Chapter 304: Rain of Swords

A person had limited energy and it was nearly impossible to be an all-rounder.

But if it was achievable, one would naturally be extremely formidable within the same cultivation realm.

Not only could a body refinement technique increase a martial artist’s physical defenses, but it could also provide a considerable boost in ability. Perhaps ten thousand kilograms of physical strength might not be comparable to qi from the 8th level of the Earth Realm, but the physical strength allowed Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s body to react much faster. His body’s burst strength was also much stronger, and all these helped to increase his combat ability.

But once the martial artist comprehended a body refinement technique intent, the boost in ability would be very horrific.

When the body refinement technique intent protected the body, it was enough to increase the martial artist’s physical defenses to the next level. If the opponent was at roughly the same level of ability, they wouldn’t be able to break the practitioner’s defenses.

Apart from all that, one’s bodily reaction and burst strength would be stimulated by the body refinement technique intent and would be raised to the next level as well.

The body refinement technique intent was similar to the combination of the body’s willpower and the mystics of the body refinement technique.

Li Fuchen was originally very formidable and when he activated his body refinement technique intent, his overall ability was boosted by around 30%.

If Li Fuchen had activated the body refinement technique intent during the fight with Murong Di, he would probably only need one or two swords to defeat Murong Di.

Murong Di’s eyes contracted. He didn’t know if he should be rejoicing in Xiahou Chuan’s misfortune, or should he be sorrowful.

“Xiahou Shan, what did I say just now?” To be honest, Murong Batian was very surprised at Li Fuchen’s all-rounded abilities. But he was still a Reincarnation Realm martial artist and no matter how exceptional Li Fuchen was, he was still just a junior. The most important thing right now was to mock Xiahou Shan.

Xiahou Shan had on a gloomy expression and felt as though he was embarrassed.

The outcome was just a trivial matter, the embarrassment was the important matter.

After defeating Xiahou Chuan, Li Fuchen had achieved 40 consecutive wins.

The moment Li Fuchen returned back to his Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar, the Heaven Dipper Battle Qi that revolved around the pillar had completely turned into a giant python. The scales on its body was shimmering and it looked just like the real thing. The pair of fist-sized eyes were glittering with radiance.

40 consecutive wins was a very outstanding result.

As of now, there were only ten individuals who had 40 consecutive wins. They were the Three King Stars, four of the Six Young Masters, two of the Four Fairies, and Li Fuchen.

41 consecutive wins, 42 consecutive wins…

45 consecutive wins.

Li Fuchen’s winning streak was extremely ferocious and nearly no one could block a single sword from him.

In everyone’s opinion, Li Fuchen’s ability had already reached the top ten in this tournament.

The only question was, which rank could he achieve exactly?

Was it the 9th or 10th rank? Or was it going to be a higher rank?

Of course, any rank higher would mean a significant increase in difficulty.

Among the Six Young Masters, Murong Di and Xiahou Chuan weren’t considered too powerful. The rest of the four were the true experts.

In the 2500th match…


Li Fuchen and Young Master Flying Sword, Luo Feiyun’s Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars both sank at the same time.

“It is Luo Feiyun’s turn.”

“If even Luo Feiyun loses, the rest of the Young Masters might also lose as well, with the exception of Teng Qingyun who is ranked at the top of the Six Young Master”

“I don’t think so! Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye isn’t going to fall so easily.”

“Young Master Gale, Han Yiming’s light body technique is also extremely dreadful. The only ones who could compare to him, is probably Thunderous King Star Situ Lei and the Tri-Absolute Fairy Jiang Ruoliu.”

“Let’s wait and see!”

Everyone held their breaths and fixed their eyes onto Luo Feiyun and Li Fuchen.


A phantom flashed passed and Luo Feiyun appeared on the circular stage.

Light body techniques was actually one of Luo Feiyun’s superiorities and in terms of light body technique, he was at least in the top five in the tournament.

Looking at Li Fuchen on the other side, Luo Feiyun spoke with admiration, “Li Fuchen, there are few who deserve my admiration and you are one of them. It doesn’t matter if I win or lose in this match, I will be my honor.”

In terms of sword arts, he knew that he wasn’t as good as Li Fuchen, hence he had to rely on his Flying Sword Secret Technique.

Flying Sword Secret Technique was one of the most difficult 4-star secret techniques from the High Heaven Sword Sect. It had a great demand for the practitioner’s awareness and also their spirit will. Among the youth generation of the High Heaven Sword Sect, only Luo Feiyun managed to cultivate it to the completion rank.

Perhaps, he had slightly exceeded the completion rank and started to have his own unique comprehension and was onto a new path. 

“I am very honored as well.” Li Fuchen nodded.

“Be careful now.” Luo Feiyun immediately took out a small sword.

He never intended to compete against Li Fuchen with sword arts, as it was undoubtedly going to be a shameful display to Li Fuchen.


In midair, there was a flash of chilling light.

Luo Feiyun shot out the flying sword.

Tilting his head, Li Fuchen easily dodged the attack.

“Such a terrifying awareness!”

Luo Feiyun squinted his eyes.

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Without fighting with Li Fuchen, it was hard to truly understand how terrifying Li Fuchen’s awareness was.

During the last Stars Ranking Tournament, only Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei was able to dodge his flying sword directly, as the speed of his flying sword was just too fast. In this tournament, Luo Feiyun believed that there were only a few individuals who would be able to dodge his flying sword and he didn’t expect Li Fuchen to do it so easily.

Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish…

Luo Feiyun’s figure flickered while small swords flew out at rapid speed. In just a blink of an eye, more than a dozen small swords were shot out and each sword was extremely fast. Perhaps even faster than a spark.

In fact, when some of the small swords clashed with each other, they instantly changed their angle, making it much more difficult to evade the swords.


Multiple figures appeared, as though Li Fuchen had clones while he dodged Luo Feiyun’s flying sword attacks again.

“Alright, I’ll like to see how much longer you can evade for?”

After having his flying swords dodged consecutively, Luo Feiyun was feeling frustrated.

“Hundred Hands of Man and Heaven.”

An indistinct figure appeared on Luo Feiyun’s back. It was a figure that had dozens of arms and each hand was holding a phantom small sword.

As Luo Feiyun’s right hand shivered, dozens of small swords were shot at Li Fuchen.

For an instant, it looked as though a peacock appeared in midair. It was spreading its tail as it covered half the circular stage.

‘No wonder he is called Young Master Flying Sword.’

Li Fuchen pushed the Black Wind Three Clones to the extremity and complemented it with his powerful awareness. His figure constantly flashed and due to the extreme speed, half of the stage was filled with Li Fuchen’s mirage. When taking a quick glance, it seemed as though there were dozens of Li Fuchen appearing at the same time.

Cling, Cling, Cling, Cling, Cling, Cling…

The small swords landed on the stage. Some dissipated, while some bounced off the stage as they were real swords.

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“Even my Hundred Hands of Man and Heaven was dodged?” Luo Feiyun was appalled.

Luo Feiyun’s Hundred Hands of Man and Heaven had already calculated all of Li Fuchen’s retreat and dodging trajectories. Logically, it should have been flawless. He found it hard to understand how did Li Fuchen manage to evade it.

A pity that it was unknown to Luo Feiyun that in Li Fuchen’s eyes, the flying swords’ trajectories were all clear and he could see which flying sword was going to arrive first. Hence, in just an instant, Li Fuchen calculated his maneuvers and decided how to dodge the most dangerous swords, how to avoid a dead end. As long as he didn’t end up in a deadlock, the flying swords would never be able to injure him.

Li Fuchen felt that it was about time and was getting ready to launch a counterattack.

“If you are able to receive my final move, I will voluntarily concede.”

Luo Feiyun’s qi presence burst out to the extreme, while the image on this back seemed to materialized a little.

In the next moment, Luo Feiyun pressed both his palms together and pushed towards Li Fuchen.

“Hundred Hands of Man and Heaven, Rain of Swords.”

Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish…

There was no way to count how many flying swords Luo Feiyun shot out. Some of the flying swords were a mirage and some were real, but all of them looked extremely sharp and it truly felt like a rain of swords.

It was a fine and heavy rain of swords, how could it be blocked?

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