Chapter 309: Sky Dragon Sword Art

“She actually cultivated an illusion martial arts!”

Xu Lin’s expression changed.

Martial arts contained destructive power which could destroy a martial artist’s body.

While illusion arts contained spirit power which could confuse a martial artist’s spirit.

When the two factors were combined, it wasn’t as simple as 1 + 1 = 2.

The lowest grade of an illusion martial arts was at least at the mystic class high-tier. They were all extremely hard to cultivate and it was said to be at an exaggerating difficulty. Among the Heaven Realm martial artists in the Tri-Absolute Temple, there were less than 10% who were able to successfully cultivate a mystic class high-tier illusion martial arts.

But once successfully cultivated, one’s strength would surpass most of the same cultivation realm martial artist.

“With the Sky Heaven Dance, Ruoliu’s only opponents are Situ Lei and Qi Heng.” Tri-Absolute Temple Master laughed lightly.

On the side, a Supreme Elder with grizzled hair from the Tri-Absolute Temple said, “There is nothing to say about Situ Lei’s ability. Qi Heng’s defenses are too powerful and if Ruoliu cannot break through his defenses, it will not be easy for her to obtain victory.” 

After exposing her illusion martial arts, Jiang Ruoliu’s prestige instantly surpassed Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s. In everyone’s opinion, Jiang Ruoliu was definitely a King Star class figure and apart from the King Stars, no one else was a match for her.

“Tsk, Tsk, this year’s Stars Ranking Tournament is undoubtedly the strongest generation since those absolute experts had vanished. No one can be certain about the final rankings anymore.”

“With illusion martial arts, not even Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei can keep his rank!”

“Li Fuchen is also very formidable. Apart from the Three King Stars and Jiang Ruoliu, no one else can beat him.”

Everyone was in heated discussions and were overwhelmed with emotions.

In the 4320th match, Li Fuchen obtained victory as well.

With this victory, Li Fuchen had achieved 80 consecutive wins. The Heaven Dipper Battle Qi under his legs were slowly transforming from a giant python into a flood dragon.

Not only did it grow a horn, it even grew claws and sharp fangs. The scales on its body were shiny and tidy, as though copper pieces which were meticulously polished. It was giving off a horrific pressure and baleful qi.

Similarly obtaining 80 consecutive wins were the Three King Stars, Jiang Ruoliu, and Chiyu Ye.

The Heaven Dipper Battle Qi under their legs were also transforming into flood dragons. For a moment, the flood dragons roared out and shook the heavens, giving off a subtle qi presence of a martial expert.

In the 4500th match, Chiyu Ye encountered Teng Qingyun.

On the stage, Chiyu Ye had a golden crown on his head, which complemented his exquisite face. There was a sword to the left of his waist and a flute to the right side of his waist. As he was smiling subtly, he emitted a sharp qi presence which viewed himself with sole supremacy, as though he was a monarch among all the swords. He grinned and spoke in a tone which mocked himself but was confident at the same time, “It seems like everyone assumes that I am not a match for Li Fuchen. Most of the people think that my ability is around the same level as yours.”

Teng Qingyun knitted his brows as he didn’t know what Chiyu Ye was trying to say.

“I, Chiyue Ye am not any supporting character. Teng Qingyun, I will start with you!” A wind blew across, which caused Chiyu Ye’s long robes with golden seams to flutter.


The longsword was unsheathed and the golden longsword reflected and scattered the blinding radiance from the sun.

“Sky Dragon Sword Art, Sky Dragon’s Intention.”


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There was a terrifying swish of the sword and in the next moment, there was a dazzling burst of golden light. A golden dragon’s image abruptly materialized and swam towards Teng Qingyun. The intense monarch and sword qi pervaded willfully and as though it had shrouded the entire heaven and earth with this single sword.

This sword was extremely tyrannic and forceful.

In the face of this sword, it seemed as though all other skills had lost its purpose.

“What? Sky Dragon Sword Art?”

On the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars, everyone was flabbergasted.

Similar to Teng Qingyun’s Purple Qi Divine Needle, Chiyu Ye’s Sky Dragon Sword Art was also a mystic class peak-tier sword art. Furthermore, it was one of the most dreadful mystic class peak-tier sword arts and was a secret martial art from the Sky Dragon Sword Sect. Regular gold class direct disciples wouldn’t even be qualified to cultivate it. Only generational sword dao prodigies like Chiyu Ye would be given the exception to cultivate it.

Moreover, once Chiyu Ye cultivated the Sky Dragon Sword Art, it meant that he had become one of the candidates to be the successor for the Sect Patriarch and would have the chance to strive for the Sect Patriarch position.

In the entire Sky Dragon Sword Sect, there were less than ten individuals that were in the Heaven Realm who were qualified to cultivate the Sky Dragon Sword Art. Chiyu Ye was the only Earth Realm disciple that was qualified.

Outside of the Heaven Dipper Great Array, the Sky Dragon Sword Sect Patriarch had on confident eyes. Chiyu Ye wasn’t just any regular sword dao prodigy, he was a generational prodigy that the Sky Dragon Sword Sect had seen in a millennium. In just a few short years, Chiyu Ye had cultivated the Hidden Dragon Sword Art to the trance stage and the Sky Dragon Sword Art to the completion stage.

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“Mystic class peak-tier sword art, huh?”

Li Fuchen had to admit that Chiyu Ye was a prodigy with the most innate potential that he had seen.

“Sky Dragon Sword Art?” Teng Qingyun’s expression was altered.

His Purple Qi Divine Needle was just a regular mystic class peak-tier martial art, but the Sky Dragon Sword Art was a top grade, mystic class peak-tier martial art.

The golden dragon drew across the sky and violently engulfed everything with its dreadful pressure and sword qi.

With a swish, Teng Qingyun’s dark green bamboo pole was covered in purple qi.

At this moment, Teng Qingyun executed the Purple Qi Divine Needle to its extremity.


The dark green bamboo pole produced countless purple shadows, which all converged into a stream of purple light and was shot at the golden dragon.


When the golden and purple light clashed, the entire stage trembled.

In the next moment, a shrunken golden dragon ripped apart the qi forces and rushed at Teng Qingyun.

Pitter, Patter!

Teng Qingyun brandished his bamboo pole and used all his strength to block.

When the golden dragon was shattered, Teng Qingyun was drenched in cold sweat.

“Sky Dragon Sword Art, Sky Dragon Soar!”


A resounding sword swish echoed again as the golden dragon drew across the sky like a golden rainbow. It attacked with much more violent, faster, and ferocious power.

After blocking against the first move, Teng Qingyun couldn’t block anymore. The golden dragon broke his qi protection turning his body into a bloody mess. For a moment, there was a burst of blood mist.

Teng Qingyun was defeated in two moves.

Chiyu Ye shocked everyone with his true ability.

“We have all underestimated Chiyu Ye. His ability is similar to a King Star class, but it is different from Jiang Ruoliu. Chiyu Ye’s ability is his true ability, while Jiang Ruoliu has to rely on illusion arts to influence her opponent’s spirit.”

“The situation is getting confusing. It is really hard to tell what the final result will be.”

After taking a deep breath, everyone was a little emotional. Although they were not the ones that were powerful, it was still a pleasure and eye-opener to witness such a battle between elite prodigies. In another three years, the next tournament probably wouldn’t be as grand.

After defeating Teng Qingyun, Chiyu Ye continued to win and obtained 82 consecutive victories.

In Chiyu Ye’s 83rd match, he finally encountered a heavyweight class figure… Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong.

No one expected for Chiyu Ye to go against the Three King Stars so quickly.

As per the previous occurrences, the Heaven Dipper Great Array would generally leave the strongest at the latter part of the tournament.

Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong had on a gloomy expression. There were too many uncertainties in this tournament like Jiang Ruoliu and Chiyu Ye. He wasn’t certain that he could defeat both of them.

“Jin Xudong, make your move!”

On the stage, Chiyu Ye maintained a calm expression, as though he wasn’t facing one of the Three King Stars and just a regular elite prodigy.

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