Chapter 6- Saving

Dramix woke up and immediately noticed that his eye of souls was dark.

Peter had watched over him this entire time, so he figured that he deserved a small rest.

He then noticed the female Drakan in deep thought in front of him.

“I really should ask for your forgiveness. I attacked you yesterday thinking you were just another Drakan that thinks females are just tramps that sell their body and nothing else.” (Naleeit)

Dramix opened his mouth to say something, but he kept silent.

He had no right to speak to her as if she was one of them because they aren’t in their homeland.

“I couldn’t help but think about those things you spoke of in shame. It’s true that I’m the same as any other Drakan man, but I can’t speak to you like them because you aren’t like them.” (Dramix)

She seemed happy to hear that before suddenly realizing she was late for guard duty.

“Gods! I got to relieve the watch.” (Naleeit)

She then hurried to a stand with steel armor on it and started putting it on.

Dramix walked over to help her and started tying down the pieces of armor as she put them on. He then gently ran his hand up the laces to check to see if they were secure before backing away.

“I’ll leave you to your duties then. I’m going to wash up and then meditate.” (Dramix)

Peter woke up to find himself back in his own room in the real world. He immediately went to his computer and saw that he had only been playing for a few hours; twelve to be exact. It was nearly five in the afternoon when he started the game, and it was now just after five in the morning. He sighed as he thought about how exciting the game was before turning it off after saving his progress. He wasn’t entirely sure if it was all real or not, but he decided to get some sleep before his entire weekend was blown.

After getting a night’s worth of sleep and taking a shower, he warmed up some pizza and sat in front of his computer. After sitting there for a while, he decided to check out his school’s social media account. It’s not that surprising, but he received several messages, so he quickly responded to them in turn until he got to his friend Justin’s.

Justin [Hey man, you play that new game yet?]

Peter [Yea, it’s a bit trippy how it draws you in.]

Justin [4 sure. Say, what ru playing as?]

Peter [Drakan shawman! U?]

Justin [Human bounty hunter!]

Once Peter read his response, he was taken aback.

Justin was a good guy, but he wasn’t sure if this was too much of a coincidence or not.

Peter [Any jobs?]

Justin [Yeah, a big bounty on a prince. Been tracking him down since he escaped from some slavers. Details are a bit sketchy though. It’s an open bounty, and I been thinking of skipping on it for some quick work to build funds and experience.]

Peter […Probably for the best. Big jobs early on are a pain. Get gear and experience. Maybe a crew as well. I also heard about the bounty. The issuer isn’t someone you want to have dealings with.]

Justin [You’re probably right. I heard the guy invaded the prince’s kingdom all for a sword. He was super pissed off when he got a knockoff, so he lopped off the head of the general that he got to turn traitor.]

Peter swallowed his spit before typing again.

Peter [That’s what I’m saying.]

Justin [What about you?]

Peter [What do you mean?]

Justin [What are you into?]

Peter [Not much. Helped a guy out and went to his sisters. She kicked my a*s because of a misunderstanding.]

Justin [Serves you right. You can never bang them on the first date.]

Peter [Lol, so true. Well, I gtg. I have other people to chat with. I want to get back into the game too.]

Only allowed on

Justin [Awesome! Maybe we’ll meet each other in-game sometime. We can team up and do something amazing!]

Peter [Maybe!]

Peter was about to get off his computer when another message appeared.

Justin [Oh yeah, have you leveled up yet? Menus and such are hard to figure out, but when you’re training, you can increase some of your characters stats. Whatever you do, don’t reset them. It resets your character to the previous save point and can only be done once every save. I got a warning about that when my char got ambushed and killed when I was mistaken for some rebels.]

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

Peter [Good 2 know. It took me a while to get out of observer mode, so any other tips you have would be most appreciated. Let’s hang out later.]

Justin [Sure, will do. Is tomorrow after classes ok?]

Peter [If we can.]

Peter paused as he reread the part about limited resets.

It was something that he really didn’t want to test.

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