Chapter 310: Jin Xudong’s Defeat

Boom, Boom, Boom…

When the two of them exchanged moves, it was naturally sky-shaking.

On the circular stage, golden qi forces were violently interweaving recklessly. It consisted of a golden dragon and golden whip shadows.

Jin Xudong’s talent for martial arts was far inferior to Chiyu Ye’s. The martial art he was using was just a mystic class high-tier whip art.

But Jin Xudong had the cultivation of half step Heaven Realm and a rather impressive talent for body refinement techniques. It was obvious that his mystic class peak-tier body refinement technique was at quite a high proficiency. The golden whip in his hand moved around, releasing sounds of lashing. It felt as though distorting lights were spurting in the air. If it was a regular individual, let alone approaching Jin Xudong, they would probably be injured by the golden lights as soon as they entered the stage.

But Chiyu Ye wasn’t simple either. He who had cultivated the Sky Dragon Sword Art to the completion stage, was like an invincible man and sword. The golden dragon shadow was as though formed by countless sword lights. Every time it clashed with the golden whip shadows, it would burst out with countless sword lights and sword qi.

The battle between the two of them had already surpassed the Earth Realm, and some martial artists who had just progressed to the Heaven Realm would probably be inferior to them.

“Too powerful!”

A battle of a King Star made everyone dumbfounded.

Their every move was extremely huge and forceful, it could instantly kill the others multiple times. Right now, even if a group of individuals were to enter the stage, they would immediately get oppressed, unless they could make the first move.

‘It is indeed worthy to be the Sky Dragon Sword Art!’ Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist praised silently.

The East Unicorn Continent had a top ten 5-star secret techniques list, it also had a top ten mystic class peak-tier martial arts list. This Sky Dragon Sword Art was ranked 7th on the mystic class peak-tier martial arts list.

In comparison, the Azure Water Sect’s mystic class peak-tier sword art was much inferior.

The Azure Water Sect’s sword arts were separated into two lines, the water line, and the fire line. The water line side was the Azure Water Sword Art, which was a rather famous sword art in the entire East Unicorn Continent and was probably ranked in the top 50. As for the fire line’s Inferno Sword Art, it was also in the top 50. But when both the sword arts were compared to the Sky Dragon Sword Art, the difference wasn’t just a small gap, it was a whole other level.

‘Fortunately, his Sky Dragon Sword Art seems to only be at the sub-perfection stage. Otherwise, Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong would have lost with just a few swords.’

The martial arts completion stage was further broken down into three stages, the sub-perfection stage, the perfection stage, and the trance stage.

Sub-perfection stage meant that one was already very proficient with this martial art.

When at the perfection stage, it meant that one had completely absorbed the martial art and was blending it into one’s own willpower.

As for the trance stage, it was at the level of the sword intents. Once at this stage, it meant that one had comprehended the sword art’s sword intent. From now, when executing this sword art, it was as easy as breathing and they would no longer experience any obstructions. One could even allow the sword art to comply with the heavenly dao and execute the sword art with extremely horrifying firepower.

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In general situations, only a perfection stage mystic class high-tier sword art could go against or even suppress a mystic class mid-tier sword intent.

But mystic class peak-tier sword arts were different as they were just too formidable.

Putting aside earth class sword arts as sword arts of such a class already involved the flow of nature, the secrets of heaven and earth. Earth class wasn’t just a name and it had its own unique meaning.

Mystic class sword arts contained a trace of heaven and earth’s mystics. It might not involve the flow of nature, but it was on a path towards it.

Mystic class peak-tier represented the mystics of the peak-tier. The distance to getting involved with the flow of nature was just a small gap.

Martial arts of this level was extremely dreadful, as they had basically executed the mystics to the limits. In general situations, a sub-perfection stage mystic class peak-tier sword art was already able to suppress a mystic class high-tier sword intent. It was needless to say anything about mystic class peak-tier sword arts at the perfection stage.

If Chiyu Ye had cultivated the Sky Dragon Sword Art to the perfection stage, then among the Three King Stars, Thunderous King Star Situ Lei might be the only one who could go against Chiyu Ye. This wasn’t just because Situ Lei was at the half step Heaven Realm.

Li Fuchen’s meteoric rise was just too fast. If he was a little slower and participated in the next Stars Ranking Tournament, he probably would have the chance to obtain the mystic class peak-tier Inferno Sword Art. His current foundation was still too shallow and wasn’t allowed to access some of the sect’s secrets.

As the battle intensified, everyone noticed that Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong who was at the half step Heaven Realm, was actually slipping into a disadvantageous position. Moreover, his opponent, Chiyu Ye was only at the peak level of the Earth Realm.

“Impossible, impossible!”

Jin Xudong roared while he violent brandished the golden whip in his hand. This golden whip was like a burst of golden magma which tried its best to contend against Chiyu Ye’s Sky Dragon Sword Art.

But Chiyu Ye’s Sky Dragon Sword Art was just too mystical. Every move and stance was so horrific and abstruse. There were no weakness and was considered flawless.

“I will break it!”

Veins popped out on Jin Xudong’s face as a massive golden whip lashed around like the rising sun in the morning.

“Sky Dragon Sword Art, Sky Dragon’s Fury!”

Chiyu Ye had also burst out with his Sky Dragon Sword Art’s finishing move. Once he brandished his sword, countless sword lights converged and formed a golden dragon which was displaying its claws and fangs.

The golden dragon roared and turned into a long rainbow, rushing out violently.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom…

The golden qi forces was already like the quick currents of water as they recklessly splashed around. Any of the golden qi forces could instantly kill a prodigy and with so many golden qi forces here, even a low-leveled Heaven Realm martial artist would probably be in fear.


The Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong was the weakest among the Three King Stars. His combat power wasn’t comparable to Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei. His defensive toughness wasn’t comparable to Immovable King Star, Qi Heng. As the condensed golden sword light engulfed him, it instantly tore apart his defenses and his qi protection. A mouthful of blood spurted out while Jin Xudong flew backward.

Had it not been for him cultivating a mystic class peak-tier body refinement technique, this sword would have penetrated his chest.

After defeating Jin Xudong, Chiyu Ye held his sword and stood still. He didn’t go on a pursuit, while the qi presence on his body was growing stronger, as though a monarch of swords.

“Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong has been defeated?”

“Unbelievable, unbelievable. For dozens of years, this is the first time a King Star had fallen. In the past, it was always the King Stars that had the final laugh, or they would already have progressed to the Heaven Realm after participating in the previous Stars Ranking Tournament.”

“This Stars Ranking Tournament is too special. I have a premonition that the King Stars would all be dethroned.”

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“Impossible right? The Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei has absolute power, while the Immovable King Star, Qi Heng has exaggerating defenses. Unless one could suddenly rise to the next level, it would be extremely difficult to defeat them.”

“What else is impossible? Let’s wait and see!”

Jin Xudong’s defeat might be outside of expectation, but it was still reasonable.

Chiyu Ye who had cultivated the Sky Dragon Sword Art was too formidable. No one had expected Chiyu Ye to cultivate the Sky Dragon Sword Art to the completion stage. It was a known fact that the Sky Dragon Sword Sect had other mystic class peak-tier sword arts, but most of them had the same firepower like Teng Qingyun’s Purple Qi Divine Needle and wasn’t as excessive in power.

“Jin Xudong has been defeated too?”

Qi Heng’s eyes contracted as he stared at Chiyu Ye.

As of now, only Chiyu Ye was able to give him any considerable pressure, even Jiang Ruoliu wasn’t as good.

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