Chapter 257: Dragon Class Burst Strength

Xiahou Shi and Su Muyu’s speed were not any slower than Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s and Chiyu Ye’s speed.

In the eyes of the six Mystic Martial Experts, these four individuals were certain to pass the fourth mystic martial door.

At this moment, the few hundred attempters were now only twenty in number.

It was fine at the first mystic martial door, where one out of ten of them would be able to pass.

But for the second mystic martial door, more than half of them were unable to open the third stone door, even though some of them had a highly concentrated spirit will.

The Azure Water Sect was doing exceptionally well. Including Li Fuchen, there were four who passed the second mystic martial door.

Those four were naturally, Li Fuchen, Li Xiangru, Chen Yuanhu, and Xue Feng.

There wasn’t much to talk about in regards to Li Xiangru’s spirit will, which was impregnable and almost flawless.

Chen Yuanhu was battle crazed and even though his spirit will wasn’t as impregnable as Li Xiangru’s, it was still aggressive enough and was in a state where his aggressiveness would keep on increasing as he fought on.

Xue Feng was calm enough and his spirit will was like an ancient well which didn’t have any ripples.

Among them, there were a few Star Rankers who didn’t make it through the second mystic martial door.


Third mystic martial door…

This was a space of flames.

The ground was a sea of flames, the skies had clouds of flames and there were countless flames which were running around in shapes like beasts.

This might be a space of flames, but Li Fuchen couldn’t feel any heat and it seemed like an illusion.

‘What is the third mystic martial door testing?’

Standing in the midst of this sea of flames, Li Fuchen’s eyes glanced across these beast shaped flames, while his mind was this hidden halo which was radiating.

These beast shaped flames were filled with burst strength and they didn’t exist for a long time, as they would constantly evaporate and burst forth again from the sea of flames and clouds of flames.

Burst strength.

That’s right, burst strength.

“It is a test of qi burst strength.” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up.

Burst strength was determined by various factors between each individual. Some had thick and solid meridians, hence they had a stronger burst strength. Some had a higher cultivation level and higher secret technique rank, hence their burst strength was stronger. There were some who had a stronger spirit will, which gave them stronger burst strength as well.

Burst strength was unrelated to one’s qi cultivation.

If the qi burst strength was two-fold when the martial artist was at the 1st level of the Earth Realm, then it would be of the same result when the martial artist was at the 9th level of the Earth Realm.

Most importantly, it was how much burst strength the individual’s body could produce.

With a flash of thoughts, Li Fuchen abruptly launched a fist.


Wolf-Shaped flames surged out and burst forth.

This wolf-shaped flame wasn’t formed by the qi, but by the flames within this space of flames. It was relative to the performance of the burst strength.

Changing his fist into a palm, Li Fuchen executed a palm strike.

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This palm was executed using the Iron Smelting Hand.

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The flames surged violently, while leopard shaped flames burst out.

“Indeed!” Li Fuchen’s assumptions were correct.

The strength of the burst strength would produce flames of various beast shapes.

If it was like this, then Li Fuchen reckoned that one’s burst strength must exceed a certain level before one could leave this space of flames.

Activating the Primary Clear Hands, Li Fuchen sent out another palm strike.


The flames let out a loud growl, while a tiger-shaped flame burst out violently.

“I wonder about the burst strength of sword art.”

Drawing his black gold sword, Li Fuchen brandished his sword.

Obviously, as a swordsman, Li Fuchen’s sword art burst strength was superior to his palm arts. With a single brandish, an ox shaped flames burst out, with a qi presence which was forceful and powerful, way beyond the level of the tiger-shaped flames.

Next was the Blaze Devil Sword Art.

Once the Blaze Devil Sword Art was executed, a rhinoceros flame appeared.

After executing a mystic class mid-tier kill move, a giant python surged out.

With the activation of the Black Iron Sword Essence, a flood dragon roared within the flames with a horrifying prestige.

At this moment, a door of flames appeared in front of Li Fuchen.

“There is no need to hurry.”

Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry to leave this space of flames.

He took a deep breath and focused all his spirit will. In the midst of it, it seemed like there was this energy which was being nurtured.


A resounding voice of a dragon echoed, while a giant flame dragon suddenly descended while baring its fangs and brandishing its claws, exploding violently.

In that instant, the entire sea of flames seemed to be in an insurrection.

“What? Burst strength at the dragon class?”

The Mystic Martial Experts in the six abodes were astonished.

Generally, once at the flood dragon class, one would pass the third mystic martial door. But there was no one who actually achieved the dragon class.

The flood dragon and the dragon had a difference of one level, but the gap was like a chasm.

A flood dragon was ultimately still an aquatic dragon.

While the dragon was a species of a higher realm.

“I must take in this child as my personal disciple. None of you shall debate with me.” A Mystic Martial Expert which was tall and sturdy like mountain roared out.

“Lao Liu, you aren’t qualified to teach him. I, on the other hand, am good enough.” A man with phoenix eyes said.
(TL note: Lao Liu, literally means Old Six, which means no.6 in the ranking)

The tall and sturdy man spoke reluctantly, “I am good at burst strength, why am I unqualified?”

A middle-aged beauty said, “In terms of burst strength, we aren’t inferior to you. Moreover, you are only good at burst strength. What about the other factors? How are you going to teach him? Don’t waste such a good talent.”

The tall and sturdy man was still unwilling to yield, “I don’t care either way. I must teach him.”

Producing a formidable personal disciple was something that was beneficial towards them. Hence he must not give up.

“Don’t be stubborn. Furthermore, it is his choice to make. I think he will not pick you either.” The man with phoenix eyes didn’t continue the dispute and laughed as he spoke.

They might be in their respective abode, but the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain was very mystical and they were all Reincarnation Realm martial artists. Sending their voice through a distance was extremely simple.

The rest of the Mystic Martial Experts didn’t say anything, but they were very tempted. They had decided that they would entice Li Fuchen and let him choose them as his master. After all, once they missed such an opportunity, they might never encounter it again.

“This child is rather good.”

Right at this moment, the white-haired old man in the second abode spoke.

“Second Brother, you have some thoughts?” The man with phoenix eyes lost his calmness as he asked.

Big Brother and Second Brother had yet to accept any personal disciples, and they were both very powerful. If the two of them were to step in, their hopes were instantly lowered by 90%.

The white-haired old man spoke indifferently, “The prerequisite is he can pass the fifth mystic martial door.”

The fifth mystic martial door was the lowest expectation. If it was in the past, he wouldn’t accept a personal disciple even if they passed the sixth mystic martial door. But Li Fuchen was a little special, as a martial artist’s burst strength was a very crucial factor that determined one’s combat strength. The mythical dragon class and the dragon class had a difference that was tremendously large.

Just like a difference between a normal individual and a prodigy, which was unimaginably huge.

“I hope he doesn’t pass the fifth mystic martial door.”

Apart from the preeminent man, the rest of the other six Mystic Martial Experts were hoping for Li Fuchen to fail before the fifth mystic martial door.

If the others knew about how these experts were thinking, they would probably be dumbstruck.

But these experts didn’t mind it at all. Because whether they accepted any personal disciples was entirely up to them.

If you didn’t obtain their liking, it didn’t matter even if you pass the fifth mystic martial door. If they were determined to forsake you, then you wouldn’t stand a chance.

But if you were to fit their criteria, even if you were to only pass the third mystic martial door, they would still take you in as a personal disciple.

Of course, the third mystic martial door was already the lowest benchmark, if it was any lower, they would have to reconsider. They wouldn’t go accepting a personal disciple who only passed the first or second mystic martial door right?

“The best is if he doesn’t even pass the fourth mystic martial door.” The tall and sturdy man had this malicious intention.

Li Fuchen was just too suitable for his tastes. He was hoping he could immediately snatch Li Fuchen over. As he didn’t care about Li Fuchen’s results for the other mystic martial doors, as he solely wanted to accept Li Fuchen as his personal disciple.

Li Fuchen didn’t know about the thoughts of the Mystic Martial Experts.

Seeing that he produced the giant flaming dragon, Li Fuchen thought to himself, ‘I wonder what level this burst strength belongs to? Is there an even higher level than this?’

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