Chapter 255: Restoring the Original Looks


Chiyu Ye stared at the void shadow and could feel the power of it. The void shadow was flooded with martial dao intent and even had the power of the heavenly dao.

If a martial dao intent contained the heavenly dao’s power, it was naturally an earth class martial dao intent. It was impossible for it to be heaven class martial dao intent.

A heaven class martial dao intent was a power that was similar to a god.

It wouldn’t even need to make a move to obliterate a Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

“Since the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain is about to open, I have no need to disguise myself anymore.” Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist reached out and smeared his face, restoring his original looks.

“This individual was in disguise?” Someone noticed Li Fuchen’s abnormal behavior and exclaimed.

“It’s him?”

There were many who recognized Li Fuchen.

In the recent half of this year, Li Fuchen had been wanted by the Heaven Fiend Sect and many of the cities even had Li Fuchen’s arrest warrant posters.

“This person was actually wanted by the Heaven Fiend Sect, but it was then withdrawn. But the Heaven Fiend Sect will definitely not let him go. I didn’t expect him to expose his identity.”

“If I didn’t guess it wrong, he wants to become a personal disciple of the Mystic Martial Experts. If that happens, the Heaven Fiend Sect wouldn’t dare to touch him anymore.”

“In his dreams. How can a personal disciple spot be obtained so easily? If it is so easy, the whole world would be filled with the Mystic Martial Experts’ personal disciples. I think he is indulging in his fantasy and is overconfident. I would like to see what he is going to do after he fails.”

“Perhaps, he might be seized by a Heaven Fiend Sect’s expert once he comes out.” Everyone laughed coldly.

“It is Li Fuchen. The young patriarch’s death is surely related to him.”

There were gold class direct disciples from the Heaven Fiend Sect here too. When they heard the discussion, they all looked over.

Li Fuchen ignored everyone’s eyes. while walking over to Sword Maniac Li Xiangru and the others, wrapping his fist and greeted, “Fellow shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple)s, I am Li Fuchen.”

“I have heard about you.” Li Xiangru nodded.

Chen Yuanhu nodded too, “Good job during the Hundred Herb Hidden Domain.”

He had heard of Li Fuchen taking the leading role in the Hundred Herb Hidden Domain. Before Li Fuchen achieved this feat, only Sword Maniac Li Xiangru was able to do it.

“We meet again.” Xue Feng knew Li Fuchen.

The reason why he couldn’t detect Li Fuchen, was mainly because he didn’t have that intention. If he had the intention, even if Li Fuchen were in disguise, he would still be able to recognize him.

“I heard that you defeated Xiao Bai and Ruan Qianqiu. Is there such a thing?” Xue Feng inquired.

When he passed by Autumn Rain City, he unintentionally got to know about Li Fuchen’s feats at the Autumn Rain Tea Party. The defeating of the famed Star Rankers, Xiao Bai, and Ruan Qianqi had surprised him.

“Oh! Is that true?” Chen Yuanhu’s eyes lit up.

Xiao Bai and Ruan Qianqiu weren’t nobodies. Li Fuchen was only at the 5th level of the Earth Realm and was already able to defeat the two of them. This ability was enough to emotionally affect him.

“I was just lucky.” Li Fuchen laughed.

Li Xiangru sized up Li Fuchen and said, “If there is an opportunity, let us spare with each other.”

If Li Fuchen was able to defeat Xiao Bai and Ruan Qianqiu, his ability wouldn’t be weaker than Chen Yuanhu’s.

The crucial point was that Li Fuchen was younger than Chen Yuanhu.

“Sure.” Li Fuchen nodded.

At this moment, he didn’t need to be overly modest. Sometimes, being too modest was akin to being hypocritical and haughty.

“You shouldn’t have exposed your identity at this timing.” Chen Yuanhu frowned.

Li Fuchen said, “If I was to become a personal disciple under the Mystic Martial Experts, would the Heaven Fiend Sect still dare to touch me?”

“Naturally not.” Xue Feng replied, “Even if the Heaven Fiend Sect had three guts, they still wouldn’t dare to. The wrath of a Mystic Martial Expert isn’t something a regular sect could endure. At least the Heaven Fiend Sect doesn’t have this capability nor the confidence. But becoming a personal disciple under the Mystic Martial Expert isn’t something that is as easy as being said.”

Chen Yuanhu frowned and didn’t comment. He felt that Li Fuchen was overconfident.

In order to become a personal disciple under the Mystic Martial Experts, he had to pass at least the fifth mystic martial door.

Even if Li Fuchen was able to defeat Xiao Bai and Ruan Qianqiu, it was still difficult to pass the fifth door of the mystic martial.

There were some things that even if you had confidence in, you shouldn’t boast about.

After all, even a 6-star bone frame wouldn’t dare to say they were able to pass the fifth mystic martial door with certainty.

If Li Fuchen wasn’t an Azure Water Sect’s direct disciple, Chen Yuanhu would have scoffed at him.

“Go inform the upper echelons. Tell them that Li Fuchen is here.” A few gold class direct disciples from the Heaven Fiend Sect used their qi to send a message. In just a few breaths, an individual descended the mountain and headed towards Green Cloud City.

“It’s him?” Xiahou Shi also recognized Li Fuchen.

He was similar to Xue Feng. Because he wasn’t too minding of Li Fuchen’s existence, otherwise, he would have already recognized Li Fuchen.

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Looks could be deceiving, but one’s qi presence remained true, at least the at Earth Realm, there were only a few that could conceal their qi presence.

“I wonder if he passed the fifth stage of the Star Road Hidden Domain.”

This was something that Xiahou Shi was very concerned about.

If Li Fuchen had truly passed the fifth stage, he had to kill Li Fuchen no matter the price.

“If there is an opportunity, I still must eliminate him. I should have quite an increase in qi luck after I kill him.”

Xiahou Shi withdrew his eyes and hid his killing intent.

Han Feng was another person who recognized Li Fuchen, who was now having pale in facial expression.

Compared to Xiahou Shi, he was completely ridiculed by Li Fuchen in the Star Road Hidden Domain.

“Hmph. I don’t think I have to make a move personally. A Heaven Fiend Sect’s direct disciple already went to notify someone.” Han Feng sneered.

When Li Fuchen restored his true face, it caused quite a bit of a stir on the mountain peak.

But soon enough, the stir settled as everyone’s attention was placed back on the palace hall door.

“Go. Enter.”

Those that were qualified to enter the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain all skimmed into the palace hall door one after another.

In a blink of the eye, there was only a few groups of twos and threes left on the mountain peak.

All these people were those that had lost their qualifications.

“Sigh. What a regret. Why can’t we have another opportunity? As long as I can pass the first mystic martial door, I will have hope to become a write-in disciple under a Mystic Martial Expert. This is a status that is even more formidable than that of a Supreme Elder.”

“I was in too much of a hurry back then. I wanted to grow stronger faster and ended up with nothing.”

Looking on helplessly as the others entered the palace door, everyone who was left behind was filled with remorse. If the void shadow wasn’t standing guard, they might want to try barging in.

Of course, this was only their intention. Even without the void shadow standing guard, they wouldn’t dare to trespass.

They were only mere Earth Realm martial artists after all.


After entering the palace door, everyone landed on a long path.

This path seemed like it was meant for a giant, which was hundreds of meters wide and more than a hundred miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters long.

After every segment of distance on the path, there would be a stone door which looked like it could allow more than a hundred individuals to pass at the same time. There was a total of eight doors.

“So those are the eight mystic martial doors?”

Li Fuchen examined the eight stone doors and the mountains on both sides of the path.

This path was running through a mountain range and among these mountains were eight main peaks.

Every main peak had an abode.

The six abodes which were closer to the attempters had six different individuals who opened their eyes.

“Three months are up. I wonder if there are any good saplings.” A grizzled hair old man who had deep eyes mumbled and closed his eyes soon after.

“The previous time, Lao Si accepted a personal disciple who was quite competent. I hope there is someone who meets my expectations.” A man with a phoenix eye laughed lightly and was rather interested.

(TL note: Lao Si means old fourth, which is fourth in ranking)

A middle-aged beauty who had graceful looks said, “I will only take in female disciples. I wonder if there are any female disciples who will brighten up my eyes.”

These six individuals frequently took in disciples, some were write-in disciples, while there were also personal disciples.

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Of course, there were only a few personal disciples. Unless a martial artist passed the fifth mystic martial door, they generally wouldn’t take them in as a personal disciple. Unless this individual was very special or had a certain attribute which was abnormally exceptional.

But if someone managed to pass the sixth mystic martial door, they would definitely take that individual in as a personal disciple.

There was too little in a lifetime that could pass the sixth mystic martial door. It would be a pity to miss any of them.

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