inside the cave, how come I came out?”

“Yeah! I was hiding inside the coffin and did not want to come out. I wanted to wait a hundred years before coming out, but how come I came out as well?”

“Master, Master Beauty! Wait for me, Old Ma. Where can Old Ma find you to live a comfortable life!”


Bai Chen Feng encountered Nan Gong Bei Chen at the bottom of the lake.

They have both reached the top of the Sand Towers, but because of the limited levels, they were unable to climb higher.

Therefore, they chose to start from the first floor and repeat it again and again, comprehending every level multiple times.

Until they thoroughly learned everything and till the very end, when their consciousness faded away.

Their bodies remained on the top floor, but their consciousness would leave their bodies and automatically climb from the first floor again. The process was repeated over and over again until everything, including those that were previously understood, things that were not noticed, every single detail was embedded deep into the bones.

Usually, when a person stayed at one level after a month without progress, he will be automatically transported out of the Sand Tower. But the two of them managed to stay until the last moment.

“Nan Gong, why did the Blood Moon Hidden Realm suddenly close?” Bai Chen Feng asked Nan Gong Bei Chen.

Nan Gong Bei Chen shook his head, “I don’t know.”

Bai Chen Feng sized up Nan Gong Bei Chen for a moment, “Congratulations, you were only a Nine Star Spirit Master before entering the hidden realm, but now you are a Mystic Spirit Master.”

“Just happen to be lucky, I somehow managed to awaken the bloodline power of our Nan Gong Clan…” Nan Gong Bei Chen spoke confidently when he replied.

If no accidents happen, the Nan Gong Clan will rise again in his hands.

The reason why the Eight Great Clans are strong is that their ancestors were powerful.

With each passing generation, the power within their blood also gradually weakened and were all no longer as strong as before.

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