Chapter 258: The Preeminent Man Opened His Eyes


In the space of flames, Chiyu Ye let out an angered yell as he cleaved towards the front.

A resounding beast roar echoed as a mythical dragon rushed out from the flames, which had a majestic presence.

Afterwards, the door of flames appeared, while Chiyu Ye let out a breath of relief.

He could feel the difficulty of the third mystic martial door was much higher and even he couldn’t just casually pass it.

At the same time, the others also passed through the space of flames.

Su Muyu and Xiahou Shi were the first to pass.

Closely followed by Li Xiangru and Han Feng.

Chen Yuanhu and Xue Feng was only able to produce the burst strength of a giant python and had to leave regretfully.

As such, the twenty over survivors was now left with only nine who passed the third mystic martial door.

Among them were two Azure Water Sect’s disciples, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist and Li Xiangru.

After exiting the space of flames, Chiyu Ye didn’t see Li Fuchen.

‘Is he not out yet?’ Chiyu Ye muttered.

After standing in place and waiting for a moment, when Chiyu Ye still didn’t see Li Fuchen come out, he went ahead to the fourth mystic martial door.

The fourth mystic martial door was a world of water.

Once Li Fuchen entered, he was immediately wrapped by water.

A huge fish swam over from a distance.

After looking closely, would one notice that it wasn’t a huge fish, but it was a fish that was created by precious materials.

The abdomen of the fish opened up and there was a control room within it.

After entering the fish’s abdomen, Li Fuchen sized up the control room.

The control room was very simple and apart from a piece of transparent crystal, there was just this helm.

Li Fuchen held the helm with both his hands and turned it slightly, while the big fish turned along. When he pressed it down, the big fish would sink, when he pulled it up, the big fish would rise.

Soon after, Li Fuchen tried pouring his qi in.


The speed of the big fish drastically increased, which was ten folds faster than before.

“What is this door supposed to test?” Li Fuchen couldn’t understand.

If it was a test of supplying qi, then he would surely lose out to those who had a higher cultivation level than him.

His instincts told him that it should be related to the helm.

After the big fish swam for a moment, suddenly, there was this cluster of black spots that appeared in the front.

After taking a closer look, he realized that the black spots was actually a school of fish.

The school of fish was swimming extremely fast, as they rushed towards Li Fuchen.

“A test of reaction speed and awareness!” Li Fuchen instantly understood.

Reaction speed and awareness was related to one’s cultivation, but it wasn’t very closely related. At least, it wasn’t a decisive factor.

Of course, if Li Fuchen was just a regular prodigy, he would be at a disadvantage now.

After all, he was just at the 5th level of the Earth Realm and the growth rate of one’s reaction speed and awareness was too minute. It was one notch lower than the 6th level of the Earth Realm, it was a huge difference from the 7th level of the Earth Realm, and it was on a completely different scale from the 8th and 9th level of the Earth Realm.

For the fourth mystic martial door, one must at least be at the 7th or 8th level of the Earth Realm to not be at a disadvantage.

“The fourth mystic martial door tests one’s reaction speed and awareness. I wonder if he can pass it with ease.”

“It is too much of a disadvantage to be at the 5th level of the Earth Realm, but with his ability, it shouldn’t be a problem. He would just be in a difficult situation.”

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The six Mystic Martial Experts were all paying attention to Li Fuchen.

The other two experts only paid a little attention occasionally.

But soon enough, the six of them realized they were wrong, as their eyes gradually widened with looks of disbelief.

Li Fuchen’s reaction speed and awareness were too horrific.

The school of fish covered the entire space and didn’t allow anything to move past it. If a regular prodigy was faced with such a situation, their minds were definitely in a blank state and would be stunned. Only those formidable prodigies were able to calm down and evade as if their lives were on the line could pass with better ease.

But Li Fuchen was actually able to control the big fish as though it was a part of his body. Under Li Fuchen’s manipulation, the big fish made use of every space, looking for gaps to enter while moving incredibly smooth.

Seeing Li Fuchen control the big fish was like a form of enjoyment.

The six experts turned their attention to the others who entered the space of water and instantly noticed a difference.

All the others who were controlling the big fish were all very scared and on the edge from start to end, afraid that they might crash into the school of fish.

But Li Fuchen was completely the opposite.

“How can his awareness be so incredible?”

The man with the phoenix eyes had this shocking glow that was released from his eyes.

He could naturally see that Li Fuchen’s reaction speed was just the secondary factor, while the most important factor was his awareness, which instantly helped him to understand what he had to do.

“Terrifying, too terrifying. Even Heaven Realm martial artists wouldn’t have such an incredible awareness!”

After the tall and sturdy man was shocked, his face revealed ‘sorrow’.

He admitted that he didn’t have the qualification to mentor Li Fuchen and if Li Fuchen was in his hands, it would be a complete waste of talent.

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‘Only Boss and Second Brother are capable of teaching him!’ The tall and sturdy man thought to himself.

The preeminent man and the white-haired elder all had comprehensive abilities and didn’t have many flaws. While the six of them all had certain shortcomings.

“This child is an exception, compared to his awareness, his burst strength is nothing much.” This middle-aged beauty’s hand was placed on her forehead. Awareness was her forte, but the Boss and Second Brother were much better at it than her. The most important thing was that she had no way of teaching the burst strength attribute.

As the big fish went past the school of fish, a door of stream appeared in the front.

Emerging from the big fish, Li Fuchen entered the door of stream.


Outside of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain…

“Someone passed the fourth mystic martial door and it actually isn’t Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye. It is a guy named Li Fuchen.”

On the left pillar of the palace doors, there were eight stone doors with a void image where everyone could clearly see Li Fuchen emerging from the fourth stone door and quickly entering the fifth stone door.

Everyone was in an uproar in an instant.

Who was Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye? He was one of the Six Young Masters of the East Unicorn Continent and had elite talents, one who was claimed to be of king class potential, while Li Fuchen was at best a rising star.

In everyone’s opinion, if there was someone faster than Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye, then it should be Fairy Muyu, Su Muyu or the heaven-defying 5-star bone frame, Xiahou Shi. It shouldn’t be Li Fuchen.

“It seems we have misjudged. This person actually has such a powerful innate potential.”

Everyone was feeling the heat on their faces, as they even mocked Li Fuchen for overestimating his own capabilities and was being overconfident.

The reality gave them a vicious slap across their faces.

“Hmph, let’s wait and see. He might not pass the fifth mystic martial door. There were situations like this in the past when someone passed the first four mystic martial doors, but was stuck in the fifth mystic martial door.”

There were some who were unwilling to yield.

“Damn it, he actually passed the fourth mystic martial door.” The gold class direct disciples from the Heaven Fiend Sect looked extremely displeased.

The more mystic martial doors Li Fuchen passed, meant the higher possibility that he would be accepted as a personal disciple.

Now it was a very dangerous situation. Once Li Fuchen became a personal disciple under one of the Mystic Martial Experts, the Heaven Fiend Sect would have to consider the consequences carefully whether they were going to touch Li Fuchen.

Killing Li Fuchen was a small matter, but offending the Mystic Martial Experts was a huge matter.

Who knew if the Mystic Martial Expert would go insane and wreak havoc at the Heaven Fiend Sect, killing all their Reincarnation Realm martial artists.


Once inside the fifth mystic martial door, a world of lightning and thunder presented itself to Li Fuchen.

The sky was covered with lightning clouds, as lightning descended from above, weaving into a net.

Li Fuchen remained stationary and carefully observed the space of lightning and thunder.

“All these bolts of lightning and thunders seem like martial arts.”

After observing for a long time, Li Fuchen came to a shocking conclusion.

Every lightning strike looked like a martial artist executing a finishing move, some of them were slow, while the others were fast. Some of them had multiple variations, while some of them were extremely aggressive.

At this moment, the white-haired elder in the second abode opened his eyes and began to observe Li Fuchen.

Concurrently, the preeminent man in the first abode opened his eyes too.

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