Chapter 301: Fierce and Forceful

“Murong Di was defeated?”

After more than 100 intense exchanges, the final result was shocking.

Murong Di’s ability was formidable, but Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had been hiding his ability and only burst out now.

Li Fuchen couldn’t be described as a dark horse anymore, he should be described as a hidden dragon.

It was fine if the hidden dragon didn’t appear, but it would shock the world once it emerged.

Apart from the Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei, the rest of the elite prodigies were astonished. Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong’s face was now twitching as he said that it was impossible for Li Fuchen to defeat Murong Di. He immediately laughed, “He barely won. Luck must have been on his side.”

Everyone inside the Heaven Dipper Great Array were astonished, but those observers outside of the array were even more shocked.

Ouyang Wentian, Zhao Wujin, and the others were flabbergasted.

Despite the fact that they already known that Li Fuchen had a very competent ability, but they didn’t expect it to be at this level. Even one of the Six Young Masters, Murong Di had been taken down.

Celestial Star Sect’s Patriarch, Murong Batian had on a gloomy expression.

Murong Di’s defeat was truly an unexpected surprise.

Before the tournament, Murong Di’s plan was to guarantee the 10th and enter the 5th. It meant that he was minimally going to make it into the top ten and would strive to make it to the top five.

“I am defeated?” Murong Di looked down at his bloodied chest and had on eyes of disbelief and anguish.

He who was one of the Six Young Masters, one who had enjoyed limitless glory and people expected him to reach the peak level of Reincarnation Realm, but he had lost to a 1-star bone frame. Before the tournament, his bare minimum goal was to reach the top ten ranks.

“Impossible, I cannot lose.”

Murong Di stood up. His qi presence burst out even more and it reeked of blood and murderous intent.

He wasn’t willing to accept failure and he didn’t wish to fail either.

He especially didn’t wish to be defeated by Li Fuchen.

“Do you still want to carry on?” Li Fuchen had icy cold eyes.

Li Fuchen had superior awareness and had only utilized a portion of it. If he wanted it, he could totally deal a serious injury to Murong Di.

“Murong Di, this match involved the honor and glory of our Six Young Masters. Do not fail.” On the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar, Xiahou Chuan spoke indifferently.

As Murong Di was grinning, his qi presence swiftly turned blood red in color.


A blood-color shadow suddenly appeared, which caused Murong Di’s qi presence to reach his limits.

The 4-star secret technique, Destructive Yang Blood Dipper.

During normal situations, this secret technique wasn’t as good as the Vast Stars Secret Technique. But if the practitioner was injured or had chosen to mutilate themselves, the Destructive Yang Blood Dipper would exhibit power that was greater than the Vast Stars Secret Technique.

That’s right, Murong Di had two different 4-star secret technique and both of them were nearly at the completion rank.

Traces of blood oozed out from his languid body and combined with his qi to transmute into the Destructive Yang Blood Dipper. Murong Di’s qi presence was just like a malicious spirit which had a horrific deterrence power. Those with a weak spirit will, wouldn’t even have the courage to face against Murong Di.

“Li Fuchen, you shall die.”

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Turning his body in a rainbow of blood, Murong Di burst towards Li Fuchen while is metal fan which had blood dipper qi fluttering around it was violently brandished.

It was still the mystic class high-tier kill move, Imageless Rotation, but the rotating dipper qi this time was much more tyrannic, bloody, and extreme. It was just like a meat grinder that was going to grind Li Fuchen into mincemeat. At the same time, the wind forces from the blood red qi presence blew onto the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars. Those prodigies standing on the pillars had a violent change of expression as they frantically circulated their qi protection to avoid being affected by the wind forces and the bloody intent in it.

“Since that is the case, I will make you lose in a convincing manner.” Li Fuchen made his move.

There was no way to describe Li Fuchen’s maneuvers.

Li Fuchen’s figure was like an illusion as he forcefully penetrated into the gap of the rotating dipper qi.

This gap was the Imageless Rotation’s flaw.

For normal people, even if they had noticed the flaw, they wouldn’t be able to exploit it, but Li Fuchen could. With his powerful awareness, he evaded the dipper qi mincing forces and arrived at a safer zone, which was the blind spot of the Imageless Rotation.

Everything happened as fast as a spark from a flint. Not even the Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei could see the details of it, he merely felt something strange.

“Horn of the Blaze Devil.”

Aiming at a point in the rotating dipper qi, Li Fuchen’s sword abruptly thrust forward.

A seemingly real scarlet horn appeared. It broke past the rotating dipper qi and Murong Di’s qi protection, before piercing through Murong Di’s body.

It was direct and efficient, fierce and forceful.

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At this moment, this was the feeling that Li Fuchen gave everyone.

As his body was lifted, Murong Di was in extreme terror, as he didn’t even know what had happened.


With a swing of the black light sword, Murong Di was sent flying by Li Fuchen. His chest was spraying blood like a fountain and he had lost all his combat ability.

“Such a powerful awareness. Is this the reason why he was accepted as a personal disciple under the first Mystic Martial Expert?”

No one in the Heaven Dipper Great Array could see it, but outside the array, those at the Reincarnation Realm and the peak level Heaven Realm martial artists could see it clearly.

Ouyang Wentian and Zhao Wujin looked at each other.

Their hearts were amazed and it was obvious that they didn’t know of Li Fuchen’s true limits.

Such combat awareness wasn’t something that an Earth Realm martial artist should have.

“Sigh, he is still defeated. One of the Six Young Master has been defeated. I wonder who would be the next one?”

“What a jest! Murong Di is still young and only at the age of 23. The other Young Masters will not be defeated this easily.”

“I am just casually talking about it. After all, Li Fuchen’s performance was too shocking.”

Everyone didn’t think that Li Fuchen could defeat the other Young Masters.

The top of the Six Young Masters, Young Master Eternal Spring, Teng Qingyun was ranked 5th in the previous tournament and had an immeasurable ability. Li Fuchen was surely not a match for him.

Young Master Flying Sword, Luo Qingyun was ranked 11th previously. His Flying Sword Secret Technique had never missed its target. Li Fuchen wasn’t going to be enough to defeat him.

Young Master Gale, Han Yiming was previously ranked 12th and his light body technique was only second to the Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei, and Tri-Absolute Fairy, Jiang Ruoliu. Similarly, he wouldn’t be defeated by Li Fuchen.

Young Master Doulin, Xiahou Chuan was ranked 15th in the previous tournament and his combat style was similar to Immovable King Star, Qi Heng. He reacted to variations with stillness. It wouldn’t be so easy for Li Fuchen to defeat him.

As for Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye… He might be close to Murong Di in terms of Stars Ranking, as he was ranked 35th, while Murong Di was ranked 28th, but Chiyu Ye was known to have the top class innate potential. If it wasn’t for his young age, he would be able to compare with Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei. His current ability might not be something that Murong Di could match up to.

Comparatively, Xiahou Chuan might be easier to defeat. At least, there was some hope.

“So imperious.” Beside Zhao Wujin, Zhao Mingyue revealed an intoxicated expression.

This was the first time her heart throbbed so intensively. It was an unprecedented event.

“Di’er” Murong Batian took a deep breath and tried his best to restrain his unpleasant mood.

“Humiliating!” Xiahou Chuan had a look of disdain as he glanced at Li Fuchen with an askance expression.

After defeating Murong Di, Li Fuchen’s Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar was rolling with Heaven Dipper Battle Qi and the form of the giant python was more obvious now. The hissing sound was much louder. It felt as though it was shifting the ground while it gave off an all-powerful feeling.

29 consecutive victories, 30 consecutive victories.

Li Fuchen’s pace never paused for a moment.

As of now, there were just more than ten individuals who had 30 consecutive victories. There were some who were fortunate enough that they didn’t encounter any formidable foes, otherwise, this number might have been even smaller.

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