Chapter 89 – Plan

“Brother Yang, we have to protect the Station Chief.”

Chen An had charged into the zombie horde, so Lu Xiao and the rest chose to fight beside him. Yang Tian decided to remain behind as he wanted to take care of Yang Yi Ran.

“Yang Tian, I can take care of myself, you should go too!”

Yang Yi Ran summoned Yi Zhiping; she knew what Yang Tian was capable of, Yang Yi Ran wants Yang Tian to deal with the zombies.

“Brother, Zhiping swears to defend Lady Yang with my life, you do not need to be worried about it.”

Yi Zhiping cupped his fist and spoke to Yang Tian, his expression of facing death with equanimity nearly made Yang Tian believed him.

“So be it, I will not be bothered about you.”

To be able to protect Yang Yi Ran until this point, Yang Tian felt that he had done all he could.

Yang Tian turned into Venom and charged into the zombies with battle axes. The Rank 1 zombies fell like weeds under his attacks.

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These were only the appetizers, he must not allow the humans to lose too much power. After all, Yang Tian was now on the same boat as them.

Yang Tian charged into the zombie horde and started a crazy massacre, each wave of his axe would result in definite zombie casualties.

“There is really a lot of zombies.”

Three hours had gone by, the number of zombies that died under Yang Tian’s axes exceeded four digits, but it was nothing compared to the total number of zombies.


The Rank 1 zombies are retreating? It must be the command of the Commander Zombie, this attack was likely only a probe, the real attack should be coming next now that the probing was completed.

After the zombies retreated, a large number of dismembered limbs and corpses were revealed, it was a mix of both humans and zombies. Yang Tian also saw Chen An and his group, they were covered in injuries.

“All of you need to quickly treat those injuries.”

If it were only one or two zombie scratches, their physique would be strong enough to heal them, but immediate treatment must be received for the many injuries.

Yang Tian supported some of them and returned to their spot.

“You guys will need to endure it.”

Yang Tian prepared to use his Soft Bone Blade to cut away the rotting flesh on their wounds before applying medicine to heal them.

“We can endure this bit of pain.”


Yang Tian cut away the rotting flesh with speed and power of such mysterious accuracy that it surprised everyone around them. Within a short few minutes, the rotting flesh on Chen An and his men have all been cut cleanly by Yang Tian.

It was fortunate that they have stuffed their bags with medicine and that allowed them to have more than enough to treat their injuries.

The outer regions have suffered heavy casualties, the few that survived were also at a loss about what to do next. If the zombies attack again, it would certainly be death for them.

The gazes of a portion of the people were filled with despair, while another portion was filled with madness.

Yang Tian looked at the zombies’ position and knew that the situation was not good, the zombies did not retreat far and were standing just a short distance away from the humans. They simply stared at the humans and causing enormous pressure, especially to the metahumans at the outermost regions.

When forced with their backs against a wall, a human could do anything. The current situation was exactly like that.

“That Commander Zombie is playing psychological tricks.”

Yang Tian noticed that this Commander Zombie has quite a high level of intelligence, for it to start scheming. The metahumans were already on the verge of collapse and with such heavy pressure, it was inevitable that something would happen.

“I can’t take it anymore, I can’t take it anymore. Ahhhhh!”

One of the metahumans started to scream and randomly attacked, but the targets of his attack were not zombies but the metahumans beside him.

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“Kill him.”

It was unknown who was the one who shouted the order and that crazed metahuman was killed.


Yang Tian cursed. The atmosphere was already very repressed, such actions were akin to adding oil to fire.

The reason F City was able to survive the zombie wave was because of the appearance of Sky Hegemon Blade Sage and Blazing Fire King. However, Yang Tian has yet to see any traces of them. Did he cause a butterfly effect?

If it were only Yang Tian, he would not be able to change the situation. Seeing the current state of affairs, Yang Tian was beginning to plan his escape.

This daddy is not going to accompany you guys if you want to die.

A pity he got busy just now for nothing.

Just as Yang Tian was planning his escape, a commotion came from Fortune Boat University. Guan Ren Zuo’s rune made them see the hope of surviving, everyone was gathered around Fortune Boat University.

“Old man, this is all the energy crystals I have, give me one of that treasure you used just now!”

“This was everything I had.”

“I beg you.”

Sounds of pleas and begging came from Guan Ren Zuo’s side.

“Everyone, this old man’s runes require materials. I truly have no way due to the lack of materials.”

“Just tell me what you need, I will do my best to get it. I only hope you can give some to us after that.”

Guan Ren Zuo started sprouting the names of an extensive list of materials. The materials on each of them might not be many but there were many people present, so the materials gathered were exceptionally high.

The relationship between Hu Jun’s group and Guan Ren Zuo’s group had been severely deteriorated, especially after the incident when Yang Tian controlled them to fight against Guan Ren Zuo. The event had not resulted in any casualties, but their situation had changed.

“Are all of you, willing to accompany this old man?”

“Of course! Of course, we are willing.”

Of course, they would be willing; they have no reason to deny an excellent opportunity for them to get to the good side of Guan Ren Zuo.

However, Guan Ren Zuo was heading towards Yang Tian’s location.

“Yang Tian, this old man has seen your display just now and noticed that you are not as what this old man had expected. Why not we discuss a plan on how to deal with the zombies?”

Guan Ren Zuo witnessed the scene of Yang Tian charging into the zombie horde and felt that Yang Tian does not only know how to murder people but also knew how to save people. If not, from Yang Tian’s perspective, he could simply just watch and do nothing.

Yang Tian’s thoughts of planning his escape were broken when Guan Ren Zuo spoke, he turned his head to look at the latter.

“Do you think there is still hope?”

Yang Tian pointed at the metahumans at the outer region, their minds were already out of control. The zombies would not need to even attack as the metahumans would do it themselves.

All the zombies needed to do was to wait, and the defense line on the outer region would collapse.

“If you have time to chat with me, it would be better if you go and placate them!”

“One more thing. If they fall, you guys would be next. Those so-called runes will not be enough to save your lives.”

The runes would only be useful for a short while, once the materials used to create runes were depleted, won’t it be the same in the end?

“Brother Yang, I think his words are quite right.”

Chen An spoke. He felt that Guan Ren Zuo was correct, Chen An had all along wanted to save F City, dying in this zombie wave was not an ending Chen An wanted.

Chen An wants to survive, and so his goal held a common point with Guan Ren Zuo’s.

“You guys are free to try, don’t come and find me.”

From Yang Tian’s perspective, the hopes of victory were bleak. Rather than wasting time, he would rather spend it on planning a way to escape. Only by surviving would there be hope, how can dead men talk about hope?

“Sure, I will talk with this old mister first.”

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