Chapter 312: Black Iron Sword Dipper

The Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter was different from other secret techniques.

There was no need to activate the Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter. It was like a bone weapon that could transmute qi into sword qi.

As there wasn’t a need to activate it, it could be used along with other secret techniques.

Like now, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had activated the Pure Yang Dipper Qi and when the dipper qi flowed through his bones, it was transmuted into black iron sword qi, which would then get further enhanced in the black light sword.

In this case, the Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter brought about a different significance. The Black Iron Sword Essence was originally equivalent to a 4-star secret technique, but after being stacked with the Pure Yang Dipper Qi, it had reached the 5-star secret technique realm.

Furthermore, Li Fuchen’s true hidden trump was the Bronze Sword Essence.

His entire skeleton was covered in 70% of Black Iron Sword Essence and 30% of Bronze Sword Essence.

There might only be 30% but the power was a world of difference. Unless absolutely necessary, Li Fuchen didn’t intend to use it. Otherwise, it would be too shocking. He was certain that even ten Thunderous King Star, Situ Leis, would be instantly killed by a single move of his bronze sword qi.

“You must be tired of living!”

Jin Xudong was infuriated. He burst out with his cultivation and secret technique, while the golden whip in his hand turned into a golden rainbow and lashed at Li Fuchen.

This attack’s power had already reached the limit. In one of the matches earlier, Jin Xudong only used a single whip to send Teng Qingyun flying, and he ultimately defeated Teng Qingyun in three whips.

In his opinion, Li Fuchen might be able to dodge the first whip with his powerful awareness, but the subsequent lashes could slowly reduce the amount of space that Li Fuchen could dodge. Ultimately, Li Fuchen would have to clash head-on and when he did, there would be a certain decrease in all his attributes, resulting in a miserable defeat.

‘Eh? He is not intending to dodge?’

In Jin Xudong’s vision, Li Fuchen instantly drew his longsword and slashed.

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Li Fuchen truly wasn’t intending to dodge. In the battle against Teng Qingyun, he could make use of his awareness to defeat his opponent, but in this battle against Jin Xudong, it would be excessively challenging to use awareness to achieve victory and there wasn’t a need to do so either.

In his body, the true inferno qi was transmuted into the pure yang dipper qi and then into black iron sword qi, before transferring into the black light sword. When executing the Blaze Devil Sword Art, it transmuted into an even more horrific black iron sword dipper, which was reddish black in color. It was obviously very violent and awe-inspiring. One could only see a flash of a reddish black sword scar in the void and in the next moment, the reddish black sword dipper ripped apart the golden rainbow with irresistible force and blasted at Jin Xudong.


Jin Xudong didn’t dare to believe his own eyes. He might not have used all his strength for that move earlier, but he had used his regular combat ability which was easily destroyed by Li Fuchen.

With a shake of the golden whip, Jin Xudong neutralized the black iron sword dipper and staggered more than ten steps back.

Jin Xudong wasn’t the only one that was shocked, everyone was as well!

Even Chiyu Ye’s eyes involuntarily turned cold.

Li Fuchen was still hiding his true ability? How much more was he hiding?

“This Li Fuchen, he couldn’t be thinking of defeating Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong, right!?”

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“That’s impossible!”

At this moment, everyone didn’t dare to wildly guess anymore.

Every time they assumed that Li Fuchen had exposed all his ability, he would demonstrate something even stronger, as though there was no limit.

“This is?”

Ouyang Wentian had hesitant eyes.

“It’s a kind of special secret technique.” An Azure Water Sect’s Supreme Elder beside Ouyang Wentian spoke.

“That’s right. It should be a special secret technique that could be executed together with other secret techniques. If I didn’t guess it wrongly, it must have been imparted by the First Mystic Martial Expert. No one could expect that he would learn it so quickly and it seems to be at quite a high level of proficiency.” The other Azure Water Sect’s Supreme Elder spoke.

As the Azure Water Sect’s Supreme Elders, they were much more knowledgeable than Ouyang Wentian and took just a single glance to see through it.

But the two of them thought that it was imparted to Li Fuchen by the First Mystic Martial Expert.

The Golden Extinct Hall Master had on a very gloomy expression.

Jin Xudong had suffered consecutive defeats and if he was to be defeated again, the Golden Extinct Hall would definitely become a joke.

Jin Xudong who was forced to take more than ten steps back let out a deep roar. His burst out with his ability to the extremity and rushed at Li Fuchen with a brandish of his whip without reserving any strength.

The dazzling golden whip’s shadow was like a golden waterfall, which poured towards Li Fuchen without any restraint. If a regular individual was struck by this whip shadow, they would definitely be smashed into smithereens.

But that wasn’t the case for Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen’s previous sword didn’t even utilize all his ability, as he was merely testing it.

After all, a 5-star secret technique was too powerful and when the Pure Yang Dipper Qi was complemented by the Black Iron Sword Essence, it wasn’t just a regular 5-star secret technique, it would be a 5-star secret technique at the completion rank. If Li Fuchen were to use its full power, it was enough to instantly kill Jin Xudong with a single sword.

Thus, for that earlier sword move, Li Fuchen only utilized around 50% of his ability.

But even 50% of his ability was enough to effortless destroy Jin Xudong’s whip art.

Right now, Jin Xudong was going all-out but Li Fuchen maintained his ability at 50% and forcefully clash with Jin Xudong.

This time, Li Fuchen only had a slight advantage. After the black iron sword dipper destroyed Jin Xudong’s golden whip shadow, the remnants of the sword dipper quickly dissipated.

“You shall be defeated, defeated, defeated!”

Jin Xudong looked as though he had gone crazy. He constantly attacked, like a violent rainstorm.

But under Li Fuchen’s superior awareness, Jin Xudong’s every move was like an insect on the spiderweb, which contained no threat.

10 moves, 20 moves, 50 moves.

Jin Xudong slowly lost his momentum and his whip art became sluggish.

“Blaze Devil’s Heart.”

With a single sword thrust, the black iron sword dipper penetrated Jin Xudong’s body.

“He actually won?”

“Too terrifying. This type of individual is the extremely dangerous kind. No one knows how many hidden trump card he has. If he was an enemy, it would be best to escape if possible.”

In everyone’s eyes, Li Fuchen had changed from unfathomable to extremely dangerous.

“Hai!” Qi Heng shook his head.

Jin Xudong had been defeated again.

Jin Xudong’s defeat might not be related to him, but as one of the King Stars, Qi Heng was a little unhappy.

Three King Stars, when one was glorious, all would be glorious. When one was defeated, the prestige of the others would be damaged as well.

‘Jin Xudong. I will settle all these people. The Three King Stars cannot lose our glory because of you.’ Qi Heng thought to himself.

“Why is he so strong?”

When talking about the shocked audiences, the most flabbergasted one was the no.2 youth figure in Doulin Clan, Xiahou Shi.

Before this tournament, he had treated Li Fuchen like a prey, but this prey had turned into a giant dragon which he was fearful of.

After defeating Jin Xudong, Li Fuchen had achieved 95 consecutive wins and only four individuals maintained this record. They were: Thunderous King Star Situ Lei, Immovable King Star Qi Heng, Young Master Dragon Sword Chiyu Ye, and Li Fuchen.

The former three were basically the top four, while Li Fuchen had yet be guaranteed a spot in the top four rankings. He had yet to defeat Jiang Ruoliu.

If he could defeat Jiang Ruoliu, then his result in this Stars Ranking Tournament would at least be ranked 4th.

In Li Fuchen’s 98th match, his opponent was apparently Jiang Ruoliu.

Jiang Ruoliu’s illusion martial art, Sky Heaven Dance was something that Teng Qingyun and Jin Xudong couldn’t withstand. Even Chiyu Ye had to rely on the sound wave martial art to neutralize it.

Hence, this match was filled with suspense.

But in Li Fuchen’s opinion, Jiang Ruoliu’s threat was very low, perhaps even weaker than Teng Qingyun’s.

On the stage, Jiang Ruoliu burst out with the qi presence of the illusion art, wanting to test Li Fuchen.

But she was surprised that Li Fuchen’s brows didn’t even frown. It seemed like this qi presence was only a gentle breeze blowing across his face, without a hint of threat.

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