Chapter 443: Wedding Night: Eina Tulle

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Vahn smiled at Eina’s reaction and said in a soothing tone, “You look beautiful…” as he reached out a placed his palm against the top of her head. Eina startled for a brief moment before her blush deepened and she tried to stand tall without shying away. She hadn’t been afraid to be seen naked in the past but, knowing what they were about to do, she couldn’t help but feel flustered. Seeing Hephaestus’ calm and casual appearance actually made her feel even more embarrassed so she bit her bottom lip before leaning against Vahn’s body and hiding her face as he stroked her hair.

Seeing how Eina was behaving, Hephaestus showed a thoughtful expression before asking, “Vahn, do you have any extra beds in your storage?” Vahn had been comforting Eina but he hadn’t stopped paying attention to Hephaestus and was aware of the fluctuations in her aura. Hearing her question, various thoughts ran through his mind before he nodded his head and said, “Yes…” He almost always kept futons, beds, sofas, tables, and chairs within his storage at all times since small comforts went a long way during stressful situations. Hephaestus smiled before walking over and triggering the mechanism that revealed Vahn’s hidden forge at the back of his room.

Hephaestus released a long yawn while stretching her body and said, “I’m actually kind of tired from overworking the last couple of days. I couldn’t get much sleep last night either, so I think I’ll take a nap and leave the two of you alone for a while…” Eina’s body twitched when she heard Hephaestus’ words and she raised her head from Vahn’s chest and stared at the ‘tired’ goddess with her hazy emerald green eyes. Hephaestus showed a small smile before looking to Vahn and saying, “Let me borrow a bed for a few hours. It’s still early in the afternoon so there is plenty of time for us to worry about other things later…”

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Vahn felt somewhat guilty but he also felt a significant amount of gratitude for Hephaestus’ actions because it was very obvious that Eina wasn’t the type of girl that was suited to ‘group’ play. She was actually unique amongst all the other girls in the Manor in that, she wasn’t that reliant on Vahn but more-so wanted Vahn to be reliant on her. Though she showed her affection, at least when they were alone, there wasn’t a single instance of Eina being comfortable showing intimacy around other people. Hephaestus could see that her presence was causing Eina to feel very embarrassed and she decided to take a step back since she had actually been with Vahn well over a hundred times at this point. Even if it was just for a few hours, it wasn’t wrong to let Eina’s first experience to be something more ‘meaningful’ between her and Vahn.

Using his domain, Vahn removed a bed from his Inventory and placed it within the secret room which caused Hephaestus to show a pleased smile as she triggered the mechanism to close the wall behind her. Before the wall completely closed, she sent an encouraging look toward Vahn followed by a wink just as the wall obstructed their line of sight. Eina heard the mechanism in the wall click and released a sigh of relief, though her expression was somewhat complex as she said, “I’m a silly girl, aren’t I?” Contrary to her expectations, Vahn laughed heartily and hugged her waist firmly as he said, “Eina, please don’t think things like that…leave Hephaestus to me, just like she left me to take care of you. You don’t need to compromise just because we’re married now, and I think most of the girls understand your presence is somewhat unique within the group…please don’t change since I think the current you is the best.”

Eina showed a somewhat wry smile on her face before she tip-toed and kissed Vahn on the lips for a brief moment. Vahn, however, wasn’t so easily dealt with and followed her retreat and gave her a much more passionate kiss in response. Unable to free her head from his grasp, Eina’s cute butt poked out as she tried to pull away from him. She had been somewhat unprepared for Vahn’s somewhat aggressive kiss and felt like she was going to suffocate since she couldn’t draw enough air through her nose. Vahn finally gave her a reprieve when she began to slap his chest, which had become bare without her noticing.

Freed from his ‘clutches’, Eina looked up at Vahn with a red face and said, “Muuuuu…you always did like teasing me, didn’t you?” Without any hesitation, Vahn nodded his head and smiled as he said, “I’m not sure if it’s a trait inherited from your elven bloodline, but you look very cute when you’re blushing…sorry about that.” Seeing the ‘blame’ in Eina’s eyes, Vahn tacked on an apology to the end of his words and rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. The moment he did so, however, Eina’s expression softened and she began to laugh happily with her eyes squinted and a big smile on her face. Vahn realized that she actually liked teasing him a fair amount as well and had just gotten a slight advantage against him with her antics.

Now that she had calmed down a little, Eina looked at her appearance and saw the stark white panties Vahn had created for her on display beneath her blue bodice. She realized Vahn was somewhat ‘mischevious’ in his designs at times and wondered if he had also done something to relatively intricate silk fabric. Putting that matter to the back of her mind for the time being, Eina turned around and said in a ‘casual’ manner, “Help me out of this dress…even if you designed it to be ‘durable’, I don’t want it to get dirty at all…” Vahn smiled before reaching out his hands as if to help loosen up the strings tying up the back of the dress but, instead of untying the small rabbit-eared knot, he pressed his index finger against the fabric and stored the entire thing into his inventory.

Because the dress wasn’t suitable to wearing a bra, Eina suddenly found herself wearing nothing but her white garter belt, panties, and stockings in an instant. She felt the heat rise to her cheeks but tried to control her expression as she looked at Vahn’s smiling face over her shoulder. Taking a deep breath, she said in a calm manner, “Lay down on the bed…I want to take care of you-” Vahn shook his head before wrapping his arms around Eina from behind and whispering into her pointed ears that were somewhat small as a result of her being a Half-Elf, “Eina, I know you’ll spend a lot of time tending to my needs in the future but, at least for tonight, allow me to take care of you…you’re my wife now, and you deserve to be pampered on your wedding night.”

Eina tried to refute his words but Vahn started nibbling on her ear as he stroked her abdomen with an electrical sensation and grabbed her right breast with his hand and pressed into two points that made her heart flutter. Vahn knew that some girls like to experience things in a ‘normal’ manner for their first times, but he no longer saw the point of letting them suffer unnecessarily if he could make them feel good. As he expected, Eina grabbed his hands with her own and gasped, “Vahn, wait…ahh, please…wait-nnn~” To give her the opportunity to speak, Vahn stopped using [Hands of Nirvana] but he didn’t stop his hands and even pinched the small little bud in the center of her breast which caused her body to shake. Vahn had noticed with Ryuu that Elves, and apparently Half-Elves, were actually very sensitive in their breasts…

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With the moderately less intense stimulation, Eina said through chattering teeth, “I know how skilled you can be when it comes to things like this…but I want our times together to be more calm and relaxed…I want to take care of your body and help your mind stabilize so you aren’t always under so much pressure.” Vahn nodded his head before kissing above Eina’s ear and saying, “I know, Eina, and that is one of the reasons I care so deeply for you. I know that you’re the girl that is the most considerate of my emotional stability…” Vahn continued to move his head down and kissed the back of Eina’s ear before continuing, “However, I also need to show you, through my own actions, how much you mean to me. Even if it’s just tonight, I want to shower your body with all the love and affection you deserve…”

Eina had been grinding her teeth in an effort to resist the pleasure as Vahn began kissing the side of her neck before moving down to her collarbone. Though he was being very gentle, Eina couldn’t escape from his grasp due to the vast difference in their parameters. She knew she could get him to stop by telling him directly, but she also couldn’t help but feel like she wanted to experience the ‘love and affection’ Vahn wanted to show her at least once. With her teeth still tightly clenched, Eina muttered, “Just for tonight…” before a powerful energy flowed through her chest and abdomen that made her draw a cold gasp and stifle a moan.

Now that he had her permission, Vahn knew Eina was going to be very receptive to his actions unless he took them too far. To bring her some comfort, he turned her around to face him before lowering her body onto the bed with her legs dangling off of it. Eina’s face flushed when he looked down on her from above and she covered her face with both hands, even though she was still peeking through her fingers with watery eyes. Vahn traced his hands down her body and gently prodded several pressure points, linking them together as he worked his way down her abdomen. Vahn was surprised to see Eina’s blush making its way down her neck as her skin began to take on a rosy color under his caress.

Vahn’s attention was drawn to her navel, where there were two important pressure points, so he dragged his finger from her diaphragm and traced the subtle line of her abdomen down to the base of her belly. Eina’s body trembled and he could see goosebumps cover her skin that caused his smile to widen slightly before Eina mumbled, “Bully…” causing his mind to stall for a brief moment. Seeing the gentle smile on her face and the teasing look in her eyes, Vahn knew that Eina had gotten away with teasing him once again so he began to chuckle before placing his fingers against the garter belt hugging her hips and storing it in his inventory. Eina didn’t react much to this but, when Vahn placed his hands on her panties next, she actually released an audible gulp that caused Vahn to inexplicably swallow as well.

For a brief moment, Vahn was tempted to move on to her stockings first but decided that he needed to work harder to become more decisive. Instead of storing them away in his inventory, however, Vahn thumbed the sides of the silky fabric and slowly lowered them down Eina’s legs naturally. Her body trembled during the motion and Vahn caught sight of the glistening mound that was almost as flushed as her face along the untouched slit. Because of his ‘experience’, Vahn even speculated that Eina had never masturbated before because of the ‘impeccable’ nature of the tantalizing organ. Even her scent was on the lighter side and she even smelled somewhat like how raspberries tasted. It was hard to describe, but this was the feeling Vahn got before Eina closed her legs slightly and concealed it.

All of her reactions made Vahn’s heart flutter and he decided to help warm her body up, even though her skin had started to turn flushed and her body temperature had increased by nearly two degrees. Vahn said in a calming tone as he ‘pryed’ open Eina’s legs, “I’m going to help your body prepare so things will be much easier later on…trust in me…” Eina had tried to close her legs against his movements but let up after his calming words reached her ears. Vahn saw her nod before she looked down at him with her glistening emerald eyes. Vahn smiled before handing her a pillow so she could support her body without stressing herself out too much. Eina reaching for the pillow with awkward moments and took a few seconds to get herself situated before pausing for a moment and opening her own legs.

Vahn smiled before kneeling at the edge of the bed and lifting Eina’s legs so that her feet could rest on the bed creating an M-shape as he hugged her thighs and brought his face closer to the glistening mound. Every time he did this for girls, Vahn knew they enjoyed it greatly and he had even gotten Loki to wrap his head with her legs to ‘cope’ in the past. Eina panicked slightly when she felt Vahn’s tongue begin to trace around the outside of her v***** and she bit the back of her index finger in response to the foreign stimulus.

As Vahn had assumed, she had never actually masturbated before because, when she had tried touching it in the past, she panicked and never touched it again after the fact. Everything Vahn was doing made chills run up her back and she didn’t know how to react because her body didn’t seem to want to listen to her. Other than releasing stifled moans, which made her feel incredibly embarrassed, she was at Vahn’s mercy so she tightly closed her eyes and ‘held on’ as if her life depended on it…

Almost as if he paid no heed to her resistance at all, Vahn skillfully probed around the interior of Eina’s vulva and brought his tongue to a point on the spots that were especially sensitive. Whenever he felt her body tremble slightly, Vahn traced his tongue slowly up her inner walls before coming to a stop at the little bead crowing the top of her v*****. It was interesting feeling Eina’s trembles become progressively stronger before she finally released a gasp when he reached the end. He almost felt like a kitten lapping up milk and made an earnest effort to catch the fluids draining from her body which had a somewhat acidic flavor with a citrusy aftertaste.

A few minutes after he started, Eina suddenly tried to close her legs and pressed the top of Vahn’s head as she shouted, “Vahn, wait, stop!” However, against her wishes, Vahn continued his efforts so Eina began to panic as she said, “Noooo, I feel like I’m about to pee myself!” For a brief moment, Vahn’s eyes flashed a stark blue and he confirmed there was nearly no urine in her bladder and knew she was just inexperienced to the point that she had never climaxed before. To allow her to understand she wasn’t about to pee, Vahn very gently sucked on her cherry red nub and rolled it with his tongue as she let out a somewhat shrill moan and a large volume of milky fluid made its way out of her depths.

Eina began to gasp in the echoes of her first climax before she heard Vahn say, “That was your first climax…don’t worry, you didn’t actually have to pee…” Though her face was already flushed, Eina’s complexion became one shade darker as she averted her eyes and bit her bottom lip without saying anything in response. Vahn gave a wry smile at her behavior before turning his eyes back to the palpitating interior of Eina’s v***** and probing the entrance with one of his fingers. Eina immediately turned her gaze back to him so he said, “Don’t worry, Eina, leave it to me…” Though she seemed somewhat hesitant, Eina eventually nodded and continued to stare at Vahn’s actions with a mild amount of inhibition and a bit of curiosity.

Vahn traced around Eina’s entrance before slowly sinking one of his fingers into her depths as she released a nasally moan in response. Since she was a virgin, Eina’s entrance was very tight and Vahn could feel it clamping around his finger in rhythm with her heartbeat. Just like when he had sex with Ryuu, Eina’s body had a very similar response and it was almost like their hearts were connected to their vaginas. Vahn knew this was a result of the arteries being somewhat closer to the insides of their thighs, but it still made him feel like having sex with those of Elven heritage was somehow more intimate than normal.

Though she was very tight, Vahn could easily fit two fingers in after a while and was able to wriggle them about even though her walls clung to his fingers. This showed that she was more than prepared but Vahn wanted to make sure things went as smoothly as possible so, before he removed his fingers, Vahn released strings of energy into her interior and caused the contracting muscles to relax by a marginal amount. Eina was inexperienced so she had no idea what he was doing and just continued to bite her lips and stifle her moans as her tensions continued to rise.

Satisfied with the results, Vahn smiled before standing up and looking down at Eina’s ruddy face and whispering, “It’s time…” Though her heart was already beating very quickly, Eina’s eyes opened and Vahn could see her chest trembling from the reverberations of her own heart. After taking several deep breaths, Eina’s expression softened a bit and she adopted the characteristic gentleness that always brought Vahn comfort as she said, “I’m ready, Vahn, come to me…” as she opened up her legs with her own hands. Vahn’s heart throbbed at her display and he smiled knowing that, even at the moment when she was most stressed out, Eina still tried to ‘care’ for him in her own way.

Before he took the last step, Vahn traced his fingers along Eina’s calves and stored her white stockings away into his inventory. Though he thought they created a tantalizing contrast with her naked body, Vahn wanted to make things as ‘normal’ as possible for Eina’s first time. It was always somewhat awkward to have sex at the edge of the bed, but it wasn’t Vahn’s first time and he was easily able to find the correct angle, much to Eina’s relief since she was struggling a bit to maintain her composure already. After placing his glans against the hot entrance, Vahn lowered his hips slightly and began to press forward as he pressed into the muscles above Eina’s v***** with his thumb.

Eina held her breath and prepared herself for the approaching pain but was surprised to find that, other than a bit of discomfort and a strange aching feeling, there wasn’t any of the sharp pain that she had heard so much about. Opening her eyes, Eina looked at Vahn with confusion before seeing his comforting smile. She immediately understood that he had taken steps to ease her suffering and a small feeling of loss spread through her heart before she felt a pressure easing up on her abdomen and a wave of pain began to spread through her body, pushing away the loss. Vahn had a somewhat wry smile on his face as he explained, “Don’t worry, I won’t take away the pain but I can still delay it and allow it to build up slowly instead…”

Though the aching feeling in her lower body was spreading, Eina began to laugh in spite of the pain and said, “You’re such a silly boy at times…you’re so caring in some of the strangest ways.” Vahn continued to look at her with a loving expression on his face as he said, “I know how important a girl’s first time can be…thank you for giving it to me, Eina…” Toward the end of his words, Vahn shook his head because he could feel a bit of moisture building in his eyes. Eina’s expression melted in an instant as she opened her arms and said, “Come here, Vahn…” Though it felt somewhat awkward, Vahn leaned forward and allowed Eina to hug his body as she stroked the back of his head in a comforting manner.

Even though it was a seemingly awkward situation, Vahn found himself easily falling into her momentum and his mind began to calm down quickly even though he could feel her v***** pulsing around his p****. He could feel her heart beating through her chest and from where they were connected and it seemed to create a loop with his own heart. Vahn even felt that, if things continued this way long enough, he would be able to match the rhythm of his heart with her’s. ‘Unfortunately’, Eina seemed to have adapted to the discomfort as she whispered, “Go ahead and move, I’m ready…”

Following her ‘instructions’, Vahn slowly rocked his hips which caused Eina’s comforting actions to stall for a brief moment as she squeezed his head. However, she seemed to adapt quickly and continued to stroke his head as she focused on regulating her breathing. This was a strange scenario for Vahn because he almost felt like Eina could lull him to sleep in the middle of having sex. To prevent such a strange outcome, Vahn began to kiss around Eina’s collarbone as he changed his angle and pressed against the top of her inner walls. Eina released a sharp sigh and grabbed his head before giggling and saying, “Looks like you’re determined to keep the initiative…that’s okay…you can be as intense as you want to be. My body might not be that strong, but I can tolerate it if it’s for you, Vahn…”

Vahn shook his head gently before placing his palm against the bed and raising his body. He looked directly into Eina’s slightly glazed eyes and said in a firm tone, “Eina, I love you so much…I’m not going to do something so selfish. I feel happier when I’m able to get a rise out of the girls I make love to…even if it feels good to release my semen, it isn’t the reason I have sex at all. I care more about making the experience pleasurable for my partners than my own satisfaction…it is the emotional connection that makes me feel truly satisfied…” Eina’s eyes widened marginally as she listened to Vahn’s words. After processing them for a short while, Eina asked, “So you’ll be happier if I’m more responsive…?

The very instant Eina finished her words she could feel Vahn ‘grow’ inside of her and could see the excited look in his eyes. She began to giggle at his response before hugging his neck with her hands, lifting her head to his ear in the process and whispering, “Then I’ll show you, Vahn, exactly how much I’m feeling it…” After she finished speaking, Eina relaxed against the bed and saw the somewhat fervent gaze in Vahn’s eyes as he looked at her with an enamored expression on his face. Vahn placed his right hand on her left breast and sent a surge of energy into her body and she immediately released a sensual moan without making any effort to stifle it at all.

Vahn felt his mind go slightly numb as he traced his thumb around her areola and caused her to angle her head and release a pleasured gasp before turning her watery eyes back to him. Even though she might be embellishing things a bit, Vahn could tell by the firing of her nerves and the fluctuation of her aura that she was ‘feeling’ it a great deal. With a large smile spreading on his face, Vahn said in a somewhat husky voice, “Eina, you’re seriously too good for me…thank you…I will never stop trying to make you happy, just to show you how happy you make me feel.”

In response to Vahn’s words, Eina pulled his head closer to her own and began giving him a passionate kiss that caused him to begin moving his hips once again. She continued to release moans that caused her to pause their kiss but, the moment she regained herself, she redoubled her efforts. She didn’t say it, but Vahn’s eagerness to please her made her feel very happy, especially because he seriously considered her words whenever she spoke. It was well known, even by Vahn himself, but she had always wanted a cute younger brother to look after and Vahn’s eagerness made her feel a strange sense of fulfillment, even if it was somewhat different than her expectations.

Eina suddenly drew in a sharp breath and even grazed Vahn’s tongue with her teeth when his glans poked and especially sensitive area. Her body had even jerked to the side to ‘escape’ the hot probe but Vahn didn’t seem to be willing to allow her retreat as he lifted up her right leg and ‘scraped’ her insides before poking the same spot again. Eina released his head and looked at him with an almost scared expression before immediately smiling in a bashful manner and saying, “That spot is a little intense…” True to her words, she told Vahn exactly how she felt and could see her words affected him greatly, almost like there was a tiny flame in his beautiful aquamarine eyes.

Vahn lifted Eina’s body slightly by her leg and made the angle even more optimal which caused her heart to shake slightly before she hugged him tightly and said, “I’m ready…” even though she felt like she wasn’t. Just as Vahn enjoyed seeing her reaction, Eina actually found herself to have a similar disposition and just wanted to see Vahn happy, even though it was a result of him bringing her a scary amount of pleasure. He was very ‘cute’ in how earnest he was in his almost single-minded pursuit of bringing her greater pleasure. Eina wondered if this was how the other girls felt but harbored a strange hope that this was a unique feeling they shared between just the two of them.

With Eina’s trembling body clinging to his, Vahn supported her hips right his right hand and even lifted his foot to the bed to complete his own preparations as he skillfully hit her sensitive spot. He didn’t focus just on that area, which was Eina’s saving grace, but knowing of its existence gave him a major advantage and her insides quickly began to writhe about, a prelude to the large orgasm that was about to seize her body. Though he could sense some fear coming from Eina, it was the same as her fear of ‘peeing’ earlier and Vahn knew it would pass quickly once her body actually reached the pinnacle. Vahn learned this from Loki, but it was actually somewhat uncommon for women to be able to climax from their vaginas, especially during their first time, and she commended him for his ‘technical’ prowess at being able to consistently bring them to greater heights.

Under assault from Vahn’s steady rhythm, Eina could feel a primal fear welling up inside of her as she clung tightly to Vahn’s firm and stable body. Her own felt like it was turning into a wispy flame that was about to burn out so it brought her comfort being able to cling to something so sturdy. She felt like her body was being grounded by Vahn’s presence and, even though it felt like she was about to fly away, she knew he wouldn’t let her go far. With this thought in mind, Eina didn’t hold back at all and began to pant with sensual sounds escaping her lips before holding Vahn’s body tightly when a colossal wave overwhelmed her and threatened to sweep her away in its wake. She felt like a small ship rocking about in the waves of the Poseidon Sea yet, as she had expected, Vahn stayed a firm existence that she could cling to and became the anchor that kept her from capsizing…


//Eina Tulle Has Reached Maximum Affection//

//Quest Completed: [The Hearts Desire: C-SS]//

Completion Grade: S

Rewards: 10,000OP, 1x[Hearts Desire: Eina Tulle]

Grade Rewards: 2x[Hero’s Reprieve], 1x[Grimoire of Guidance], 9,000OP

[Hero’s Reprieve](A/N: Eina OP)

Rank: Unique

Use: Immediately teleports the user into the embrace of the person they most desire to be with at the moment of use.

[Grimoire of Guidance](A/N: Seriously f**cking OP)

Rank: Unique

Use: Allows the user to record a skill into the Grimoire and confer it to a single person. Skill proficiency based on the comprehension of the recipient and is not a direct reflection of the initial skill. Applicable to all Skills, Magic, and Development Abilities with the exception of Innates.


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