Chapter 311: Consecutive Defeat for Jin Xudong

84, 85, 86, 87 consecutive victories.

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There were only five individuals that have kept their consecutive winning streak. They were: Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei; Immovable King Star, Qi Heng; Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye; Tri-Absolute Fairy, Jiang Ruoliu; and Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist.

Since defeating Teng Qingyun, Li Fuchen didn’t encounter any formidable opponents, while Chiyu Ye had defeated both Teng Qingyun and Jin Xudong.

In Chiyu Ye’s 88th match, he went against another strong opponent, the Tri-Absolute Fairy, Jiang Ruoliu.

The battle between the two of them gave rise to another surge.

Chiyu Ye’s ability might be powerful, but Jiang Ruoliu’s illusion martial arts wasn’t just for show. If one’s spirit will couldn’t withstand it, it would be useless no matter how much ability you possessed.

When facing against Jiang Ruoliu, Chiyu Ye’s expression finally turned grave.

An illusion martial art was unblockable. Without experiencing it personally, no one knew if they could resist it. If Chiyu Ye was helpless against it, it would be praiseworthy for him to even utilize half of his ability, meaning that he wouldn’t be a match for Jiang Ruoliu anymore.

Fortunately, Chiyu Ye did have some countermeasure towards illusion martial arts.


Once on stage, Jiang Ruoliu burst out with her qi presence, which contained a hazy and dazzling presence. It felt as though the entire stage’s spatial zone had been sliced. As long as one was on the stage, they would constantly feel the impact of the illusion art’s qi presence.

Chiyu Ye’s heart tightened. Everything he saw seemed to be indistinct and had multiple overlapping images.

Luckily the illusional effect wasn’t as serious and the gap between the multiple images were minute, while his Sky Dragon Sword Art’s attack radius was rather large. 

“Sky Heaven Dance!”

Extending her body Jiang Ruoliu suddenly danced with grace.

Her dancing stances were filled with charm and a sharp qi presence.

Right now, the gaps between the overlapping images in Chiyu Ye’s eyes had increased by more than ten times. His spirit-will was experiencing these intensive vibrations and he felt like he was sinking into the illusion.

“Such an incredible illusion martial art.” Chiyu Ye’s expression changed greatly.

The illusion martial art was much more formidable than he had imagined. If he didn’t have any countermeasures, he would have certainly lost.

Sheathing his sword, the flute to the right side of his waist appeared in his hands, while Chiyu Ye started to blow on it.

The flute’s sound was very exciting as there was a fluctuation in the tune. When everyone heard the flute, it felt as though they were looking at the bitter battlefield, where two armies were facing off as the sound of slaughter could be heard. On top of a pile of corpses stood Chiyu Ye who was blowing a tune on his flute in his left hand, while his right hand was wielding a golden longsword. His body was emitting a condensed qi presence of a tyrant. Right now, he wasn’t just a monarch of the sword, he was the killing god of the sword.

Bo, Bo, Bo, Bo, Bo, Bo…

On the circular stage, more than half of the illusionary qi presence had been dissipated, while Jiang Ruoliu’s Sky Heaven Dance had become sluggish.

“Sound wave martial art?”

Jiang Ruoliu had on an unpleasant expression.

There were many types of sound wave martial arts. Some were purely for destructive power, some were to stimulate one’s blood and qi. The sound wave martial art that Chiyu Ye had demonstrated was obviously one that countered against spirit type attacks. In a certain degree, it could eliminate the side effects of illusion arts.


The Sky Heaven Dance was an illusion maneuver. Not only did it contain the qi presence of illusion arts, but it was also extremely fast and flexible. Jiang Ruoliu’s body swayed and appeared to the left of Chiyu Ye, as she sent out a palm strike.

This palm strike was influenced by the illusion art’s qi presence, which was similarly hazy and looked as though it was real and fake at the same time.


Wielding a sword in his right hand, Chiyu Ye pierced through Jiang Ruoliu’s palm force. The golden sword light radiated and forced Jiang Ruoliu to fly back in retreat, leaving her in a sorry state.

“Jiang Ruoliu, others might fear your illusion martial arts, but not me. Sky Dragon Sword Art, Sky Dragon Soar!”

The sound of the flute didn’t stop while Chiyu Ye made his move. He brandished the longsword in his hand, which gathered golden sword light and turned them into a golden dragon as it soared towards Jiang Ruoliu.

Pitter, Patter!

Jiang Ruoliu’s defenses were wiped out and the golden sword lights were like a tidal wave which drowned her.

After a series of exchanges, Jiang Ruoliu finally admitted her defeat.

Her Sky Heaven Dance only had a slight effect on Chiyu Ye. If Chiyu Ye was only slightly superior to her, she might be able to obtain victory, but Chiyu Ye’s frontal combat ability was too strong and was at least one level above her.

After defeating Jiang Ruoliu, Chiyu Ye’s prestige had reached the pinnacle. If there weren’t any mishaps, he was probably going to become a King Star in this Stars Ranking Tournament.

According to the rules of the Stars Ranking Tournament. Only the top three rankers could be considered King Stars.

King Stars indicated that they were the kings of the Stars Ranking, kings of the prodigies.

The King Stars might not have the top three innate potentials, but their abilities were definitely in the top three. That in itself was more than enough.

After all, those who could become King Stars couldn’t have an inferior innate potential. They must at least be in the top ten to obtain a position as a King Star.

As for Li Fuchen, everyone had forgotten about him at this moment.

In everyone’s opinion, no matter how formidable Li Fuchen was, he wouldn’t be a match for Jin Xudong and Jiang Ruoliu. But Jin Xudong and Jiang Ruoliu had already been defeated by Chiyu Ye.

Right at this moment, the Stars Ranking Tournament had entered the late phase.

There was an early indication of the ability ranking.

Among the Six Young Masters: Dragon Sword Chiyu Ye was no.1, Eternal Spring Teng Qingyun was no.2, Flying Sword Luo Feiyun was no.3, Gale Han Yiming was no.4, Doulin Xiahou Chuan was no.5, and Celestial Star Murong Di was no.6.

Among the Four Fairies: Jiang Ruoliu had defeated Xu Lin, thus she was still at the top of the fairies. Xu Lin was still no.2, Su Muyu was no.3, and Yan Qingwu was no.4.

As for the mixed ranking of the Six Young Masters and the Four Fairies: 

No.1: Chiyu Ye

No. 2: Jiang Ruoliu

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No.3: Teng Qingyun

No.4: Xu Lin

No.5: Luo Feiyun

No.6: Han Yiming

No.7: Xiahou Chuan

No.8: Murong Di

No.9: Su Muyu

No.10: Yan Qingwu

The next match was Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong going against Jiang Ruoliu.

This match was extended for a very long period.

In terms of frontal attack ability, Jin Xudong was much stronger than Jiang Ruoliu.

But Jin Xudong didn’t have any sound wave martial arts which could resist against her illusion martial arts, and he ultimately lost against Jiang Ruoliu.

In Li Fuchen’s 95th match, his opponent just happened to be Jin Xudong.

Jin Xudong had on an extremely awful expression. As one of the Three King Stars, he actually lost to Chiyu Ye and Jiang Ruoliu, which was utter humiliation.

A King Star was a symbol of glory. It was natural if they had won, but if they lost, it would be much more miserable than others.

He seemed to have heard people discussing that he was a disappointing King Star.

“Chiyu Ye and Jiang Ruoliu might be formidable but as a King Star, you need to show your prowess. In the previous Stars Ranking Tournament, Chiyu Ye was just ranked 28th, while Jiang Ruoliu was ranked 7th. It was evident how much more of an improvement the two of them had achieved than Jin Xudong.”

Hence, during the fight with Li Fuchen, Jin Xudong had on a grave and stern expression.

He must not be defeated again, otherwise, he would be the joke of this Stars Ranking Tournament.

“Jin Xudong is in a miserable situation.” Qi Heng shook his head.

“He can only blame himself for being weak. There is nothing else to say.” Situ Lei sneered.

Qi Heng was speechless.

Actually, the fault wasn’t with Jin Xudong. He already had great improvement, and apart Chiyu Yen and Jiang Ruoliu, he could oppress anyone else.

It was a pity that Chiyu Ye’s ability was too insane and Jiang Ruoliu’s illusion martial art was unblockable.

“It will be all up to this match.” Qi Heng stared intently at the stage.

On the circular stage…

Jin Xudong was wielding his golden metal whip as he spoke to Li Fuchen in a cold voice, “I advise you to concede now. Don’t make me do it.”

Li Fuchen was just slightly stronger than Teng Qingyun and Jin Xudong didn’t think that Li Fuchen was qualified to fight with him.

“How will I know before even trying.”

Li Fuchen gradually let out a breath of air, while his bones were glowing with the black iron sword pattern.

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