Chapter 116: Did You Mean It?

As for Mo Qi Qi, she coincidentally meets one of the Grand Empress Dowager’s servants.  The servant tells her that the Grand Empress Dowager invited her to Yong Shou Palace.  And so, instead of returning to Feng Yang Palace, Mo Qi Qi changes her direction to Yong Shou Palace.

“Qi Qi greets the Grand Empress Dowager,” Mo Qi Qi curtsies in front of the Grand Empress Dowager.  She did not expect to see Jun Yue Hen sitting next to the Grand Empress Dowager.

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The Grand Empress Dowager immediately speaks up, “Hurry and get up!  You are pregnant, there is no need for such formality.  Hurry and help the Empress sit!”

Two maids obediently helps Mo Qi Qi sit.

Mo Qi Qi smiles, “No need for such troubles, Imperial Grandmother.  Qi Qi’s body is still light, it’s not that hard to curtsy.”  After Mo Qi Qi settles down, she looks at Jun Yue Hen, “Didn’t expect the 7th imperial uncle to also be here.  What a coincidence.”

Jun Yue Hen cups his fists while bowing in front of her, “Your Ladyship.”

The Grand Empress Dowager eyes Mo Qi Qi in details, “You must not become complacent, Qi Qi.  Although your body is still light, the first three months of a pregnancy is the most dangerous period of time.  The foetus is not stable, it is very easy for accidents to happen.”

Mo Qi Qi nods, understanding her meaning, “Qi Qi understand.  Thank you for your teaching, Imperial Grandmother.”

“This is your first pregnancy, you have no experience prior to this.  If there is anything you do not understand, feel free to ask Imperial Grandmother.  You must make sure the child is born safely.  Just thinking that Imperial Grandmother will be able to hold a great grandchild in a couple more months makes me smile even in my sleep!”

Mo Qi Qi smiles shyly, “Thank you for your love, Imperial Grandmother.  Qi Qi will not disappoint you!  Qi Qi will definitely give birth to a healthy great grandchild for you!”

The Grand Empress Dowager is so happy that she cannot contain the smile on her face, “Good, good, good.”

Jun Yue Hen, on the other hand, cannot help but feel disappointed by what he heard.

Gong Ya Xian walks in while carrying a tray of pastries.  She curtsies in front of Mo Qi Qi, “Ya Xian greets the Empress.”

Mo Qi Qi greets her warmly, “Hurry and get up, Ya Xian.  We are all family, there is no need for such formalities.”

“Thank you, Your Ladyship.  Ya Xian personally prepared these pastries for you when Ya Xian heard that you are here.  I hope you will like it, Empress.”  She puts the tray on a small table next to Mo Qi Qi.

Mo Qi Qi looks at the exquisite pastries in appreciation, “How pretty!  You are indeed extraordinary, Ya Xian!  Not only are you pretty, you are also talented!”

Gong Ya Xian appears overwhelmed by her kind words.

Mo Qi Qi looks at her in confusion, “Why are you looking at bengong like that, Ya Xian?  Did bengong say anything wrong?”

Ya Xian looks away while shaking her head, “No, it’s just that Ya Xian is too happy to be praised by you.”

The Grand Empres Dowager teases Mo Qi Qi, “Qi Qi, Imperial Grandmother noticed that you have changed a lot after Imperial Grandmother returned from Fo Shan.  You have never praised anyone in the past and particularly treated Ya Xian with hostility.  You did not like the fact that she grew up with His Majesty and was close to him, so you used to nitpick at everything she did.  Never mind Ya Xian, even Imperial Grandmother is surprised to hear you right now.”

Mo Qi Qi laughs awkwardly, “I used to be arrogant and ignorant, lucky Imperial Grandmother did not hate me and still dotes on me.  Lucky, Ya Xian meimei also does not detest me and continues to treat me so well.  I am touched.  It was all my fault back then.  Please forgive me, Imperial Grandmother.  And do not take it to heart, Ya Xian.  I will not be like that anymore.  I will be a good Empress.”

The Grand Empress Dowager smiles in appreciation, “Good, good, good.  The Empress is becoming more and more likeable.  No wonder you get to bear the Emperor’s child.  You are so virtuous, it is not surprising that the Emperor likes you.  If you go on this way, you will be able to mend your relationship with His Majesty.  Don’t you agree, old Seven?”  the Grand Empress Dowager looks at her own son.

Jun Yue Hen nods slightly, “You are right, Imperial Mother.”

Mo Qi Qi smiles shyly, “Stop praising Qi Qi, Imperial Grandmother!  Qi Qi is embarrassed now.”

Gong Ya Xian smiles beautifully before softly saying, “It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about the past Empress or the current Empress, both are very outstanding.  In the past, the Empress was straight-forward and gives off the air of a magnificent heroine.  Now, the Empress is virtuous and gentle, very kind towards other people.  Either side of you is very attractive, so your relationship with His Majesty will only gets better and better.”

 Mo Qi Qi turns to the Grand Empress Dowager, “Just listen to Ya Xian, Imperial Grandmother!  The attractive one out of us two is her!  Never mind men, even women might fall in love with her.”

“Stop making fun of Ya Xian, Your Ladyship,” mutters Ya Xian shyly.

Bengong is not making fun of you!  Ya Xian is 18 this year, you are already at a marriageable age!”

Ya Xian pales.  In the past, the Empress kept bringing up the topic of her marriage, eager to marry her off.  Is she going to do this again, today?

Without waiting for Mo Qi Qi to finish, Gong Ya Xian cuts her off, “Ya Xian does not wish to marry.  Ya Xian wish to keep Grandmother company forever.”

The Grand Empress Dowager sighs helplessly, “Aijia keeps telling her the same thing, but she keeps refusing.  Ya Xian’s health is not good, aijia is also worried to send her out.  This matter worries aijia a lot.”

Mo Qi Qi smiles cunningly, “Imperial Grandmother can stop worrying about this matter, Qi Qi has just the right candidate!  Ya Xian meimei will be happy and Imperial Grandmother will get to see her a lot!”

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Gong Ya Xian continues refusing, “Your Ladyship, please stop worrying about Ya Xian’s marriage.  Ya Xian has vowed to remain unmarried in this lifetime.  It does not matter who that man is, Ya Xian will not marry him.”

The Grand Empress Dowager is displeased to hear that, “This child!  Do not say such silly words.  Which young maiden wouldn’t want to marry?  Grandma is old now, grandma won’t be able to keep you company for long.  You must find an honorable gentleman that suits you who can take care of you for the rest of your life.  Empress, hurry and tell Imperial Grandmother whose family’s Young Master you have in mind!  Let Imperial Grandmother see if he is right.”

Mo Qi Qi gives them a secretive smile, “You know him, Imperial Grandmother!  In fact, we all do.  He is your good grandson, the Emperor!”

The Grand Empress Dowager, Jun Yue Hen and Ya Xian all stare at her in shock.  They did not expect her to suggest the Emperor.  She used to guard against Ya Xian in the past, forbidding her from trying to approach Jun Qian Che.  And now, she actually suggests to marry off Ya Xian to Jun Qian Che?  This is too shocking!  She really has changed.

Mo Qi Qi is confused when she sees their reaction, “What’s wrong?  Did I say anything wrong?”

The Grand Empress Dowager earnestly asks her, “Did you mean it, Empress?”

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