Chapter 300: Fought and Won

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After activating his 4-star secret technique, Murong Di’s qi presence was boundless and borderless. When enveloped by this qi presence, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist felt as though he arrived within the starry sky.

4-star secret technique, Vast Stars Secret Technique.

This secret technique was a very famous secret technique from the Celestial Star Sect, which was just inferior to their sect defining secret technique, Stars Secret Technique.

It was said that most of the martial arts and secret techniques from the Celestial Star Sect were all created from the observation of the stars. Thus, the concept is closely related to the starry sky.

After activating the Vast Stars Secret Technique, Murong Di felt that everything in the world was in his grasp and everything in his eyes had become insignificant. 

Murong Di revealed a smirk and asked, “Do you still want to compete?”

He might not be certain he could defeat Li Fuchen in a single move, but three moves was possible.

He would be able to completely suppress Li Fuchen in a single move.

“Too powerful… This is Murong Di’s true ability?”

“Peak level of the Earth Realm and his cultivation technique is also at the 16th rank. After being complemented by a 4-star secret technique, I don’t think anyone would be a match for him apart from the elite prodigies without including Su Muyu and Yan Qingwu.”

“When facing this qi presence, I’m afraid I cannot even summon my battle intent.”

Murong Di’s qi presence was too boundless and had affected the people on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars.

“Of course we have to compete.”

After circulating the peak state 16th rank, True Inferno Technique and activating the completion rank 4-star secret technique, Pure Yang Dipper Qi, Li Fuchen’s qi presence surged out as well.

From the situation on stage, Li Fuchen’s qi presence wasn’t comparable to Murong Di’s, but the difference wasn’t as wide as one imagined.

In terms of cultivation technique, Li Fuchen was half a rank higher than Murong Di.

Murong Di was only at the 16th rank, but Li Fuchen was at the peak state of the 16th rank.

For the 4-star secret technique, Murong Di had yet to reach the completion rank, but Li Fuchen had already done so.

The only inferior factor would be their cultivation level, and Li Fuchen was two levels lower.

“Peak state of the 16th rank.” Murong Di frowned slightly.

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Li Fuchen’s cultivation talent was truly outrageous. The mystic class peak-tier cultivation techniques only had 21 ranks, and with Li Fuchen’s speed, wouldn’t he be able to reach the highest rank before the age of 40?

“Imageless Dipper Fan!”

Giving higher regards to Li Fuchen, Murong Di executed his maneuver skills which felt as though he was shifting around. He arrived 30 feet in front of Li Fuchen in an instant and brandished his fan.

The surging dipper wind was resplendent and bursting with starlight. The horrific wind forces blew against the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars so hard that all the prodigies were swaying. They quickly burst out with their qi to stabilize their bodies.

Li Fuchen who was bearing the brunt of the attack had naturally felt 99% of the forces. Li Fuchen felt the whole ground shaking and as though he had lost his footing, as he had arrived at the vast and empty starry sky.

“No wonder he is one of the Six Young Masters.”

Li Fuchen leaned forward while his blazing and violent sword intent surged and burst out.

The sword intent was too violent, so much that it created a zone.

The radius of the sword intent seemingly appeared with a blazing hot zone which felt as though it was real.


When the dipper wind clashed with the sword dipper, Li Fuchen and Murong Di each took a dozen steps back.

“A consummate stage mystic class high-tier sword intent?” Murong Di had various change of expressions.

According to his prediction, he should have been able to suppress Li Fuchen with the first move, injure him with the second move, and defeating him in the third move.

But Li Fuchen’s cultivation technique and the sword art’s proficiency had surpassed his expectation.

“Blocking against Murong Di? The two of them are even?”

“How is this possible?”

Everyone was struck dumb.

How could they not understand that Li Fuchen was hiding his ability?

Moreover, he hid quite a bit of his true ability. It seemed like he hid a portion of ability from every factor and once all those added up together, it was quite significant.

It was hard to imagine, as another 20-year-old youth, how did Li Fuchen cultivate? Su Muyu who was a 6-star bone frame was far inferior to Murong Di.

At this moment, Li Fuchen gave everyone an unfathomable impression.

But now wasn’t the time to give a verdict, as Murong Di and Li Fuchen’s fight had just started.

“He was hiding his ability?” Xiahou Chuan’s brows were knitted tightly.

“He has gotten even stronger.” Su Muyu revealed her surprised through her eyes.

Yan Qingwu revealed colorful eyes of marvel. She didn’t know how Li Fuchen cultivated. Was he not a 1-star bone frame and actually had a secret and special bone frame?

She couldn’t restrain her emotions. When she recalled the first time she encountered Li Fuchen, he wasn’t even a match for her yet.


The Immovable King Star, Qi Heng got interested and paid attention to this match.

Before this match, only the match between Young Master Flying Sword, Luo Feiyun and Young Master Doulin, Xiahou Chuan had slightly interested him.

“He isn’t half bad, but it is a pity. It is probably impossible for him to defeat Murong Di.” Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong spoke apathetically.

Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei smiled, “Everything is possible. Let’s watch!”

His unequaled ability made him considerably impartial and wasn’t biased at all.

In any case, it was still the same no matter who was the winner of the match.

“Imageless Dipper Fan, Bull Contest Qi Rush!”

Murong Di shouted out and burst out with his fan art’s finishing move.

A bundle of dipper qi blast towards Li Fuchen with the speed of a shooting star.

This fan used power and speed to achieve victory. Murong Di even had the confidence to blast open a hole in a small mountain, let alone physical flesh.

“Horn of the Blaze Devil.”

Executing the Blaze Devil Sword to the extreme, Li Fuchen’s Blaze Devil Sword intent had also been pushed to the limits. The same Horn of the Blaze Devil currently looked like a real scarlet horn which clashed into the dipper qi.

Pitter, Patter!

The qi explosion was deafening, it caused Li Fuchen and Murong Di to take another dozen steps back. Each step they took would cause the circular stage to shake.

As Murong Di’s expression got even more grave, he decided not to clash head-on with Li Fuchen anymore. Instead, Murong Di circulated his light body technique. His overall combat cultivation was higher than Li Fuchen, hence it would be advantageous for him to use his light body technique. His body suddenly moved in all directions, up, down, left, and right.

It was a pity. Li Fuchen’s combat cultivation might be weaker than Murong Di, but Li Fuchen’s proficiency in light body technique was much higher. After executing the Black Wind Three Clones, four Li Fuchen roamed the stage. In just a split moment, no one was able to discern which was a clone and which was the real body.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang…

The two of them exchanged moves quickly and in just a short amount of time, they had exchanged at least a few dozen moves.

The clashes were in such high frequency that it dazzled some people.

“They actually exchanged so many moves?”

Everyone didn’t dare to blink as they were afraid they might miss the split moment which decided the outcome.

“Very well. Li Fuchen, you are worthy enough for me to use my kill move. I hope you are able to withstand this move. Imageless Rotation.”

After more than 100 exchanges, Murong Di got frustrated and circulated his cultivation technique again. His swung out with a ferocious fan strike which caused his dipper qi to rotate. It was formless and imageless, it was not in heaven nor on earth. Weightless energy was produced along with the rotating dipper qi.

Imageless Rotation was a mystic class high-tier kill move that Murong Di developed from the Imageless Dipper Fan. Not only did this move have enormous power, but it was also weightless. Once the target got enveloped, they would lose the majority of their mobility. It was a move that was extremely hard to evade.

This kill move was originally meant for dealing with the other Young Masters.

“Blaze Dragon!”

Li Fuchen didn’t intend to evade, as he executed his mystic class high-tier kill move, Blaze Dragon. A surge of scarlet light was released from the black light sword, as Li Fuchen cleaved down. The scarlet light condensed into a scarlet dragon and flew out like a bolt of lightning, clashing with the rotating dipper qi.


As though a bolt of lightning clashing with coal-seam fire, the dipper qi interweaved with the scarlet light.

But between the two forces, there was another smaller scarlet dragon that was freely roaming.


The smaller scarlet dragon entered a gap and blasted at Murong Di’s body. Murong Di spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood as he was sent flying back considerably far away.

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