Chapter 307: Purple Qi Divine Needle  

Light Dance Fairy Yang Qingwu, Young Master Celestial Star Murong Di, Young Master Doulin Xiahou Chuan, Wind Snow Fairy Xu Lin, Young Master Gale Han Yiming, and Young Master Flying Sword Luo Feiyun.

As of now, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had already defeated four of the six Young Master and two Fairy class figures.

Li Fuchen had yet to encounter Su Muyu, but she had already been defeated by Murong Di and naturally wasn’t going to be a match for Li Fuchen. Hence, there was no difference if he encountered her or not.

After defeating Young Master Gale, Han Yiming, Li Fuchen was riding on a tremendous momentum. He stood on his Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar with his tall body which looked like a sword, giving off the feeling of sharp sword qi.

He stood opposite of Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye. Standing on different polarities, they gradually let off some oppressive auras against each other.

The further the Stars Ranking Tournament, the more intensive it would get.

Mt. Star Fate and the Heaven Dipper Great Array seemed to have some consciousness as it controlled the pace of the tournament. The earlier portion of the tournament did have intense battles, but the frequency was lesser. It was rather rare for the elite prodigies to actually have a chance to fight.

In the 3200th match, Young Master Eternal Spring, Teng Qingyun was up against Young Master Gale, Han Yiming.

Teng Qingyun’s weapon was a dark green bamboo pole. The bamboo pool looked like wood yet not wood, it looked like metal and was yet not metal, it looked as though it was a piece of art.

Han Yiming used his superior light body techniques and flashed around Teng Qingyun, waiting for an opportunity to attack.

But Teng Qingyun merely used a single move to put Han Yiming in a desperate situation.

As the head of the Six Young Masters, Teng Qingyun was superior in all aspects. The dark green bamboo pole in his hand looked as though it was alive. He swung as he desired and when the qi force was drawing across in midair, it felt as though spring season was here, where all living things flourished and grew without end.

‘A consummate stage mystic class high-tier martial art intent!’ Li Fuchen was surprised.

How could he not see that Teng Qingyun had already reached the consummate stage for this martial art intent? Every move and stance was extremely perfect.

Complemented by his peak level Earth Realm cultivation, the level of exquisiteness and power were extremely dreadful.

“Overgrown Vegetation!”

On the circular stage, after five moves, Teng Qingyu burst out with his kill move. The bamboo pole in his hand transformed into a lush forest of bamboo shadows, enveloping the constantly evading Han Yiming.


Han Yiming vomited blood and flew back. He was instantly defeated.

In the 3500th match, Teng Qingyun was up against Xu Lin.

The battle between the two of them was considered very intense, even more than when she fought against Li Fuchen.

Xu Lin used her high level of cultivation and cultivation technique. Every move of hers was extremely imposing and had the qi force of a snowstorm, violently blasting at Teng Qingyun.

Teng Qingyun’s cultivation level and technique rank might not be as high as Xu Lin’s, but his martial arts proficiency was superior. Furthermore, Teng Qingyun’s awareness was obviously much superior. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible to defeat Han Yiming in six moves.

Pfff, Pfff, Pfff, Pfff…

The bamboo pole shadows were quick and nimble, as they exploded bundles of wind snow qi force with each thrust. But after a long period of time, Teng Qingyun’s qi protection was covered in a layer of thin frost, which inhibited his qi circulation.

“Incessant Wind Snow.”

After her breakthrough to the half step Heaven Realm, Xu Lin’s kill move didn’t have much of a flaw. In an instant, a violent wind snow qi force was blasted at Teng Qingyun.

“Just what I needed.”

Teng Qingyun had on a solemn expression, while his dark green bamboo pole was suddenly coated with a layer of purple color.

A purple glow, a purple demonic charm.


Teng Qingyun burst out with a yell, while his purple bamboo pole thrust out with an immense presence and penetrated the wind snow qi force, striking at Xu Lin’s qi protection.


The purple qi force was like a needle which immediately pierced through Xu Lin’s qi protection and into her body.

Fresh blood sprayed out while Xu Lin backed off.

“Mystic class peak-tier martial art?” Xu Lin was extremely surprised.

Teng Qingyun didn’t follow up on his advantage and spoke slowly, “That’s right, my martial art is called Purple Qi Divine Needle. I have yet to cultivate the intent, but it is at the completion stage and it can easily break your qi protection.”

“Completion stage mystic class peak-tier martial art?” Everyone gasped with astonishment.

As the name suggests, mystic class peak-tier martial arts were strongest among the mystic class martial arts. As the current era had a pitiful number of earth class martial arts, mystic class peak-tier martial arts were undoubtedly a supreme existence.

A completion stage mystic class peak-tier martial arts might not have any intent, but the qi circulation method was extremely mystical.

It was apparent that Teng Qingyun’s Purple Qi Divine Needle could condense a large amount of qi into a tiny needle and break any kind of qi protection, let alone Xu Lin’s. Perhaps, not even the Three King Stars would be willing to receive this attack.

‘No wonder he is standing at the top of the Six Young Masters. He actually cultivated a mystic class peak-tier martial art to the completion stage.’ Li Fuchen looked in silent admiration.

Mystic class high-tier martial arts were limited to their own grade. Even with a comprehended intent, and the boost in power, the attack forms were still going to be inferior to a mystic class peak-tier martial arts.

A mystic class peak-tier martial arts had received the extremity in terms of profundity in the attack forms and moves.

“Incredible, truly incredible. This child’s martial arts proficiency is about to catch up to me.” Zhao Wujin let out a bitter smile.

He was at the peak level of Heaven Realm but had just comprehended a mystic class peak-tier martial arts intent.

Ouyang Wentian said, “This child is one of the elite individuals in this generation. It should be normal to have such martial arts proficiency.”

In comparison, Ouyang Wentian might be surprised, but not excessively.

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During their generation, those elite prodigies that didn’t perish were either in the mid level or high level of the Reincarnation Realm. He was merely at the 2nd level of the Reincarnation Realm and it was obvious how much of a disparity there was.

If Zhao Wujin was to be compared to others in this continent, he wouldn’t even be considered an expert. Back at the Azure Water Sect, he was merely an ordinary gold class direct disciple. Hence it was hard for him to imagine the fearsomeness of these elite prodigies.

In the 3650th match, Tri-Absolute Fairy Jiang Ruoliu was going against Young Master Flying Sword Luo Feiyun.

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When facing against the top of the Four Fairies, Jiang Ruoliu; Luo Feiyun didn’t dare to be careless and immediately put a gap between him and his opponent. He then quickly burst out with his Flying Sword Secret Technique.

Jiang Ruoliu who was at the half step of the Heaven Realm, had an astounding qi presence and her presence had this dazzled state. Luo Feiyun’s Flying Sword Secret Technique which wasn’t supposed to miss the target, felt as though it had lost its accuracy. Jiang Ruoliu was simply standing in place, but none of the attacks landed on her.

‘Illusion arts?’ Li Fuchen squinted his eyes.

They were both elite prodigies, hence, Jiang Ruoliu’s illusion arts naturally couldn’t put Luo Feiyun in an illusion state, but it was too easy for it to affect Luo Feiyun.

Ultimately, Jiang Ruoliu used her illusion arts to send Luo Feiyun flying in a single palm strike.

Right now, apart from Thunderous King Star Situ Lei, even Immovable King Star Qi Heng and Golden Whip King Star Jin Xudong had on solemn expressions.

They weren’t certain they could resist Jiang Ruoliu’s illusion arts. They didn’t expect that after three years, her illusion arts would be able to be released through her qi presence, making it hard to block against.

In the 3720th match, Jiang Ruoliu defeated Young Master Gale, Han Yiming, as he had no way to defend against her illusion arts.

In the 3900th match, Li Fuchen went against Teng Qingyun.

One was the King of Dark Horses and the other was regarded as the best of the Six Young Masters. This matchup was undoubtedly a super heavyweight class battle, just inferior to a match between two King Stars.

“You aren’t a match for me.” Teng Qingyun spoke indifferently.

Li Fuchen’s trump should have mostly been exposed. Apart from defensive ability, Li Fuchen was almost the same level as Xu Lin.

It was very coincidental that Teng Qingyun’s Purple Qi Divine Needle was excellent at breaking defenses.

It was specialized in countering Li Fuchen.

“That might not be the case.”

Li Fuchen had a calm expression and wasn’t affected by Teng Qingyun’s declaration at all.


Teng Qingyun was a little surprised to see Li Fuchen’s reaction, as it seemed like Li Fuchen still reserved some trump cards.

“I do want to see what other trump cards you have.” Teng Qingyun took the initiative and attacked first. His dark green bamboo pole turned into multiple shadows that thrust at Li Fuchen.

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