Chapter 305: Xu Lin’s Breakthrough

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was indeed unable to evade this move, as he couldn’t just rely on his awareness, his bodily reaction had to be competent as well.

Even if he activated the Hidden Blood Body Technique intent, his bodily reaction still wouldn’t reach the level where he could evade this move. Unless his cultivation level could go to the next level and reach the 9th level of the Earth Realm.

“Since I can’t evade it, then I just have to forcefully block it.”

Taking a quick breath, Li Fuchen’s black light sword shook and slashed with extreme speed, extending out a scarlet barrier.

Cling, Cling, Clang, Clang!

The scarlet barrier enveloped Li Fuchen, while all the flying swords that entered the barrier would be deflected or stopped by sword dippers.

For a moment, the heaven and earth was filled the sound metallic clashes. It was incessant and lingered in the ear.


Suddenly, three small swords flew rapidly towards Li Fuchen in a formation.

These three swords were tremendously fast and had broken through the sword dipper barrier. They had seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

“One is real, the other two are fakes!”

Li Fuchen’s eyes focused and used his left hand’s index and middle finger to grasp that real sword right at the very last moment. As for the two fake swords, they still had some power although they were fake. Thus, Li Fuchen shook his right hand and scattered the two sword lights.


The real small sword had extreme power and if Li Fuchen didn’t activate his Hidden Blood Body Technique intent, he probably wouldn’t have been able to catch it and his fingers would definitely break. Despite the case, Li Fuchen still flew backward in order to dissipate the flying sword’s impact.

“He caught it?” Luo Feiyun was stunned.

What kind of awareness and vision was actually needed to catch his flying sword?

Even if Li Fuchen could catch it, without any brilliant skills, he shouldn’t be able to catch it so firmly.

“Li Fuchen, you won.” Luo Feiyun spoke with a bitter smile.

He thought that there was still a chance if he continued fighting, but he knew the odds of him losing was around 90%. Thus, there was no need to waste any more time.

“I am just lucky.” Li Fuchen tossed the small sword away from his hand.

“Even Luo Feiyun couldn’t defeat Li Fuchen. The situation is getting even weirder.”

“Indeed. Three of the Six Young Masters had already been defeated by Li Fuchen. I wonder who would be the fourth?”

“It is hard to say!”

“Hmph, I don’t believe that he can continue winning like this. There will be a moment where he will lose.”

Everyone were in a heated discussion.


In the 2700th match, Li Fuchen encountered Wind Snow Fairy, Xu Lin.


Once on stage, Xu Lin burst out with shocking qi presence.

It was a qi presence like a snowstorm which instantly covered the entire stage and the surrounding Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars. All of the prodigies felt the bone-piercing cold intent and quickly put up their qi protection to resist against the cold.

“17th rank cultivation technique?” Everyone was appalled.

Without a doubt, Wind Snow Fairy, Xu Lin had cultivated the mystic class peak-tier technique to the 17th rank. Otherwise, even if her cultivation level was at the half step of Heaven Realm, the chilling intent in the qi wouldn’t be so horrifying. It would at best make the qi pressure a bit stronger.

Peak level of the Earth Realm, 17th rank cultivation technique. In terms of pure qi, not even the Three King Stars could compare with Xu Lin.

“Wind Snow Divine Palm!”

Activating her 4-star secret technique, Xu Lin sent a palm strike at Li Fuchen.

As she executed the palm strike, the stage was blowing with an extremely dreadful chilling wind. Before the wind could reach Li Fuchen, the stage in his surroundings had already been covered in frost. If it was Murong Di, he would definitely be affected. Even Xiahou Chuan and Luo Feiyun wouldn’t be doing so well.

For a mystic class peak-tier cultivation technique, the 16th and 17th ranks might only be one rank different, but the difference was huge. Three years ago, Xu Lin was ranked 15th in the Stars Ranking Tournament. Three years later, her ability had surpassed plenty of people and was a contender for the top five ranks.

“Very powerful!”

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Li Fuchen executed the Blaze Devil Sword Art and cleaved apart the chilling winds.

His cultivation technique was the blazing hot technique, True Inferno Technique. His cultivation level wasn’t high, but his technique rank was high and was at the peak state of the 16th rank. In terms of cold resistance, he should be among the top ten among everyone here. When complemented with the Hidden Blood Body Technique intent, his cold resistance was at least in the top five.

Since there was no problem in resisting the cold, he just had to go fight against Xu Lin.

“Horn of the Blaze Devil!”

Cleaving apart the chilling wind, Li Fuchen followed up with his second move and he was much faster than Xu Lin in execution speed.

The nearly materialized scarlet horn pierced at Xu Lin.

Huff Huff Huff!

As the surrounding cold qi presence was penetrated, Xu Lin yelled out and condensed a bundle of cold qi to slam at the scarlet horn.


There was an insane white qi explosion. It was a phenomenon that was created when the blazing qi clashed with the chilling qi.

After the qi explosion, Li Fuchen took more than twenty steps back, while Xu Lin only took more than ten steps back.

In terms of attack power, they were roughly at the same level, but in terms of cultivation, Xu Lin was naturally superior. When facing the impact of the qi forces, Xu Lin’s resistance was undoubtedly much stronger.

Of course, Li Fuchen didn’t lose out at all. With the Hidden Blood Body Technique, his inner qi and blood flow were all very steady. On the contrary, Xu Lin was looking a little red. Although it was only for an instant, it meant that there was a surge in Xu Lin’s qi and blood.

“Take another sword from me.”

Without the need to stabilize his qi and blood, Li Fuchen flashed and drew across with his sword. The scarlet horn had swelled up a little and was obviously stronger than the previous move.

As Li Fuchen battled, he felt that some kind of energy was bursting out of his body.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom…

The two of them had clashed several times and from the looks of it, Xu Lin was having a slight advantage. But those with clear eyes could see that Xu Lin was definitely going to lose if this carried on.

With a similar ability level, it was a foolish behavior to clash head-on with an all-rounder.

But Xu Lin didn’t have any other methods. The chilling intent of her qi couldn’t suppress Li Fuchen. Her awareness and light body techniques were inferior to Li Fuchen. If Li Fuchen wanted to clash head-on with her, she couldn’t dodge it even if she wanted to.

“Incessant Wind Snow!” 

Sensing that the situation was falling out of her hands, Xu Lin couldn’t hold herself back and burst out with her kill move.

This move was a combination of the mystic class high-tier kill move and cultivation technique.

Xu Lin’s palm arts was the Wind Snow Divine Palm, while her cultivation technique was the Wind Snow Divine Technique

The two were meant to complement each other and when Xu Lin developed the kill move, Incessant Wind Snow, it was an extreme move that could instantly burst out with more qi. But there was the consequence of having a short period of weakness, as though someone had overexerted themselves.


The chilling wind drastically intensified and blasted towards Li Fuchen.

“Blaze Dragon!”

In midair, a scarlet dragon was flying and swirling as it penetrated the chilling wind.

The white qi forces radiated in all directions with destructive power. There were several people who were blown off from their stone pillars and forcefully used their qi to return back to the stone pillars.


The center of the stage was where the white qi force was the densest, and a figure flew out from it.

It was Li Fuchen who flew out.

Xu Lin’s move was too formidable and it even had a turning force, which strengthened the snowstorm by ten folds.

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“Li Fuchen, you shall be defeated!”

Xu Lin who should be in a weakened state suddenly rushed out from the white qi force and burst towards Li Fuchen.

“Half step Heaven Realm!”

Someone’s eyes contracted and spoke with an appalled tone.

As it turned out, after clashing with Li Fuchen, Xu Lin had advanced to the half step Heaven Realm from the immense pressure. If she was given enough time, she could completely enter the Heaven Realm. Of course, she could also restrain her cultivation and stabilize herself at the half step Heaven Realm.

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