Chapter 444: Wedding Night: Hephaestus

When Eina finally returned to her senses, she could see Vahn’s comforting face looking down on her and it brought an immediate smile to her face as she said, “That…felt incredible…” Vahn gulped at her words before stroking her face and saying, “This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my feelings for you…I want to show you so much more…” Eina sounded a peal of playful laughter as her emerald eyes squinted happily and she said, “This time, it would make me happy if I get to be on top…” With her words as the starting buzzer, the two green-eyed love birds passed through several tumultuous storms of pleasure, battered by the winds of affection and the heavy rain of love that soaked their bodies through to the core.

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As a Level 1, Eina’s stamina was commendable and she was able to continue forward with a subtle hint of eagerness in her actions as Vahn did his best to support her body. They took turns ‘pampering’ each other until Eina’s body eventually began to cramp up and she couldn’t muster much energy to continue. By the time two hours had passed, Eina was laying lazily against Vahn’s chest with slightly glazed eyes and a tired, but loving, expression on her face. She noticed that, even though her body was very hot right now, Vahn’s was almost scorching to the touch yet, even though it should have felt somewhat uncomfortable, Eina instead felt a great deal of comfort being held by him. After they cuddled for a while, however, she looked into his face and kissed him without warning before saying in guiding tone, “I think it’s my turn to go to sleep now…I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired before…”

Vahn understood what Eina wanted him to do, but he continued to hold her for a while longer as he said, “I won’t leave you alone while you’re still awake…let me help you fall asleep knowing that, when you wake up next, you will still be safely within my arms…” As he spoke, Vahn began infusing calming energy into Eina’s body as he hugged her close to his body. Eina laughed without offering any resistance and instead laid her head against his chest with her eyes closed as she listened to his heart. It was a powerful rhythm and she somewhat envied the fact that Hephaestus was always able to hear it no matter how far apart the two were. In less time than it took to brew a pot of tea, Eina had fallen into a deep sleep but Vahn continued to hold her for nearly a half hour longer regardless…

After wiping down Eina’s body and bundling her up in blankets to stay warm, Vahn walked over to the false panel located next to the wardrobe that kept some of his personal clothing. Whenever Emiru and Maemi washed his outfits, they would store them in the wardrobe for Vahn to pick up later. Vahn felt somewhat guilty about the girls doing the laundry of so many people but they actually had a lot of help from the Hostess of Fertility group, Milan, and Tina. To make things easier for them, Vahn also gave them a type of detergent he had purchased from the shop that seemed to be able to remove stains easily and, against the expectations of everyone that was aware of it, prevent the clothing from wearing down as quickly.

Once he had triggered the panel, the wall opened up and revealed the secret forge he very rarely used since obtaining his [Master Smith] status. He still created a fair amount of items, but not many of them required him to actually forge using his eternal flame in the specialized furnace that Hephaestus had made for him. Vahn actually expected that Hephaestus would likely make more use of it than himself in the future since she would be staying in the Manor as her primary residence, even though most of her time would still be at her workshop until the construction finished. She was actually building another workshop, located just outside of the Manor next door to the Hostess of Fertility, and had been wrapping up most of her current contracts.

Vahn could see Hephaestus laying on her side, still wearing her red bodice and the black silk panties, with her back to him. Seeing the curve of her body from the side, Vahn couldn’t stop himself from admiring how shapely her body was, especially her full hips and the nearly perfect butt that was barely covered by the relatively small surface area of the panties. The complexion of a goddess was unblemished and flawless in its construction, so Vahn always felt like he was admiring a masterpiece every time he saw Hephaestus’ body.

Hephaestus had long since awoken and knew that Vahn would ‘appreciate’ her body for a while and she could sense his thoughts and emotions through the powerful bond they shared. With a smile on her face, she lazily rolled over her body and looked directly at him as she said in a sultry tone, “I’ve been waiting for you…my husband~” Vahn felt a burst of pride spread through his chest and a large grin appeared on his face and looked a bit silly to the beautiful goddess laying on the bed. Suddenly, she saw Vahn’s expression turn somewhat serious as a thoughtful look passed through his eyes and he asked, “Hephaestus, you have already given me…everything…tell me, is there something more I can give you to make you even happier?”

A smile bloomed on Hephaestus’ face because of how Vahn had worded his question, making it apparent that he understood what she had done for him. As he said, Hephaestus had wanted to dedicate herself entirely to Vahn, for all eternity if necessary…if he continued simply ‘imposing’ his selfish desire to make her happy, Hephaestus might have to punish him in the future. She was already happier than she had ever been and the only thing she really wanted right now was to make Vahn feel a little of what she currently felt. Her smile turned into a heavily seductive expression as she crawled onto her hands and knees, looked over her shoulder at Vahn, and said, “I want to feel your love for me with my body…”

Vahn was drawn to the tantalizing black divide between Hephaestus’ two impeccable butt cheeks and immediately used [Shundo] to appear behind her on the bed. Without stripping away her clothes at all, Vahn prepared to take Hephaestus as she was until he paused after seeing her stark black panties turn completely transparent. He quickly came back to his senses however when Hephaestus turned her head in confusion so he thumbed the fabric to the side and placed his glans against her fiery entrance. Hephaestus’ body was literally ‘hotter’ than any of the other girls by far and Vahn always felt like he was plunging himself into a furnace, one used to temper his emotions for this goddess that had helped to ‘re-forge’ his entire existence with her compassion and love for him.

Hephaestus released a hot sigh at Vahn’s intrusion and even pressed her hips back with a sharp moan to complete the task. She could feel Vahn’s emotions pouring into her and felt his heart begin to race as he pressed down into her body from above. Hephaestus knew Vahn liked doing it from behind quite a bit and it made her feel very fulfilled to experience his own eagerness for her body. Though she hadn’t said anything to him about it yet, Hephaestus had been feeling a longing in her body lately after learning that Vahn had the potential to become a god.

She had originally thought they would only be together for a few hundred years and had even planned to escort his soul to Heaven when he died. Now, however, Hephaestus knew it was very possible she would be able to spend her long eternity at Vahn’s side. It was even highly likely that their children would be able to rise to godhood as well and, instead of the temporary happiness she thought she had found, Hephaestus was eagerly looking forward to the rest of her eternity. Even if things weren’t always easy, she knew that, as long as their love was strong enough, they would always be able to work through things and experience greater happiness together…

Vahn wasn’t entirely sure what was going through Hephaestus’ mind as she released her sensual moans, but he could sense her aura becoming thick enough that it almost had a physical sensation against his skin as it coiled around him. Her aura was so red it was almost like it was competing against her hair color and Vahn could feel it entering into his body like a powerful aphrodisiac, similar to the incident he had with Hephaestus in the past. Instead of resisting it, however, Vahn allowed his domain to completely retract and mentally said, (“Sis, if things go too far, please bring me back…”) before he let Hephaestus’ feelings wash over him.

Afterward, Vahn actually couldn’t remember much of what happened because it was almost like everything had become a dream. The only thing he was truly certain of was that he and Hephaestus had truly become a ‘singular’ entity as they eagerly sought each other’s bodies. Because she could feel his thoughts and emotions, the moment Vahn threw away his inhibitions and gave in to her powerful feelings, Hephaestus felt her own compound several times and this also fed back into Vahn’s body and created a powerful loop where neither of them knew quite what was happening. It was unlike anything Hephaestus had ever experienced, even after living for nearly five-hundred-million-years and it felt like her very soul was being entwined with Vahn’s, not just her body.

By the time Vahn returned to his senses, with Sis’s help, nearly six hours had passed and Hephaestus was pinning him from above with their hand locked together as she ‘desperately’ rocked her hips. Her face was completely flushed red and it was almost like she had completely lost her mind as sweat poured heavily from her body. The first thought that came to Vahn’s mind was that, at this moment shared between just the two of them, Hephaestus had become the most beautiful girl in the entire world. Even though the forge was a relatively dark room, it was like her body glowed with a vibrancy that outshone the sun itself.

The second thing he noticed, however, was that his body had actually been infused with flame elemental energy at some point and the bed had been turned to ashes around them. If not for the fireproof structure of the room, things could have gone very differently. Even though his body was fiery hot at spots, Hephaestus didn’t seem to be affected by it at all and Vahn even felt a powerful heat coming from her body that almost made his seem lukewarm. It was a little strange since Hephaestus’s body was so heavily covered in sweat when logic stated that it should be evaporating with the intense heat. Vahn figured there were principles at work that he simply didn’t understand at the moment and focused on the matter at hand instead…

Hephaestus could feel some clarity returning to her mind, which felt like it had melted into a molten mess earlier, and saw Vahn’s passionate gaze looking directly at her with a fair amount of concern in their unfathomable depths. She could feel the heat from both of their bodies, especially from where they were connected and noticed that she was currently pinning Vahn against the hard floor, which had been charred black. Both of their bodies were covered in sweat and soot and Hephaestus couldn’t help but laugh at the somewhat ‘depraved’ sight as she leaned down and kissed Vahn. Even his tongue was like molten slag and Hephaestus felt like they were reshaping each other’s bodies to be more suitable for each other.

While Hephaestus was kissing him, Vahn had freed his hands from her and used his fiery red fingers to insert calming energy into Hephaestus’ body. He could tell she was also returning to her senses but still needed a bit of help because her emotions were always elevated to an incomprehensible level as a result of her status as a goddess. Vahn could feel her feelings during their earlier union and, from the very moment he allowed them to wash over him, he had completely been overwhelmed. That was how Hephaestus felt all the time and, as a mortal man, Vahn couldn’t even truly comprehend everything that she experienced. He was, however, vaguely aware that his own perception had expanded slightly and, instead of the 475m of the past, his domain now stretched to 483m…

After helping Hephaestus calm down, she lazily lay against his body on the sofa he had set out for them. Vahn was wiping her down methodically as she dazedly tried to comprehend the ‘ordeal’ she had just experienced. Though their sex was always somewhat intense in the past, Hephaestus couldn’t even put what just happened into proper words. It was almost like all her thoughts and feelings of pleasure had been completely dashed, as if they were an illusion, and now she knew heights so great they seemed to eclipse Heaven itself. What she and Vahn had just gone through could be best described as ‘waves’ that intermingled together and got progressively stronger over time without cessation. If not for Vahn regaining his senses, Hephaestus felt like they could have been ‘lost’ in that endless cycle for an eternity…

In a somewhat lazy tone, Hephaestus muttered, “I feel like everything I thought I knew about passion and pleasure was a misconception now…” Vahn wanted to smile wryly but he couldn’t help but agree with Hephaestus so he nodded with a solemn expression his face as he wiped some soot from her rump. All of his actions made her aura flare up but she was nearly unresponsive compared to how she had been in the past. Even though it had been nearly twenty minutes since they regained their senses, Hephaestus continued to stare off into space in a daze unless she was looking directly at him.

Several minutes passed in silence before Hephaestus seemed to realize something and said, “Today is the first day of the new year…we should go spend it with Eina and the rest…” Vahn smiled before picking up Hephaestus’ tired body and carrying her to his room. Once her body temperature had returned to ‘normal’, Hephaestus had almost completely lost her ability to move for the time being. Vahn had inspected her body in detail and, other than a surprising revelation, found no abnormalities in her body and knew she was simply fatigue. He couldn’t blame her either, as it felt like he would fall asleep the moment his head hit a pillow as well. If not for [Will of the Emperor] keeping him afloat, Vahn felt like he would sink into a peaceful abyss for a short while.

It was nearly 4 AM but Eina was still sleeping, the result of her own exertions from the previous night. The loss of one’s virginity was a very tiring matter for most girls and Eina was simply a Level 1 Half-Elf, a race not known for their stamina at all. She had only been able to continue for two hours with Vahn’s support so she probably wouldn’t wake up any time soon unless she was urged awake. Hephaestus saw her state and giggled slightly before saying, “She looks happier than normal…I feel like she was trying too hard in the past, so its good to see her relaxed like this.” Vahn nodded his head before using [Shundo] to appear near Eina’s sleeping figure and setting Hephaestus down gently.

Before he laid down himself, Vahn drank a [Revitalizing Elixer] since he knew he would need to wake up in a few hours, even if he didn’t have any actual plans for the day. After draining the contents completely, Vahn wedged himself between his two wives before hugging Eina’s unconscious body with his right arm and Hephaestus’ exhausted body with his left. She took the initiative to cuddle against him with what little strength she could manage and intertwined her leg with his before kissing him on the cheek. After a small bout of playful laughter, Hephaestus said, “I’d like to experience that again in the future…but not too often. I don’t think my body could feel satisfied anymore if I get used to that…” Vahn shared her concerns so he nodded his head before a somewhat mischevious smile appeared on his face and he said in a ‘dismissive’ tone, “Ah, I noticed two life signs in your womb earlier…” before closing his eyes and ‘pretending’ to sleep.

Hephaestus had already laid down her head and took several seconds to process what Vahn had said because of how casually he spoke. Once she was able to make sense of the words, it was almost like Hephaestus’ body had completely regained its energy as she sat up with an ‘Eh?’ sound escaping her lips and looked directly at Vahn. With a large smile on his face, Vahn said, “Congratulations, Hephaestus, looks like you’ll not only be the first goddess to give birth, but it looks like you’ll be having twins…” Hephaestus’ hand immediately shot to her lower abdomen as she rubbed the somewhat tender skin with her palm and stared at her own body with a loving look that actually made Vahn feel a little jealous.

His reaction didn’t escape Hephaestus’ notice at all and she looked to him with an equally loving smile on her face as she said, “You silly boy…it isn’t simply the case of me having twins…it’s ‘us’ having twins…don’t try to skip out on your own responsibility this late in the game.” As she spoke, Hephaestus returned to Vahn’s embrace and pressed her body firmly against his as if trying to emphasize they were ‘one’ from now on. Vahn also held her body tightly and looked into her red-crimson eyes and said, “Always and forever, Hephaestus…I will never compromise on such things…” before sealing the blushing goddess’ lips…

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