Chapter 256: One Step Faster

As for the final two abodes, there was a sublime man and a white-haired old man who didn’t open their eyes at all.

They had never once accepted a personal disciple, only a few write-in disciples.

It wasn’t because they were picky, but that the people that fulfilled their requirements were much too little.

Basically, they didn’t have any hopes at all.

At the first stone door, everyone stopped there.

“First mystic martial door. It might be easy if it is your forte, but if it isn’t then it will be the hardest.”

Everyone felt uncertain, including some of the Stars Rankers.

“What is there to be afraid of. I don’t believe I can’t pass it.” One of them entered the stone door.


The stone door didn’t seem to have any brilliance, but when this person entered, he immediately vanished without a trace.

After someone entered, the rest of the crowd didn’t hesitate anymore as they all followed in.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist followed behind closely as well.

In the next moment, he appeared in a spatial zone.

This was a space that was a swamp. In the entire heaven and earth, there was nothing but swamp.

“A test of light body technique?” Li Fuchen knitted his brows.

He landed softly on the swamp which didn’t even leave any ripples.

“It doesn’t matter. I will handle it accordingly when there is any trouble. This is just the first mystic martial door, there is no need to overthink it.”

Circulating his qi, Li Fuchen began to fly on top of the swamp.

This swamp didn’t seem to ever end. After rushing for more than two hours, Li Fuchen still couldn’t see the ends.

Splash, Splash!

Unknowingly, ripples began to surface on the swamp.

The ripples undulated, causing Li Fuchen to feel as though his speed had decreased significantly. Furthermore, the adhesive from the swamp on the bottom side of his feet felt even stronger.

When his body stopped moving, Li Fuchen was pushed back several meters by the ripples.

‘It seems like this is indeed a test of one’s light body technique.’

Executing the Black Wind Three Clones, Li Fuchen had a burst in speed. His entire body turned into an afterimage that was racing across the swamp as it maintained close proximity.

Meanwhile, the others were also flying on the swamp.

“I can’t… Light body technique is my weakness, damn it.” A youth was trying to fly atop the swamp with this depressed expression.

This swamp wasn’t an ordinary swamp, it had a strong adhesive. Every time they had to borrow some momentum, they would need to expend a large amount of energy to get rid of the stickiness. It was fine if it was only a short period of time, but if this were to drag on, it would definitely be exhaustive.


A youth yelled out reluctantly as his entire body collapsed onto the swamp and was utterly unable to climb back up. A swamp wave surged up and engulfed the youth.

Within two hours, more than half the group was eliminated.

“Incapable. The first mystic martial door might seem like a test of light body technique, but it actually is testing one’s control of qi. If you can’t even control your own qi, you aren’t qualified to stay in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain.” A skinny man sneered in one of the abode.

The further one went, the faster the frequencies of the ripples, which dazzled everyone.

Fortunately, this wasn’t too strenuous for Li Fuchen. If it was only a test of light body technique, he had nothing to fear about.

One hour later, Li Fuchen finally saw the exit.

The exit was in the air above the swamp. Li Fuchen vigorously stomped on the surface of the swamp and got rid of the adhesive. His body rose up into the sky and immediately skimmed through the exit.


In an instant, Li Fuchen was back on the path and right in front of him was the second stone door.


Just as Li Fuchen exited, a figure followed along.

It was Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye.


When Chiyu Ye saw Li Fuchen, he was a little surprised.

As one of the Six Young Masters, there was basically nothing he wasn’t adept at.

Apart from his sword arts, light body techniques was one of his areas of expertise.

He originally thought he would be the first to pass the first mystic martial door. He didn’t expect that there would be someone ahead of him.

“Interesting. He must have gone all out right?”

Chiyu Ye didn’t bother about it because, in the first mystic martial door, he had yet to go all out, he didn’t even need to.

With a flash, Chiyu Ye skimmed into the second stone door.

‘No wonder he is Young Master Dragon Sword.’ Li Fuchen was praising in his mind.

The first mystic martial door wasn’t exactly easy, as Li Fuchen was only able to pass it because he executed the Black Wind Three Clones. He didn’t expect for Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye to be right behind him, and they seemed to pass the first door at about the same timing.

Following closely behind, Li Fuchen entered the second stone door too.

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After a moment, Xiahou Shi, Su Muyu, and the others were out. They exchanged eye contact before heading into the second stone door.

The space within the second door gave off an immense feeling.

In this space, there was only a solid and thick mountain peak.

The mountain had a steep slope which was impossible to hike on. Moreover, the gravity in this space was very strong, making it difficult to leap.

Walking over to the foot of the mountain peak, Li Fuchen realized there was a massive stone door which was tightly shut. It was about 30 meters tall and 20 meters wide. As he stood in front of the stone door, he could feel an immense qi presence which assaulted his senses.

“Do I have to push this stone door open?” Li Fuchen spoke curiously.

Pressing both his hands on the stone door, Li Fuchen burst out with his qi and vigorously pushed forward.


The stone door opened loudly, which seemed to be rather easy.

But after opening this stone door, another 50 meters tall stone door came into view.

This time Li Fuchen was unable to open the stone door with just his True Inferno Technique.

Li Fuchen only succeeded after activating the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique.

But after opening the 50 meter stone door, there was another 100 meter stone door.


Li Fuchen used all his strength and was still unable to push open the door.


Li Fuchen drew his black gold sword and slashed at the stone door.


The sword qi dissipated while the stone door remained unharmed.

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“As expected. I must rely on my own physical strength to open the door. It is near indestructible.”

Dismissing the idea of destroying the door, Li Fuchen dispersed the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique and activated the Primary Clear Hand.

The Primary Clear Hand could increase the burst strength in one’s hand, which was more effective on the hand than the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique.


The stone door shook, but it merely shook a little.

“Open up!”

Tightening all the muscles on his body, Li Fuchen concentrated his spirit will and activated the strength in both of his arms while pushing the stone door.


The stone door opened with a loud rumble.

“So that’s how it is!” There was a flash of realization on Li Fuchen’s face.

The second door of the mystic martial door didn’t just test one’s strength, but also one’s spirit will. When a martial artist’s spirit will was highly concentrated, the stone door would be opened easily.

But the prerequisite was to have both a competent strength and spirit will.

Once the 100 meter stone door was opened, there were no other stone doors, thus Li Fuchen walked out of this space.

A dramatic scene occurred. Just as Li Fuchen walked out, Chiyu Ye walked out as well and was one step slower than Li Fuchen.

Chiyu Ye was shocked and so was Li Fuchen.

‘Perhaps… the eight mystic martial doors would automatically adjust the difficulty according to a martial artist’s cultivation. Otherwise, if one has a higher cultivation level, they would be holding onto the advantage. It wouldn’t be able to portray the fair judgment of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain.’ Li Fuchen thought in his heart.

Chiyu Ye’s expression was looking rather displeased.

He didn’t put in his all for the first mystic martial door, but for the second door, he did go all out.

‘Could it be that he already knew that this test required both strength and spirit will?’ Chiyu Ye felt that this was the only logical explanation.

“Not bad. These two kids are quite good to actually pass the second mystic martial door so quickly.”

“It seems like they have a tough spirit will and should be able to pass the fourth mystic martial door.”

“I wonder if they are able to pass the fifth mystic martial door.”

Within their own abodes, the six Mystic Martial Experts had been observing everyone. They each had a water screen which was flowing like a waterfall that had images on it.

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