Chapter 7- spirit shop

Peter reentered the eye without the disorientation he had from the last time he entered. After a little searching, he noticed that there was a small area in the eye that he could manipulate to bring up something that resembled a character stat window. It showed his current stats and conditions, as well as some of his equipment. It was his shaman garbs, and the eye of souls around Dramix neck. Peter then noticed Dramix humming.

“I’m back.” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

The humming stopped.

“I’m pleased to know, but I fear that you may have strained yourself being with me for so long continuously.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

Peter felt touched about Dramix’s worry, but Peter honestly felt better after some rest in his real life.

“My strength has returned, and grown in fact.” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

Peter said that, as he noticed an unused characteristic point icon.

He activated it, then a sphere of light surrounded them.

“What’s this?” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

Peter wasn’t too sure about that himself.

When he was thinking about it, a white and foggy figured moved toward them.

Peter then realized he was in a similar state outside the eye again.

“You must be one of the new souls. As this is your first time, I can give you an explanation.” (Foggy Figure)

“I think I need one.” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

The figure seemed to look toward Peter after he said that.

“I agree with that.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

The figure seemed to turn toward Dramix’s before responding.

“Please follow.” (Foggy Figure)

Peter followed the foggy figure, and Dramix followed Peter through a set of gates. It then moved through a counter and turned back around.

“This is the spirit shop. Throughout your time together, you will be able to earn spirit credit. In fact, you will passively earn a certain amount each day. Even though I say each type, there are only two forms. They are light and dark. Light credit is good. It’s given to you whenever you do something that appeases your soul or another, such as saving a life or keeping your word. Dark is earned by doing the opposite. The darker the deed, such as murder or torture, will earn you dark credits. Many of the skills and abilities offered at this shop require some of both, but all usually require more of one than the other. For example, an increase in life force requires more light spirit credit than dark, but the ability to use dark arts requires almost no light spirit.” (Foggy Figure)

Peter understood the concept fairly well. This was designed to set the players on set paths of good or evil, or even being neutral.

“How will I know how much of this spirit credit I have?” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

An hourglass then appeared in front of them.

“The soul has seen this item before in the eye that houses it. As it is now, it shows perfect and whole balance. If he activates this item, he will show his current balance.” (Foggy Figure)

Peter found it in the character stat window and activated it. Suddenly, several items appeared behind the foggy figure in the racks. Some of them seemed to be crystal balls showing an action that Dramix could possibly do, while others seemed stranger or more simple, such as objects. Peter guessed a few easily from his video gaming experience. Some were weapons, and others meant things such as health.

“In the beginning, you will have several options and abilities for growth, but as this time, some things will still be locked.” (Foggy Figure)

Dramix pointed at one of the abilities on the shelf. It showed him breathing fire. It seemed like a neutral trait to Peter though.

“I wish for that.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

Dramix pointed at the orb showing him breathing fire, then it moved over from the shelf and expanded. A brief description and list of requirements were listed.

“A fine choice for one of your species. However, this is a level five enlightenment skill. You’re currently only level….” (Foggy Figure)

There was a pause.

“What do you mean I’m not able to do it?” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

Dramix slammed his fist on the counter.

“Please calm down. We can’t afford it yet, in any case.” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

Dramix growled in annoyance as he turned his back to the counter.

“Whatever! It’s not like I want the honor of being able to breathe fire like my ancestors.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

Peter sighed, feeling sorry for him.

“I’m sorry about him, but please continue. I assume you were going to tell us that we only reached level one or two for enlightenment?” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

The white figure seemed to remember what it was doing after Peter said that.

“Well, not completely accurate. You’re level three. It’s very rare for new souls to reach this level without any form of our aid. In any case, to appease the body, there is a way for you to invest into the skill. As you may have noticed, there is a list of requirements. Some of these will require other abilities, or even skills and talents to achieve. I will go into detail about them when we get done with this. The shop refreshes regularly, and you may return to it at any time that you achieve a moment of heightened state of soul like you’re in now. However, if there’s something here that you wish for later on, you’re allowed to invest in these skills with what you have now.” (Foggy Figure)

Dramix then looked over his shoulder.

“Do it for fire breathing.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

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Before Peter could react, the sphere shrunk and landed on a carrier on the counter. Over two thirds of both of Peter’s Spirit Talking credits drained from the hourglass. Another hourglass appeared over the sphere. The white was about a third of the way full, as the dark was less than half of that. Peter was a little frustrated about what just happened, but he let it pass for now.

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“I think we’re done with the shop for now. What else can you explain to us?” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

The Foggy Figure moved through the shop, then Peter noticed that Dramix and him passed through a fog gate to where they were before. The sign above them showed a few coins leaning on a dagger. The next sign had crossed swords behind a shield.

“This is the available skills area. Each spirit can see the status of the body in present time, but certain conditions such as illness or disease will not show unless discovered. In this area, it shows all the stats of the body.” (Foggy Figure)

Peter drifted over to the replica of Dramix and looked it over.

“This is also where you can make improvements with your unused character points. In the beginning of your connection, you will have two free points, as well as a set of three already in use. One by race, one by birth, and one by training. This one’s body is a Drakan, which has natural endurance and strength. They have a natural affiliation to fire, which I suspect is why the body was drawn to it. His birth shows a good nature. He’s a simple tailor’s son, so he knows how to work with measurements, repair worn wares, and do business. He also knows how to be humble and can listen to instructions. Finally, his training is of the lesser shaman school in the Drakan capital city. While not as able to train him to his full abilities, they taught him basic magic crafting, survival skills, and shaman negotiation.” (Foggy Figure)

Peter paused, hearing Dramix’s whole life just basically put out there for him to look at and mess with.

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