Chapter 115: His Reaction to Morning Sickness

Jun Qian Che follows her out and pats her in the back soothingly.

Mo Qi Qi puts up her hand to keep him at bay, “Just ignore chenqie, Your Majesty.  Go and eat your breakfast, do not let chenqie affect your appetite.”

Jun Qian Che remains quiet and does not leave.  He continues standing behind her and gently patting her back.

Once her stomach settles a little, she stands up straight and turns to face Jun Qian Che.  “I’m sorry, Your Majesty.  Chenqie disturbed your breakfast,” she mutters self-depracatingly.

“Will you feel this sick everytime you eat?” asks Jun Qian Che, his heart aching.  He does not know whether leaving her with this child is good or not.

Mo Qi Qi smiles unaffectedly, “All pregnant women out there have to go through this.  He is already considered good.  This will not happen all the time, only occassionally.”

“Just inform the imperial kitchen if you want to eat anything.  Tell them to make your favorite dishes.  That should reduce the discomfort,” says Jun Qian Che.

His worry slowly warms Mo Qi Qi’s heart even though it is only due to the child, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

A eunuch heads over to them before bowing respectfully, “Greeting Your Majesty.  The Empress Dowager has invited you to Ci Ning Palace to chat with her.”

Zhen understands.  You may go,” replies Jun Qian Che calmly.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” the eunuch slowly walks away.

Mo Qi Qi turns to Jun Qian Che in worry, “Your Majesty, perhaps the Empress Dowager wants to talk to you about chenqie’s pregnancy.”

“Don’t worry, don’t think too much.  Since zhen has decided to keep this child, zhen will protect both of you.  No one can hurt him,” comforts Jun Qian Che.

A faint smile is formed on Mo Qi Qi’s lips, “Thank you, Your Majesty.  You better go to the Empress Dowager now.  Since chenqie cannot eat anything right now, chenqie will leave first.”  She curtsies in front of him before leaving.

Jun Qian Che then heads over to Ci Ning Palace in large strides.

The Empress Dowager has been waiting for him with a displeased look on her face.

Jun Qian Che walks in and bows in front of his mother, “Greeting, Imperial Mother.”

“You still remember that aijia is your mother,” reprimands the Empress Dowager.

Jun Qian Che looks at his mother before asking, “What is wrong, Imperial Mother?  Did someone anger you?”

The Empress Dowager tries her best to calm her fury.  This is the first time she has been so angry at her own son, “Who else, other than you?  Did you forget what you said a couple of days ago?  You said the Empress’ child must not stay.  So many days have passed and the pregnancy is going on just fine, don’t you think you owe Imperial Mother an explanation?”

The truth is, the Empress Dowager has found out about what happened last night and has panicked and called the Emperor in.

Jun Qian Che is not one to bend his will to smooth things over, so he honestly replies her, “Imperial Mother, son has decided to keep the child.”

“What did you say?” the Empress Dowager stands up from her seat angrily.  She is so angry that her body is shaking, “Did you forget who Mo Qi Qi is?  Did you forget the way Duke Zhen threatened you before you ascended the throne back then?  Did you forget how powerful Mo Clan is?  Did you forget your responsibility?  Your identity?”

“Imperial Mother, son did not forget any of that.  But what son will not forget even more is how happy son was when son found out that Mo Qi Qi is carrying son’s child.  After thinking it through, son wants the child.  Yes, he or she will be Duke Zhen’s grandchild, but more than that, he or she will also be son’s flesh and blood.  Zhen does not have the heart to hurt the child.”

The Empress Dowager is even angrier now, “Muddle-headed, you are too muddle-headed.  Aijia could see that lately, Mo Qi Qi has successfully seduced you to the point where you have lost your rationality.  Never mind getting her pregnant, you now actually want to keep the child!  Do you want to anger Imperial Mother to death?  If Imperial Mother has to do it myself, I will!  You need to protect your position, you need to protect the kingdom!  Imperial Mother will send someone to do it cleanly!  No one will be able to pin the blame on us.”

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“Stop making things hard for son, Imperial Mother,” retorts Jun Qian Che.

“Hard?” the Empress Dowager smiles sadly.  “Imperial Mother is only thinking for you!  You are Imperial Mother’s child.  Everything that Imperial Mother does will be for your own good, yet you actually said that Imperial Mother is making things hard for you?  You unfilial child!”

Jun Qian Che looks at his mother before saying, “Imperial Mother, what if Imperial Father decided to get rid of me when he found out you were pregnant, 22 years ago?  What would you do?”

“I—-“  The Empress Dowager is rendered speechless. 

Jun Qian Che continues attacking, “What would you do?  Would you fight to keep me alive or would you listen to him?”

The Empress Dowager looks at him resolutely, “Your Imperial Father would never do that.  He loved you so much.”

Loved?  Jun Qian Che sneers before continue attacking, “What if he decided he didn’t want me?”

The Empress Dowager did not even hesitate before saying, “I would have protected you with my own life.” She shakes her head while smiling.

“There might be fathers out there who doesn’t want their own child, but son is not one of them,” replies Jun Qian Che earnestly.

The Empress Dowager softens her tone, “There are no fathers out there who doesn’t want their children.  If they do, they simply have their own difficulties.”

Jun Qian Che coldly replies her, “No matter what that difficulty is, it is not worthy of hurting an innocent child over.  Even a tiger will not eat it’s own cub.  Imperial Mother would have protected your child with your life, so is son.  Son will make sure the child is born safely.  Son will also make sure that no one can use him or her as a political tool.  He or she will be son’s first child, will be surnamed Jun.  Our hearts will be with each other.”

The Empress Dowager does not know how to reply to that.  He is right, even a tiger will not eat it’s own cub.  How cruel would it be to persuade him to kill his own child?  “But, danger and uncertainty will always be around if the child is born,” the Empress Dowager still has lingering worries.

“The child is not even born yet.  No one knows what the future hold, how could we make decisions based on something that we don’t even know for sure?  Perhaps things will not be as bad as we predicted.  Son does not wish to worry about this now.  Son only wish to raise son’s child properly.  Hopefully, Imperial Mother will support son’s decision.”

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The Empress Dowager sighs helplessly, “Imperial Mother understands your personality.  Once you made up your mind, no one will be able to change it.  Imperial Mother can only hope that you won’t come to regret this later.”

“Son will never regret this,” replies Jun Qian Che firmly.  That child belongs to Mo Qi Qi and him; their blood are flowing inside the child’s vein.  He would never regret his decision.

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