Chapter 8- self-improvement

Peter floated around the replica of Dramix and noticed that the real one was a little ashamed. He decided to go back to his side after that.

“You should probably take note that any skill or ability that you unlock will have to be trained before you can easily and practically use it. It will however be available for immediate use when you unlock it.” (Foggy Figure)

Peter figured that made sense. You couldn’t become a master archer by just picking up a bow after all. You have to practice with it. He then noticed that all the available skills and talents had a bar below them, likely showing how skilled he was in them, or his progress to the next skill level. He also noticed that some were faded out.

“What about the faded out ones?” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

The foggy figure seemed to turn around and look at one of them.

“These are skills that the body has the potential to learn. As with the shop, some skills will be lost, as others are received or improved. For example, speed will be lost to increase size, or wisdom will be lost to rage.” (Foggy Figure)

Peter figured that made sense, as he turned to Dramix.

“This is you we’re speaking about. We can improve on what you are now, or we expand your abilities. We could even do a little bit of both. What do you wish to do?” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

Dramix paused, thinking about how to get fire breathing sooner. Peter could tell he was too.

“I know that I wish to improve on my blood. It’s the core of who I am. I’m not ashamed of my heritage, so I will improve in that as well. I would also like to learn the way of combat after that.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

Peter noticed that the two pointed out traits shone before returning to their former positions. The number of bars for them also increased. Several weapons and skills appeared after that.

Dramix then pointed to a fist.

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“What does that one mean?” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

The foggy figure looked toward it as it grew and Dramix wrestling himself appeared.

“It’s fighters spirit. The will to go on against the odds. This one can’t be edited, as it’s defined by the conditions around you.” (Foggy Figure)

Dramix then nodded in understanding.

“I see. I thought it was weaponless combat.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

The skill withdrew to back to what it was, then a skill showing two fists colliding took its place.

“Yes, they seem to appear rather similar. Your self confidence will also grow, which also improves your fighters spirit too.” (Foggy Figure)

Dramix nodded.

“I wish for this skill.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

The image brightened and returned to what it was, then Peter noticed that several stat bars changed around it. Some went up, while others went down.

Dramix then pointed to another skill.

“Is that spearmanship?” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

The image of a spear and a lance crossing appeared.

“Yes.” (fog figure)

Dramix then crossed his arms in thought.

“That one as well. Better yet, put two into that.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

The lance sphere glowed like before, but it didn’t get a second bar.

“You must have a level of mastery before you can improve it again. Your spirit will know when such times are possible.” (fog figure)

Peter suspected that.

He figured that before a third point could be put into the first bar, it must be full, and the second bar must be at least half full.

Dramix then sighed in disappoint.

“I should have guessed. That does beg another question. How many times left can I improve myself now?” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

The fog returned to its default stance.

“You currently have two points remaining.” (fog figure)

Peter figured that he should spend the next ones.

“If you wouldn’t mind, I know one more thing you could use. Bring up perception or awareness. Whatever it’s called here. (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

An image of an eye came forward, and an image of the ambush Naleeit did occurred. It showed him how he knew of the ambush, and guessed the size and weight of the attacker.

“I can see how this can be useful. Use one of my last points on it.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

It then glowed, and the bar under it shrunk some as well. Not as much as the others though.

“It can be leveled again?” (Foggy Figure)

The fog shifted its attention back to Peter.

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“Yes, but if it’s done again, it will take much longer to build back up properly. However, the tradeoff will be that your awareness will be able to reach a new height much sooner than if increased at a later time.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

Peter then turned toward Dramix.

“It’s up to you.” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

Dramix was hesitant to increase it again and use his last point on something that he benefited  from already, but his perception may help him again later on.

“Increase it.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

The bar brightened and split, then it became nearly empty

Peter then noticed that there was some completely blacked out things now.

He suspected that those things won’t be attainable now unless he strenuously worked on them.

“Is there any more to this area?” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

The fog started moving again.

“Not at this time. Except for this though..” (fog figure)

The sphere that had Dramix breathing fire then appeared over his head.

“As your skills and abilities increase, the cost of certain items will change. You should take notice that each amount in the hourglass is fuller. That is because some of the traits needed to control the ability have been filled. This also means that a shorter training time will be needed to fully control the ability. You will notice that each time you come here, the skills you have on wait will be here, as well as showing the progress you have toward them. Please, this way to the last area.” (Foggy Figure)

The last area had a cross on the sign showing the eye of souls. Peter felt embarrassed, as Dramix inspected it as he inspected him earlier.

“This is where the single stone is improved into a proper amulet. Like before, you start off with characteristics. Instead of the body being in charge though, it’s the soul. Improvements here also affect the body’s, and the reverse is true as well. However, they are much more limited in the shop. The body can only hold two items, while the spirit can only hold one. Each time enlightenment is increased, the soul gets a point to improve characteristics of the body, and the other elements for itself. The first point is usually always put into an external form, and must remain applied in some way. These points aren’t spent normally like with the body. They’re used to increase the eye’s ability capacity. For example, you have five unused points. You may attain a level three skill slot, and a level two slot to give you a total of three skills for each level that you’ve attained so far. Please take note that skills can be removed or added at any time in this state. However, you can only put it into spots of equal or lower skill level. For example, a level two skill can go into a level three spot. As you attain more skills and higher level ones, early investments will turn into hindrances. You should also note that the maximum skill level you can receive is five.” (Foggy Figure)

Peter paused, considering his options. A level five spot will severely limit him, but it’ll be very powerful after he fully receives it. Five level one spots will give him a little bit of everything, but he will be hurt when needing something powerful.

“I will use all five points on one skill spot.” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

A blue circle then appeared around the eye.

“I assume I get skills from the shop?” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

The fog seemed to nod at his question.

“Correct.” (Foggy Figure)

Peter should have known that it would be a balancing act between the two.

“Let’s go over there and look for a skill that I can learn before we leave.” (Peter’s Spirit Talking)

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