Chapter 303: Hidden Blood Body Technique Intent

‘This 4-star secret technique has indeed reduced the number of flaws to a pitiful amount.’

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist didn’t mind when the Blaze Devil Killer Shadow didn’t break Xiahou Chuan’s defenses. This move didn’t rely on his awareness and only those moves which utilized his awareness were truly hard to defend against, just like the Horn of the Blaze Devil.

After taking the initiative, Li Fuchen continuously attacked. After the Blaze Devil Killer Shadow was the Horn of the Blaze Devil. The scarlet horn pierced through the void and thrust towards Xiahou Chuan.

“Mountain Shaking Strike!”

Xiahou Chuan was rather incredible too, as he instantly slammed his palm onto the scarlet horn.

It was the mystic class high-tier kill move which Xiahou Chuan had developed, Mountain Shaking Strike.


The Mountain Shaking Strike was similar to the Horn of the Blaze Devil. It had a concentrated power, otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to shake the mountain.

When the two moves clashed, there was an explosion of horrific qi wave.

“His awareness?”

Xiahou Chuan finally knew what had happened during the final sword exchange in the battle between Li Fuchen and Murong Di.

Li Fuchen’s awareness was extremely powerful and was actually able to see through the flaws of  Murong Di’s kill move. He then used it, to penetrate Murong Di’s body in a single sword. Initially, Xiahou Chuan assumed that Murong Di’s kill move was unstable after his ability drastically rose, which then gave Li Fuchen the opportunity. But when Xiahou Chuan thought about it, he understood that it was Li Fuchen’s awareness which was too powerful.

If not, Li Fuchen wouldn’t have been able to break his Mountain Shifting Palm Art and take advantage of the decisive moment, subsequently contending against his Mountain Shaking Strike with just a single sword move.

The battle between the two of them was earth shaking.

Xiahou Chuan’s palm art might be extremely solid and had an oppressive presence, but it couldn’t deal with Li Fuchen’s crafty sword art which would always locate Xiahou Chuan’s flaws. Xiahou Chuan wasn’t able to utilize the full strength of his palms and would at best be able to exert around 70% of his original strength. On the contrary, he was getting pressured by Li Fuchen.


Everyone was flabbergasted.

It was fine when Li Fuchen suppressed Murong Di, but now even Xiaohou Chuan was being suppressed. But Xiahou Chuan’s palm art was obviously much more domineering.

“Hehe, Xiahou Shan. It seems like your clan’s descendant is in a bad situation!” Murong Batian scoffed at Xiahou Shan.

Xiahou Chuan replied with a cold voice, “What’s the hurry. The show is just beginning.”

“Murky Water Palm Art!”

Just as Xiahou Shan finished talking, Xiahou Chuan changed his palm stance from the heavy Mountain Shifting Palm Art to the flexible and turbid, Murky Water Palm Art.

As the name suggests, the Murky Water Palm Art had a blurry palm presence which was hard to see through. It made use of the soft and domineering palm force, and specialized in permeating.

‘A change of palm art?’

Li Fuchen was a little envious.

Xiahou Chuan was 26 years old this year and he had six more years of cultivation time than Li Fuchen, hence he was naturally able to cultivate one more mystic class high-tier palm art.

‘A pity that it is useless.’

How could Li Fuchen’s awareness not be able to see through a mere mystic class high-tier palm art? Furthermore, Xiahou Chuan’s palm art had yet to even reach the completion rank.

“Blaze Dragon!”

Slashing with his sword, a scarlet dragon flew out and turned into a wave which penetrated the murky water and arrived in front of Xiahou Chuan.

Without a choice, Xiahou Chuan executed the Mountain Shaking Strike again to smash the scarlet dragon.

“Do I have to exhaust his qi like this?” Xiahou Chuan knitted his brows.

Two years ago when he reached the peak level of the Earth Realm, his cultivation was abnormally solid, while Li Fuchen was just at the 8th level of the Earth Realm. Li Fuchen’s qi capacity should be two folds less than his and if it was a battle of attrition, Li Fuchen wasn’t going to be a match for him.

‘The people from the Doulin Clan are experts of battle. This Xiahou Chuan isn’t just stronger than Murong Di, his battle skills are also exceptional. If were to use the combat awareness that I have against Murong Di, there will not be a victor after 1000 moves. It would also exhaust too much qi.’

Li Fuchen didn’t want to reveal too much of his awareness capability. Moreover, his body’s reaction was already at the limit. Even if his awareness was stronger, his body wouldn’t be able to react in time, which had limited the ability of his awareness.

How much water a wooden barrel could contain, was decided by the length of the shortest wooden board.
(TL note: Author is trying to say that no matter how strong Li Fuchen’s awareness(water) was, it was still limited by his physical body(barrel))

‘It is up to you now.’ Li Fuchen made a decision.

Taking in a deep breath, the surface of Li Fuchen’s skin burst out with a layer of fine, dark red glow. This glow was abnormally horrific and it coated Li Fuchen’s body, making his body emit an indestructible feeling.


Li Fuchen’s speed drastically increased, so did his sword speed. The same Horn of the Blaze Devil was increased in power by more than 30%. With the support of the terrifying physical strength, the scarlet horn pierced through the void and instantly arrived in front of Xiahou Chuan.

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“Mystic class high-tier body refinement technique intent.” Xiahou Chuan was appalled.


This time, Xiahou Chuan wasn’t able to perfectly defend against Li Fuchen’s attack. He was sent flying while his qi and blood shook, and he nearly spurted out a mouthful of blood.

“Mystic class high-tier body refinement technique intent.”

Everyone on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars were shocked.

How did this Li Fuchen actually cultivate? Why was he good in every aspect? His sword art, awareness, light body technique, cultivation technique, secret technique… Now even his body refinement technique was formidable. He didn’t have any shortcomings at all.

In terms of perfection, not even the Three King Stars could compare to Li Fuchen.

“Hidden Blood Body Technique intent?”

Ouyang Wentian and Zhao Wujin looked at each other.

The Hidden Blood Body Technique was one of the strongest body refinement techniques in the Azure Water Sect, but not even most of the Heaven Realm martial artists could comprehend its technique intent.

“Monster.” The previously ranked 48th, Yun Yue murmured.

Back when they were striving for the spots on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar, he even challenged Li Fuchen, thinking that he had the advantage of having the mystic class high-tier body refinement technique intent. Back then he was rather confident, but now… Li Fuchen didn’t even bother to get lowered to his level. Otherwise, Yun Yue would have been utterly defeated.


Immovable King Star, Qi Heng’s eyes burst out with brilliance.

He didn’t bother about Yun Yue, but he was very surprised to see that Li Fuchen had comprehended a mystic class high-tier body refinement technique intent.

Li Fuchen had already cultivated the Hidden Blood Body Technique to the extremity a long time ago. But back then, he had yet to comprehend the technique intent.

After comprehending the technique intent, Li Fuchen’s physical attributes had all drastically improved.

If one’s qi was water, then one’s physical body was like the wooden barrel.

If the wooden barrel was solid, it would be able to withstand the reckless impact from the water inside.

Apart from that, when activating the Hidden Blood Body Technique, Li Fuchen felt his body surging with explosive strength, maneuver speed, sword speed.

In a certain degree, physical body attributes could be counted as one’s combat cultivation.

After all, the movement of an individual was closely related to the individual’s physical body attributes. It was entirely strong due to the power of qi.

With his physical body’s attributes increasing drastically, how was Xiahou Chuan still a match for Li Fuchen? A single sword was more than enough to send Xiahou Chuan flying.

Stomping on the ground, Li Fuchen’s speed increased drastically again as he thrust at Xiahou Chuan.


Xiahou Chuan let out a violent roar and managed to lift up his palm and forcefully block against the scarlet horn.


Unable to hold back his mouthful of fresh blood, Xiahou Chuan opened his mouth to spit all the blood out.


After the consecutive attacks, Xiahou Chuan’s qi was nearly scattered and another scarlet horn was bursting forward to penetrate his body.

The result was the same as Murong Di’s result.

“Too strong.”

On the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars, everyone fell silent.

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