Chapter 313: Battle With Chiyu Ye

“No wonder he is the personal disciple of the First Mystic Martial Expert.”

Jiang Ruoliu’s heart sank, as she had a premonition that Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist might be the person that she didn’t want to encounter the most.

“Sky Heaven Dance.”

Jiang Ruoliu’s dance moves felt as though it had some magical power, as even the corner of her clothes would bring about endless illusions. Every time Jiang Ruoliu executed the Sky Heaven Dance, most of the prodigies on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar wouldn’t even dare to look at her, as they were afraid they might slip into the illusion state and revealed the ugly side of themselves.

Directly opposite of Jiang Ruoliu, Li Fuchen’s eyes were clear and sober.

Jiang Ruoliu’s Sky Heaven Dance was truly incredible. He might not be affected, but his spirit was very sensitive. Even without any effect, he could still see how powerful the Sky Heaven Dance was.

“Blaze Devil Killer Shadow!”

With the black iron sword qi complementing the Blaze Devil Killer Shadow, the power wasn’t just increased by 30%. There was a reddish black qi that enveloped Jiang Ruoliu. Immediately after, the countless black iron sword dipper intersected violently, leaving behind sword scars on Jiang Ruoliu’s body. In just a split moment, Jiang Ruoliu was turned into a bloody mess.

Jiang Ruoliu was defeated in a clean, straightforward, and extremely miserable manner.

“What? He isn’t affected by illusion arts?”

Everyone was already astonished by Li Fuchen’s demonstrated ability, but the ineffectiveness of illusion arts on him had shocked everyone.

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There were two things which could explain the ineffectiveness of illusion arts.

One would either have a hidden innate talent which granted immunity to the illusion arts, or one’s spirit-will was so powerful that it could ignore illusion arts.

Either one of the explanations were extremely terrifying.

“If this child manages to develop further, he will be the bane of my Tri-Absolute Temple!” The Tri-Absolute Temple Hostess’ brows were knitted together.

The Tri-Absolute Temple was one of the top ten influential factions and they mainly relied on their illusion martial arts. If the illusion martial arts were ineffective, then the Tri-Absolute Temple would undoubtedly be out of the top ten factions and be replaced.

Fortunately, there was only one Li Fuchen.

After Li Fuchen defeated Jiang Ruoliu, he had basically been confirmed as the top four rankers in this Stars Ranking Tournament. Although Thunderous King Star Situ Lei and Immovable King Star Qi Heng might not have encountered many of the elite prodigies, their strength seemed to be firm and there didn’t seem to be a need to even compete.

In the 5300th match, it was Immovable King Star Qi Heng’s turn and his opponent was Teng Qingyun.

Clang, Clang, Clang, Clang…

There were burst of sparks when Teng Qingyun’s dark green bamboo pole violently swung at Qi Heng’s body. But it was astonishing that no damage or even a slight wound was left on Qi Heng’s body. His excessively tough defense could actually ignore Teng Qingyun’s all-out attack.

“I concede.” Teng Qingyun said with a disappointed tone.

If he couldn’t even break the opponent’s defenses, how was he going to fight?

In the 5468th match, it was Thunderous King Star Situ Lei against Xu Lin.

“Thunderous Fist!”

Facing against Xu Lin who was similarly at the half step Heaven Realm; while she was also at the 17th rank of her cultivation technique. Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei merely used a single fist. Once he blasted out his fist, the whole sky was filled with violent thunderbolts, which converged and formed a giant thunderbolt fist that crashed onto Xu Lin’s body.


Vomiting a mouthful of fresh blood, Xu Lin flew back, while the thunderbolts devastated her body.

‘Cultivation technique at the 17th rank’ Li Fuchen raised his brows.

Situ Lei’s cultivation technique wasn’t some ordinary mystic class peak-tier technique, it was the Thunder God Sect’s no.1 technique, the East Unicorn Continent’s renowned, Thunder Lightning Divine Technique.

It might be similarly at the 17th rank, but the Thunder Lightning Divine Technique’s destructive power was definitely no.1 in the continent. In terms of overall ranking, the Thunder Lightning Divine Technique was at least in the top three.

Apart from that, Situ Lei’s martial arts proficiency was obviously higher than Xu Lin’s.

In the 5600th match, Qi Heng went up against Jiang Ruoliu.

Even though Jiang Ruoliu knew that she wasn’t a match for Qi Heng, she wanted to know if her illusion martial art, Sky Heaven Dance could affect Qi Heng.

It had been proven that the illusion martial art was still rather effective. Even Immovable King Star Qi Heng couldn’t help but suffer from slight illusions.

A pity that Qi Heng’s defenses were too tough and Jiang Ruoliu’s attack was just like drizzle to Qi Heng. After attacking Qi Heng a few times, Qi Heng grabbed the opportunity and sent Jiang Ruoliu flying with a single fist.

Afterwards, Situ Lei had also defeated Jiang Ruoliu.

As the no.1 King Star, Situ Lei’s ability was too much stronger than Jiang Ruoliu’s. Even though he did experience a trace of illusion, it didn’t affect him so much that he couldn’t locate Jiang Ruoliu. Subsequently, he just had to send a single fist towards the general direction, which was formed by countless thunderbolts. Just the overflow of the thunderbolts was enough to inflict serious injuries to Jiang Ruoliu, which interrupted her illusion martial art.

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Immediately after, Situ Lei had also defeated the Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong.

Although they were both King Stars, Jin Xudong’s ability wasn’t just slightly inferior to Situ Lei’s.

In terms of cultivation technique, Jin Xudong’s technique wasn’t comparable to Situ Lei’s Thunder Lightning Divine Technique. In terms of cultivation technique rank, Jin Xudong was only at the peak state of the 16th rank, which couldn’t be compared to Situ Lei’s 17th rank. In terms of speed, Situ Lei was fast and agile like lightning, and imposing like thunder.

Therefore, it still only took a single fist to defeat Jin Xudong.

Perhaps, in Situ Lei’s opinion, whether it was Jin Xudong, Jiang Ruoliu, or Xu Lin, they were around the same level, as none of them could withstand a single fist from him.

“Situ Lei’s ability is just too powerful.”

“Qi Heng is also very tough. Perhaps, only Situ Lei’s fist could break Qi Heng’s defenses. I wonder if Chiyu Ye and Li Fuchen are able to break Qi Heng’s defenses.”

“There might be a possibility. It is impossible to determine according to the current situation!”

The Stars Ranking Tournament was at the final phase and everyone was holding their breaths.

This year’s Stars Ranking Tournament was also acclaimed as the best year after all the absolute experts vanished without a trace. The fact had proven that this rumor was true and it was indeed the best among all the previous tournaments.

In the previous tournament, Situ Lei and Qi Heng were invincible and had oppressed all their opponents.

Jin Xudong was weaker by quite a huge difference, and if it wasn’t because of the lack of incredible prodigies in the previous tournament, Jin Xudong would probably not be the third King Star.

As for this tournament, the number of invincible individuals turned from two to four.

Chiyu ye and Li Fuchen were currently undefeated and had won every match cleanly without any suspense.

On the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars, the four flood dragons Heaven Dipper Battle Qi would occasionally let out roars. Compared to the other elite prodigies, these four Heaven Dipper Battle Qi were much more sinister, tyrannic and had the presence of a king. Their presences were getting more condensed and seemed like it was slowly turning from flood dragons into true dragons.

As such, due to the imperious aura, the four of them gave off an atmosphere as though they were the kings of the prodigies and the future dictators.

“I didn’t expect for our Azure Water Sect’s disciple to come to this stage.”

Until now, Zhao Wujin was still unable to believe this fact. When the Stars Ranking Tournament had just started, his expectation for Li Fuchen was to reach the top 30 or top 20 ranks. He didn’t even dare to dream about the top 10, let alone being in the top 4.

From the looks of it, Li Fuchen might probably become a new King Star.

“Who could see through to the future? We are all just small shrimps drifting along in the long river of fate.” Ouyang Wentian said.

On his side, the two Azure Water Sect’s Supreme Elders nodded as well. They might be Reincarnation Realm martial artists, but in front of fate, they were no different from insects. It was an impossible task to see through another individual’s fate, especially the fate of a prodigy.


When the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar sank, Li Fuchen’s 101st match had arrived.

On the other side, Chiyu Ye’s Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar had sunk down as well.

The two of them looked at each other, which their eyes clashed with sparks in midair.

The flood dragons under their feet roared at each other as well, and it felt as though they were about to rush out from the pillars and rip at each other.

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