Chapter 308: Sky Heaven Dance

Without executing his mystic class peak-tier Purple Qi Divine Needle, Teng Qingyun’s ability was around the same level as Xu Lin’s, which was also around Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s previously demonstrated ability.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang…

The dark green bamboo pole and the black sword clashed violently. It seemed like just a split second was enough for them to exchange more than a dozen moves.

Teng Qingyun’s expression gradually turned grave. Li Fuchen’s awareness was much stronger than he imagined. There were many times he wanted to take the upper hand, but he was detected by Li Fuchen. Instead, Li Fuchen was the one that took the opportunity to launch an assault. If Teng Qingyun’s reaction wasn’t fast enough, he would have been at a disadvantage.

“His awareness is not bad.”

Teng Qingyun’s awareness was naturally far in comparison to Li Fuchen, but Li Fuchen’s bodily reaction was limited. It wasn’t possible for him to utilize his awareness to the limit, but it was already good enough for him to utilize a small portion of it.

The dark green bamboo pole was coated with a layer of purple color. Teng Qingyun instantly executed the mystic class peak-tier martial arts, Purple Qi Divine Needle. Every move and stance was sharp and exquisite. Every attack would be executed at Li Fuchen with unfathomable angles.

Teng Qingyun was surprised because none of his attacks were hitting Li Fuchen. It was as though he had predicted every attack and would be able to dodge in advance.


Summoning his qi, Teng Qingyun’s purple bamboo pole abruptly thrust at Li Fuchen. Its speed was 30% faster than before, and it was exactly the same finishing move that was used to defeat Xu Lin… Purple Qi Rainbow.

Teng Qingyun believed that no one could evade this move, apart from Thunderous King Star Situ Lei.

But it was obvious that Li Fuchen was an exception as well.

When Teng Qingyun was mustering his qi, Li Fuchen’s awareness already reacted to it. Before Teng Qingyun could make his move, Li Fuchen instantly made evasive maneuvers.


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The purple bamboo pole thrust at the afterimage that Li Fuchen left behind. A long and narrow purple qi was shot out.

“He evaded it?” Teng Qingyun’s expression altered.

“Horn of the Blaze Devil.”

When Teng Qingyun burst out with his finishing move and revealed his flaw, Li Fuchen instantly dodged the finishing move and approached Teng Qingyun with a sword thrust. The scarlet horn materialized and flew with lightning speed.

Teng Qingyun who had just executed his move had no way to dodge it. He couldn’t even use his bamboo pole to block. Instead, he raised the index and middle finger on his left hand and shot out purple qi force to clash with the scarlet horn.


There was a qi explosion which sent Teng Qingyun flying backward and vomiting fresh blood.

“This child’s awareness is unimaginably high. Teng Qingyun’s every move couldn’t escape his discerning eye.”

“If both sides had a similar level of offense and defense, it is probable that no one would be a match for this child.”

Outside of the Heaven Dipper Great Array, the Reincarnation Realm martial artists were gasping in their hearts.

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Under normal circumstances, there was no way to cultivate awareness. It was naturally strengthened and improved along with the increase of one’s cultivation level and realm.

Those with a superior bone frame would generally have a stronger innate awareness. Teng Qingyun who was a 6-star bone frame and at the peak level of the Earth Realm, had an awareness which was much superior to others. But it was obvious… when compared to Li Fuchen, Teng Qingyun’s awareness was weaker by a high difference.

Of course, the Reincarnation Realm martial artists didn’t know that Li Fuchen’s awareness was much higher than they could imagine. It was due to the limits of his bodily reaction that didn’t allow Li Fuchen to make it as prominent.

If Li Fuchen had the bodily reaction of a Reincarnation Realm martial artist, he would probably just need 10% or 20% of his ability to instantly kill all the elite prodigies, including the Three King Stars.

After injuring Teng Qingyun, Li Fuchen wasn’t going to let his opponent have any other opportunity, as he launched another violent attack.

Teng Qingyun wished to evade, but he was enveloped by Li Fuchen’s awareness and his every movement was all under Li Fuchen’s predictions.


As fast as a spark of the flint, the scarlet horn penetrated Teng Qingyun’s chest.

It was Li Fuchen’s victory.

Xu Lin bit her lips. It was apparent that Li Fuchen didn’t use his full ability when fighting against her. He had chosen to go head-on with her in most situations. If Li Fuchen had used the ability that he demonstrated against Teng Qingyun, she probably wouldn’t be able to withstand a few moves.

How could she had known that before Li Fuchen’s True Inferno Technique broke through to the 17th rank, his bodily reactions didn’t allow him to battle like this? After he had broken through with his True Inferno Technique, Li Fuchen wanted to temper his True Inferno Technique, hence he chose to clash head-on. It wasn’t him intentionally reserving his ability.

On the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars, everyone was almost going numb.

Even the top seat of the Six Young Masters, Teng Qingyun had lost. Apart from the Three King Stars, who else was a match for Li Fuchen?

Tri-Absolute Fairy, Jiang Ruoliu might stand a chance with her incredible illusion arts, which might be able to affect Li Fuchen’s state of mind. But this was only a conjecture, as Li Fuchen had a superior awareness, which meant that his spirit will was probably as formidable. It was still uncertain if illusion arts could even affect him.

As for Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye… most of the people didn’t think that he was a match for Li Fuchen.

No matter how formidable Chiyu Ye could be, he was still considered a rising talent and was around the same age as Li Fuchen. It was already praiseworthy if his ability could be comparable to Teng Qingyun.

The members of the Azure Water Sect were also numbed, which included Zhao Wujin.

Li Fuchen’s performance was too wicked, it was even more wicked than the elite prodigies. He was only 20 years old right now, once he was 25 years old, he was probably going to defy the heavens.

Since the establishment of the Azure Water Sect, there wasn’t a prodigy like him.

“How could he be so simple if he was accepted as the personal disciple under the first Mystic Martial Expert. We have all underestimated him.” 

Ouyang Wentian was both surprised and delighted.

As long as the first Mystic Martial Expert was still around, no one would dare to touch Li Fuchen. As long as Li Fuchen could continue surviving, there would be a day in the future when he might possibly become an elite Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

This was because Li Fuchen was a 1-star bone frame. If he was a 5-star bone frame, then he would definitely become an elite Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

The Azure Water Sect might not become a top faction in this era, but they would at least be able to stand proud in the East Unicorn Continent.

In the 4300th match, Teng Qingyu was matched up against Jiang Ruoliu.

This match between the top of the Six Young Master and the top of the Four Fairies was a match that was comparable to a match between the King Stars.

After losing to Li Fuchen, Teng Qingyun didn’t get disheartened. Instead, his qi presence was actually much sharper.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang…

Jiang Ruoliu’s illusion art wasn’t very effective against Teng Qingyun, at least it wasn’t able to cause any difference in Teng Qingyun’s attack. It was merely able to affect his ability to grasp opportunities.

In this huge battle, both sides were evenly matched.

‘Apart from illusion arts, Jiang Ruoliu’s ability is inferior to Xu Lin, but Teng Qingyun’s abilities are slightly stronger than Xu Lin’s.’

Li Fuchen had analyzed everything and thought in his mind.

“Teng Qingyun. I might have been defeated by you in the previous tournament, but this time, you will be defeated by me! Sky Heaven Dance!”

Jiang Ruoliu’s maneuver suddenly changed. It was as though she was dancing and her dancing stances contained limitless wonder. It contained an enchanting qi presence and 90% of the prodigies on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars were trapped in illusions. The entire world felt as though it was just Jiang Ruoliu dancing. It was so beautiful and so magnificent.

‘Blending illusion arts into martial arts?”

Li Fuchen had on an astonished expression.

Due to Jiang Ruoliu’s extremely mesmerizing dancing stances, Teng Qingyun’s awareness was finally unstable. With a ‘bang’, Jiang Ruoliu arrived in front of Teng Qinyun and slammed her palm onto Teng Qingyun’s chest, obtaining victory.

“She cultivated an illusion martial arts?”

Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong had a huge change in expression.

The truly fearful aspect of the Tri-Absolute Temple wasn’t their martial arts, but their horrifying illusion martial arts.

As the name suggests, an illusion martial arts was a martial arts which contained illusion arts, which was nearly impossible to defend against.

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