Chapter 314: Sword Meridians

Swish, Swish!

The two of them landed on the circular stage respectively with lightning speed.

“Sky Dragon Sword Art… Sky Dragon’s Intention.”

Chiyu Ye didn’t say any superfluous words and didn’t intend to test out Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist either. He immediately executed his mystic class peak-tier Sky Dragon Sword Art. Countless sword lights converged and formed a golden dragon, which then violently rushed at Li Fuchen.

“This sword seems to be even stronger than the one executed on Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong.”

“I heard that Chiyu Ye doesn’t only have a 6-star bone frame, but he also possesses the sword meridians. It could increase the lethal power of the sword dao.”

“Perhaps the rumors are true.”

Many people were in heated discussions.

Outside of the Heaven Dipper Great Array, the Sky Dragon Sword Sect Patriarch smiled lightly.

If it was pure innate potential, Chiyu Ye wouldn’t have been able to obtain the title of a rare sword dao prodigy that only appeared once in a millennium. 

But having the sword meridians made everything different.

For the past millennium at the Sky Dragon Sword Sect, there were those who had comparable innate potential as Chiyu Ye, but they didn’t possess sword meridians. There were those who had sword meridians but not innate potential like Chiyu Ye.

The sword meridians was a type of innate body constitution, which caused one to have an innate comprehending ability towards the sword dao. It would formlessly assist a sword art and increase the sword art’s power.

The most horrifying thing was that the sword meridians would only become stronger and not any weaker.

As one’s cultivation increased, the sword meridians would slowly be awakened and when it was at a certain level, it would be able to burst out with terrifying sword dao power.

Those who possessed the sword meridians would normally have an extremely formidable innate potential. In ancient times, they would be known as the future sword dao master.

When facing against Chiyu Ye’s absolutely powerful sword, Li Fuchen slightly increased his ability to around 70%.

The black iron sword dipper was like a demon god’s sword which looked like it could slaughter anything, as it clashed with the golden dragon slash.

Clang, Clang, Clang…

On the circular stage, the golden sword light was like a drizzle of sword rain, sprinkling out violently. While Li Fuchen’s reddish black colored, black iron sword dipper intersected and annihilated the countless sword rain.

“Blocked?” Chiyu Ye’s expression turned grave.

During the fight against Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong, Chiyu Ye merely utilized a little of the sword meridians. But now, he had basically used the full power of his sword meridians.

“These four individuals are completely on a different level when compared to us!”

Everyone was dumbstruck.

In their opinion, Chiyu Ye and Li Fuchen could already compete against Situ Lei and Qi Heng. They might be slighter inferior to Situ Lei, but they definitely not weaker than Qi Heng. At least from the looks of it, they could easily break open Qi Heng’s defenses.

Just as everyone expected, Qi Heng’s expression had turned much more intense.

In his opinion, Chiyu Ye and Li Fuchen were already competent enough to break his defenses, which meant that the two of them had chances of defeating him.

“Li Fuchen, you are the first person to force out the limits of my ability.”

Chiyu Ye took a deep breath and went into the depths of his meridians to squeeze out every ounce of power.

If someone could see into Chiyu Ye’s body, they would be able to notice that his meridians were pale golden in color which was different from a normal individual. This was also known as the legendary sword dao constitution… the sword meridians.

The sword meridians were extremely tough and could withstand powerful impacts. Those who possessed the sword meridians would also be able to recover internal injuries extremely quickly.

It was a known fact that when martial artists clashed, they would generally be inflicted with internal injuries. Most of the internal injuries were damage to the meridians or the inner organs. But Chiyu Ye didn’t have to worry about suffering injuries to his meridians, nor to his inner organs, as the organs were connected to the meridians. The stronger the meridians, the more it could nourish the inner organs, but of course at the expense of exhausting the sword meridians’ power.

The pale golden sword meridians squeezed out power which was also pale golden in color. These traces of pale golden power flowed along his arms’ meridians and into the golden longsword. In the next moment, Chiyu Ye’s golden longsword burst out with blinding golden light, which seemingly contoured sword patterns on the surface of the longsword, increasing the sword presence.

“Sky Dragon Sword Art… Sky Dragon Soar!”

There was a golden rainbow which seemed like golden lightning bolts which connected the heaven and earth. It cleaved towards Li Fuchen with prowess and speed which had reached an appalling level.

“That child has the legendary sword meridians which nearly doubles the sword dao lethal power.” One of the Azure Water Sect’s Supreme Elder frowned.

In the history of the Azure Water Sect, there weren’t any sword meridians possessors. In the past millennium, only the Sky Dragon Sword Sect and the High Heaven Sword Sect had a few.

“His ability is further increased?” Seeing the situation, Li Fuchen couldn’t help but knit his brows.

He couldn’t understand where Chiyu Ye’s power was coming from, but it didn’t matter if he knew the reason or not.

Pushing his ability to 90% Li Fuchen’s black light sword was entirely dyed a reddish black color, as though it was a real demon’s sword. The sword was flowing with sword dipper which permeated a horrifying sword dao qi presence. At this moment, Li Fuchen had turned into a Sword Demon.


Wielding the sword with two hands, Li Fuchen cleaved with his sword.


A huge portion of the black iron sword dipper had turned into frenzied blades which sliced at the golden rainbow.

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In just a split moment, 100 feet in front of Li Fuchen was filled with a vicious reddish black qi flow.

It felt as though the sound of clothes being ripped could be heard. The golden rainbow had been cut up into dozens of strips, as it couldn’t withstand the power of Li Fuchen’s black iron sword dipper.

“What? Broken again?” Chiyu Ye was furious.

Every time he used the core power of his sword meridians, it would deplete a little. During regular times, he would only use the sword meridians’ power which dispersed due to the excess in amount.

Once he depleted his sword meridians’ core power, he would require a long time in order to replenish it.

Only when he had developed the sword meridians to the sword dao divinity stage, would he be able to constantly replenish its core power.

“I have to do it.”

Chiyu Ye continued to squeeze out the sword meridians’ core power and forcefully clash against Li Fuchen.

He didn’t allow himself to be defeated and as long as he could defeat Li Fuchen, he would be in the top three ranks.

But if he was to fail, there might be a huge possibility that he wouldn’t be able to make it into the top three ranks.

Since he was going to exhaust plenty of the sword meridians’ core power, he didn’t know if he would have enough to defeat Qi Heng. As for Situ Lei, he didn’t have any confidence at all.

There wasn’t enough time for him to develop himself and there was no way for him to suddenly surpass Situ Lei.

Clang, Clang, Clang, Clang…

On the circular stage, the two of them were locked in an intense battle. Severe sword qi covered the entire stage and once anyone entered it, they would be sliced up by the sword qi. There was basically no available place to stand on the stage.

When Chiyu Ye’s remaining sword meridians’ core power was at 30%, he was a little hesitant.

Chiyu Ye didn’t know if he should continue like this, as Li Fuchen could obviously persist for a long time, while he could no longer maintain the limits of his ability.

Just as Chiyu Ye was hesitating, Li Fuchen grabbed the opportunity and executed a series of sword strikes. Chiyu Ye was forced back so much that he could only wield his sword to block.


In front of Li Fuchen, any hesitance could turn into a fatal flaw.

With a thrust, Li Fuchen penetrated Chiyu Ye’s body.

“I have been defeated?” Chiyu Ye was still in disbelief.

He might have hesitated, but it was truly unbearable when he truly suffered defeat.

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The Monarch Sword Dao had always viewed oneself as the sole supremacy and an almighty existence. In front of him, all swordsmen would have to bow before him.

But now, he had been defeated by a swordsman named Li Fuchen.

This was a huge blow to his Monarch Sword Dao.

“Li Fuchen, huh? I will remember you.”

Chiyu Ye had an extremely cold and emotionless expression in his eyes.

His sword meridians would only get stronger and when he developed his sword dao divinity, he was going to get Li Fuchen to bow under his feet.

Li Fuchen didn’t bother to guess what Chiyu Ye was thinking.

A victory was a victory and right now, he had won.

The intensity of this match was far superior to any match before.

After defeating Chiyu Ye, Li Fuchen was already one of the Three King Stars, the only question was, which?

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