Chapter 302: Battle With Another Young Master

In the 1677th match, Murong Di was up against Xiahou Chuan.

After being defeated by Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, it greatly affected Murong Di. He merely withstood 20 moves before being defeated by Xiahou Chuan.

But this had proven Xiahou Chuan’s prowess.

During the fight against Young Master Flying Sword, Luo Feiyun, Xiahou Chuan had taken the upper hand for a moment. Even when facing against the Flying Sword Secret Technique, Xiahou Chuan was able to persevere for quite some time. While in his fight against Murong Di, Xiahou Chuan had the upper hand the entire time. His palm arts was like a huge millstone and no matter how Murong Di attacked him, it would be neutralized.

‘Using stillness to deal with variations. This style wasn’t as easy as it was said, it had to be formed using your own body as part of the style.’

Li Fuchen clearly understood Xiahou Chuan’s combat style.

When dealing with such an opponent, one’s light body technique’s effectiveness would be greatly decreased. Unless you had a speed that was fast, causing your opponent to be unable to react. Otherwise, the light body technique wouldn’t be of much use. Of course, Li Fuchen wasn’t any normal person and he had his own way of dealing with such a combat style.

“Haha, Murong Batian. Seems like your son, Murong Di has an undeserved reputation, huh?” The Doulin Clan’s Clan Head, Xiahou Shan mocked.

Murong Batian scoffed, “My son is only 23 years old this year, while your Doulin Clan’s Xiahou Chuan is already 26 years old. What is there to compete? Don’t be too happy now. If my son isn’t a match for that kid, your Doulin Clan’s Xiahou Chuan might not be a match for him as well.”

Xiahou Shan sneered, “That is something you don’t have to worry about. That kid is just slightly stronger than your son. Once he encounters Chuan’er, it is impossible for him to win. No matter how much stronger his combat awareness is, it is insignificant when facing Chuan’er. Chuan’er’s Mountain River Battle Technique is already at the completion rank and his combat skill is very competent.”

“There is nothing absolute in this world. Let’s wait and see.” Murong Batian went silent.

In his heart, he wished for Li Fuchen to defeat Xiahou Chuan so that the Doulin’s Clan grandeur could be beaten down.

35 consecutive victories.

38 consecutive victories.

39 consecutive victories.

Li Fuchen was in this momentum of consecutive victories and was unstoppable. During these matches, he even defeated a top ranker who was previously ranked 14th. Li Fuchen’s formidable ability had shocked plenty of people.

Right now, the Heaven Dipper Battle Qi under Li Fuchen’s leg had already evolved into the shape of a giant python.

Compared to the shape of the giant snake, the giant python was much thicker, sturdier, and more powerful. It coiled around the stone pillar with a prominent and domineering arrogance.

When it was time for Li Fuchen’s 40th appearance on stage, everyone held their breaths.

Because Li Fuchen encountered another Young Master class figure… Young Master Doulin, Xiahou Chuan.

“They finally met. But I wonder if Xiahou Chuan is superior or will Li Fuchen surpass him?”

“Li Fuchen used more than a hundred moves to defeat Murong Di, while Xiahou Chuan used less than twenty moves. Superiority has already been decided.”

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“That might not be the case. When Murong Di burst out with his true ability, it was neutralized by Li Fuchen in a single blade. It was obvious that Li Fuchen had yet to go all-out.”

“How do you know if Xiahou Chuan has gone all-out? Furthermore, Li Fuchen’s final blade was rather unclear and we don’t know if there are any limits.”

Everyone gave their own opinions, but most of the people were biased towards Xiahou Chuan.

On the circular stage…

Xiahou Chuan didn’t waste any effort in talking. He scoffed and abruptly attacked.

When his palm strike was sent out, the boundless palm presence had almost enveloped half the stage. When enveloped by the palm presence, Li Fuchen felt as though he was pressed under a millstone which was spinning. Be it his qi or blood, they were all shook for a moment.

Compared to Murong Di, Xiahou Chuan’s ability was indeed much superior. Most importantly, his palm arts was too dense and when complemented by the 4-star secret technique, Mountain River Battle Technique, it was like adding wings to a tiger. It allowed Xiahou Chuan to control the whole battle as firm as a mountain.

If it was someone else in Li Fuchen’s place. More than half of their true ability would be exhausted before they could even make their move. As there was no way to contend against such qi and palm presences.

Of course, Li Fuchen was an exception.

When facing against this dense and domineering palm presence, Li Fuchen immediately executed the mystic class high-tier kill move, Blaze Dragon.

Bursting out with a scarlet light, the sword light turned into a scarlet dragon and flew out. It penetrated the palm presence and clashed with Xiahou Chuan’s palm art.

On the circular stage, there was a clash of qi forces. Half of the qi force was a scarlet light while the other half was a vigorous qi wave; they were split evenly.


The sneer on Xiahou Chuan’s face was getting even more intense. Clashing head-on had always been the way of combat that he preferred, as he could use his dense palm arts to forcefully break down his opponent.

Everyone saw that a single palm strike’s range was enough to cover half the stage.

“No wonder Murong Di was defeated!”

There was an entirely different feeling between spectating the match and fighting in the match.

When fighting against Xiahou Chuan, it was like facing a vast ocean or a towering mountain. That omnipresent qi presence and palm presence were overwhelming. Light body techniques were truly useless as a single palm strike from Xiahou Chuan was enough to cover half the stage.

‘If I had comprehended a mystic class high-tier light body technique intent, I might have been able to break out from his qi and palm presence.’

Li Fuchen had spent quite a bit of effort on his light body technique.

But he had a limited amount of energy and it wasn’t possible for him to make himself powerful in all aspects. But he felt that after this Stars Ranking Tournament, it would be good to study more light body techniques.

With the increase in his cultivation level, he could obviously feel that his speed of comprehending martial arts was also increasing. When circulating his qi, some of the obstructions in the martial arts would naturally disappear.

Just like a brook and a large river. The brook required a favorable condition in order to flow to a further place, but once the distance was too far away, it would go dry. A river’s foundation was much deeper and had a surging flow of water which would help it extend further into the distance.

(TL note: The author meant that if one’s cultivation level is higher, then one’s foundation becomes deeper)

‘Since this is the case, I have to continue revealing my superiority in combat awareness.’

In Li Fuchen’s eyes, Xiahou Chuan had a flaw, and that would be his overly wide range of palm presence.

The wider the range was, the higher the chances that there would be some oversight.

This oversight could actually be complemented by the boundless palm presence. When facing against a flood, who would have the mood to go look for the shallowest part of the flood? Even if they had the mood they wouldn’t have the time.

But Li Fuchen had that time.

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Scanning with his awareness, the scattered palm presence from Xiahou Chuan was all in his eyes. It was like a spiderweb and there must be some nodes which were frail and weak.

The thing that Li Fuchen had to do, was to break through those nodes.

“Horn of the Blaze Devil.”

When mentioning Li Fuchen’s most powerful sword moves, apart from Blaze Dragon, it would be the Horn of the Blaze Devil.

Blaze Dragon was powerful, but the Horn of the Blaze Devil was more concentrated.

As the scarlet horn was materialized, Li Fuchen thrust out.

This sword was outrageous, succinct, and violent.

But it was extremely effective. Xiahou Chuan’s palm presence was like a water jar that got punctured, as the palm presence was rapidly weakening.


Xiahou Chuan’s eyes flashed with doubt and bewilderment.

After penetrating Xiahou Chuan’s palm presence in a single blade, Li Fuchen’s body flashed and executed the Blaze Devil Killer Shadow.

In an instant, a scarlet cover had enveloped Xiahou Chuan.

Being enveloped by the scarlet cover, Xiahou Chuan felt that he was surrounded by sword dippers.

Cling, Cling, Clang, Clang!

As though he suddenly grew three heads and six arms, Xiahou Chuan burst out with splendid sparks that radiated three feet around his body.

The sword dippers that were slashing from all directions were all shattered by Xiahou Chuan’s palm arts. The remnants of the sword dippers were then deflected by the brown light which was permeating from Xiahou Chuan’s body.

The 4-star secret technique, Mountain River Battle Technique comprised of both offense and defense styles. When complemented by his palm arts, it was nearly impenetrable and watertight. Only Luo Feiyun’s Flying Sword Secret Technique was able to make Xiahou Chuan produce flaws.

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