Chapter 90 – Sealed

Chen An wants to live, but from Yang Tian’s understanding of Chen An, the latter would definitely choose to not run at such timing. Yang Tian’s escape plan was thus only focused on himself.

As expected, Chen An and Guan Ren Zuo were speaking very amiably, but the stress they were facing was undoubtedly high as well.

Simply by standing, the Rank 1 zombies were creating enormous pressure on the humans, let alone the Rank 2 zombies behind and the Flying Zombies in the sky.

During the night, more and more people could not endure it anymore and became crazed, the situation did not turn better even after Guan Ren Zuo sent his men to console them.

“Everyone, please listen to a few words of this old man.”

Guan Ren Zuo stood at the highest point, beside him were the leaders of other groups, it could be seen that their goal was the same as Guan Ren Zuo.

“Everyone here is in the same life and death situation if the metahumans at the outer region are dead, we will not fare any much better as well. The few of us had decided to let some of our people swap places with the teams at the outer region so that they could rest. If everyone thinks that my suggestion is plausible, we can all act together.”

“However, I hope everyone also remembers one thing, our lives are all tied together.”

Guan Ren Zuo spoke the truth about their current situation, causing many leaders of various teams to be moved.

The swapping of places begun.

“Thank you, thank you all.”

“Thank you, everyone, this gratitude will be repaid in the future.”

Words of gratitude were naturally many, but there were also voices of dissatisfaction:

“Why? Why must we exchange places with them?”

“I will not change.”

A portion of the people remained in their spots, and from the looks of it, they had no intention of moving.

However, for those who have swapped places, it had already meant that their respective leaders have discussed with Guan Ren Zuo. Even if the people in the group disagreed, their leaders did not allow them to act on their disagreement.

“If you do not want to change, then get out of my team.”

Under the angry shouts of the leaders, they had no choice but to exchange places and stand at the outer region where the first line of defense was.

“Let us go as well!”

Chen An had returned to his team and moved Lu Xiao and his group, Yang Yi Ran also followed them.

“Aren’t you guys in the same team? Why are you not moving?”

It was only natural that people noticed the unmoving Yang Tian, and could not help but asked.


Chen An did not know what to say as well, he had no authority to command Yang Tian at all. Also, their group was formed at the last minute so he does not know how to proceed as well.

“I do not belong to this group, are you blind?”

“You… I saw you with them earlier!”

“Being together meant that we are in the same group?”

Yang Tian’s reply made the person speechless, it was also true that Chen An did not give any order to Yang Tian.

It was not that there were no loners in the city center, it was just that loners were simply too little. Under the invitation of powerful groups, those loners had chosen to join a group. Also, they were also willing to listen to the orders of the leader in their groups.

Currently, the only loner present was Yang Tian.

“Something’s wrong, Burrowing Zombies are underground!”

Yang Tian discovered that there were currently Rank 2 Burrowing Zombies underground. The General-Class Commander Zombie has sealed all possible escape routes, planning to kill all creatures within  F City and turn F City into zombie territory.

Yang Tian had planned to escape through the ground, but it looks like it will not be possible now. It was not because Yang Tian’s battle power was weak, but simply because there were too many of them.

Now, he could only approach things one step at a time.

Currently, the position of the groups have significantly changed, the relatively stronger groups were now located on the outermost region while Chen An’s group was located at the second defense line, allowing them to provide assistance quickly if needed.

Due to Guan Ren Zuo, ordinary humans were now located at the centermost location. Everyone around Yang Tian was ordinary people, not a single metahuman could be seen.

No! To put it more accurately, there were some metahumans, the healers. They did not have much battle power, but they were critical assets, making them the individuals to be heavily protected.

“Yang Tian?”

Someone called Yang Tian by his name, he turned and saw a familiar face.

Radiant Angel Guan Qing Xue

You might look exactly like her, but you are ultimately still not her.

“What’s the matter?”

Yang Tian glanced at her before resuming his previous sitting posture.

“Where are your tamed beasts?”

“What’s that got to do with you!”

Yang Tian’s tone was cold, causing Guan Qing Xue to feel helpless.

Was it because of what she did before?

The first time, she wanted to remain in Fortune Boat University and could be said to have betrayed Yang Tian. The second time, her grandfather wanted to kill Yang Tian, and she did not try to stop him, completely forgetting about their earlier bonds.

Guan Qing Xue was feeling guilty and ashamed towards Yang Tian, but she did not regret her choice.

“Qing Xue, why are you bothering yourself with him!”

“Duo Liang, you should count yourself lucky for being able to survive till now, it is best if you just scram and stay at a corner.”

“Qing Xue, we are, after all in a relationship, why are you treating me so coldly.”

A young man in tattered clothes walked out of the group, he was displaying an apologetic face towards Guan Qing Xue.

“You better get lost, I have finally seen through who you really are!”

“They are just deceiving you, do not… be”

Soft Bone Blade was stuck on Duo Liang’s neck, should the Duo Liang say another word, Yang Tian will swing Soft Bone Blade across his throat.

“You better get lost far away.”

“Yes… yes, I will get lost, I will get lost.”

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Duo Liang quickly turned into a ball and roll out of Yang Tian’s sight.

(Cuppa: The word 滚 can mean Get Lost and also literally means roll. That was why the above sentence of rolling away.)

Guan Qing Xue had looked at Duo Liang with eyes filled with hope. Had Duo Liang dared to face Yang Tian, she would have helped him by speaking up for him, but Guan Qing Xue was now utterly disappointed.

“Don’t pester me anymore.”

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Yang Tian tried to communicate with Dark Storm Eagle, but he was unable to connect with it. This did not mean that Dark Storm Eagle had died, but suggested that the Flying Zombies have formed a special barrier in the sky that prevented Yang Tian from summoning Dark Storm Eagle.

The General-Class Commander Zombie was truly formidable, handling every single detail seriously.

Yang Tian suddenly felt an anabrosis energy from behind.

“Boss, why are you here?”

Zhu Xiao Ruo? She was not also in the normal human’s group and was still a Rank 1 Seductress. However, her image had significantly changed, no longer looking like a student.

Low-cut top, ultra mini skirt, black stockings, thick makeup. A face filled with seduction. The ordinary males around him were all looking at her with some semblance of ill intent.

Unfortunately, in Yang Tian’s eyes, she was filthy as within her body was an unknown amount of viruses. Yang Tian did not want to have anything to do with her.

Yang Tian ignored Zhu Xiao Ruo’s words, the latter seeing this tried to hug Yang Tian’s back. Yang Tian noticed her intention and lifted Soft Bone Blade and pointed it to her chest, if she takes another step, she will die.

“You should know that I have a bad temper.”

Feeling Yang Tian’s cold intent, Zhu Xiao Ruo very tactfully moved back.

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