Chapter 306: Li Fuchen’s Breakthrough

‘Half step Heaven Realm, huh?’ Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist knitted his brows tightly.

Xu Lin’s cultivation technique rank was already ridiculously high at the 17th rank. Now that her cultivation level was at the half step Heaven Realm, it wasn’t exaggerating to say that she was the fourth King Star.

Apart from the Three King Stars, only Young Master Eternal Spring, Teng Qingyun and Tri-Absolute Fairy, Jiang Ruoliu could go against Xu Lin.

It was an unknown if Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye could stand against her 

With the shockingly cold wind forces, Xu Lin slammed a palm at Li Fuchen.

It was the same palm move, but the power wasn’t just 10% or 20% stronger.

The whizzing wind force had a subtle trace of pale blue color. As a long pale blue dragon was rushing towards Li Fuchen.

Facing against this enraged wind dragon, Li Fuchen slashed and brandished a scarlet dragon.


There was a blinding explosion was red and blue light, which spiraled and blasted out with white qi force.

This time, Li Fuchen was obvious at a disadvantage, as his entire body flew out like he had been struck but a thunderbolt.

Xu Lin simply staggered a little but didn’t take a single step back.

“A last-minute breakthrough. She is worthy of her title Wind Snow Fairy.”

“It is actually very normal. Xu Lin’s cultivation technique has a high rank, hence it allowed her to achieve breakthrough in her cultivation level at a much faster pace.”

“Tsk, Tsk. Li Fuchen sure is unlucky. Apart from the Three King Stars, no one could easily defeat Xu Lin.”

Xu Lin’s breakthrough caused a huge commotion.

Outside of the Heaven Dipper Great Array, Ouyang Wentian and Zhao Wujin didn’t look pleased. In their opinion, Li Fuchen should have been able to win, but who would have expected for Xu Lin to breakthrough during the last moment.

The Wind Snow Sect Patriarch was having a faint smile. He was previously worried, but it had all been erased.

The situation on the circular stage had been erased.

Previously it was Li Fuchen forcing Xu Lin to clash head-on. But now, it was Xu Lin forcing Li Fuchen to clash head-on.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

A white qi force violent exploded and Li Fuchen consistently retreated. It seemed like he had already circled around half the circular stage.

“Incessant Wind Snow”

With a delicate yell, Xu Lin executed her kill move again. As she pushed out with both her hands, the chilling wind turned into multiple pale blue enraged dragons that engulfed Li Fuchen.

The boundless pressure of the cold had caused Li Fuchen’s qi and blood to freeze up, which decreased his qi circulation speed.

At this moment, Li Fuchen actually had an urge to activate his Bronze Sword Essence.


But just as Li Fuchen had the urge, the qi in his body suddenly erupted out with willpower that could incinerate the heavens, which was then fused into his qi.

True Inferno Technique, 17th rank.

At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen’s cultivation technique increased by another level and broke through to the 17th rank.

The 17th rank of the True Inferno qi was extremely dreadful, as it developed a blazing hot qi presence. Li Fuchen’s body was surrounded by a hale of fiery red light, which instantly dispelled the chilling intent. At the next moment, the True Inferno qi was transmuted into the Pure Yang Dipper Qi. The resplendent bright yellow glow which enveloped Li Fuchen’s body was slashed out.

Pitter, Patter!

The scarlet dragon coiled up with the multiple pale blue dragons.

A few breaths later, the scarlet dragon and the pale blue dragons exploded at the same time.

“Cultivation technique breakthrough?” Xu Lin’s brows lifted as she was surprised and shocked.

“What? Li Fuchen had broken through too? This is too much of an exaggeration!”

“17th rank mystic class peak-tier technique. Most of the Heaven Realm martial artists are at this rank, right? Only a few rare individuals could cultivate to the 18th or 19th rank.”

The shock that everyone was experiencing now, wasn’t inferior to the shock that Xu Lin was experiencing.

After both individuals broke through, the battle started again and it was much more majestic than before.

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But, Xu Lin’s body’s qualities weren’t comparable to Li Fuchen. When having a similar ability level, Xu Lin suffered a higher rebound impact than Li Fuchen. Every time they clashed hard, the rebound forces would shake up her qi and blood. It would be fine if it was only for a short period of time, but if this carried on, it was inevitable that flaws would be revealed.

After more than a hundred moves, Xu Lin’ maneuvers seemed to be slowing down.

Li Fuchen’s eyes had a flash of brilliance as he executed his Horn of the Blaze Devil.


The scarlet horn pierced through Xu Lin’s qi protection and into her shoulder.


Using her palm to shatter the scarlet horn, Xu Lin spurted out with blood and retreated. She then spoke with a pale expression, “I have lost.”

She was even less of a match for Li Fuchen with an injured body. It might save her more face if she was to concede first.

“I got lucky.” Li Fuchen nodded.

In this match against Xu Lin, apart from his Bronze Sword Essence, he had exhausted everything else.

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But right now, with the True Inferno Technique at the 17th rank, he had more methods now. After all, his cultivation technique had broken through and had boosted his reaction ability by quite a fair amount. When he was clashing with Xu Lin earlier, he was trying to temper the 17th rank of the True Inferno Technique and stabilize it.

In the 2883rd match, Xu Lin was matched up against Xiahou Chuan.

A single palm from Xu Lin was enough to blast Xiahou Chuan away.

This had sufficiently proven Xu Lin’s current strength, and she was no longer on the same level as Xiahou Chuan.

As for Li Fuchen who defeated Xu Lin, he was undoubtedly even stronger. Apart from his slightly inferior cultivation level, he didn’t have any shortcomings.

For a moment, everyone was overwhelmed with emotions.

Before the tournament, no one expected for a King of Dark Horses like Li Fuchen to emerge.

As of this moment, Li Fuchen had surmounted all challenges and had yet to be defeated.

Be it the previous top rankers or the influential Young Masters, none of them were able to stop Li Fuchen’s advance.

Perhaps, he could go even further.

In the 2992nd match…

Li Fuchen was up against Young Master Gale, Han Yiming

Han Yiming was under huge pressure. Before Li Fuchen had broken through, he was still confident to go even with Li Fuchen. But after Li Fuchen broke through, Han Yiming no longer had any confidence.

Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish…

Han Yiming had a similarly extreme speed like Li Fuchen, he had already cultivated the mystic class mid-tier light body technique to the completion rank. In terms of light body technique, he and Li Fuchen were the true no.1. Even Tri-Absolute Fairy Jiang Ruoliu and Luo Feiyun were inferior to the two of them.

But Jiang Ruoliu was at the half step Heaven Realm. Looking from the overall picture, her light body technique was around the same as Han Yiming’s.

While Li Fuchen was around the same level as Luo Feiyun.

Like a violent gale, Han Yiming revolved around Li Fuchen with a rapid speed. The entire stage was filled with his shadows.

“Squall Variation.”

Han Yiming didn’t have any intention to test his opponent and immediately burst out with his kill move.

This kill move had completely complemented his light body technique. Once he struck out with his finger, the countless violent gales were mixed together with the countless finger shadows, all of which were assaulting Li Fuchen.

Executing the Black Wind Three Clones, Li Fuchen gained a few more clones and there were two clones which looked exactly the same as the real body.

Li Fuchen’s speed might not be as fast as Han Yiming’s, but he had his awareness was far more superior to Han Yiming’s. This allowed Li Fuchen to use the most effective maneuvers, as every movement seemed to be made after thousands of calculations, as he dodged efficiently.

Pitter, Patter!

Dozens of Han Yiming and dozens of Li Fuchen were exchanging moves on the stage. The sound of qi explosions constantly resonated.


Just as his breath of qi was about to finish, Han Yiming thrust his finger at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen’s figure swayed and avoided this finger, while his black light sword pierced from an unbelievable angle.

Han Yiming was appalled as Li Fuchen was sword was too mystical and had calculated all his possible retreat paths.


As the sword qi pierced through his back, Han Yiming flew backward.

Li Fuchen had won.

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