Chapter 315: Union of Man and Sword

“We have all underestimated the status of the personal disciple of the First Mystic Martial Expert. How could a personal disciple of the First Mystic Martial Expert be someone simple? In terms of innate potential, he is definitely at the most elite level. It would be possible to even say that he is the no.1.”

“A 1-star bone frame is actually the no.1 in innate potential among the youth generation. Isn’t it too ridiculous?”

“Ridiculous? Keke, this world is vast and contains countless mystics. Apart from the bone frame, there are more hidden talents that no one knows of, just like Chiyu Ye’s sword meridians.”

“That is true. One’s bone frame doesn’t represent everything. At least in the records of legends, it didn’t mean everything. There are some hidden talents which surpassed bone frames. Even sword meridians are separated by grades.”

“Actually, we don’t even truly understand what a bone frame is. There are also records saying that the hidden talent and bone frame should be viewed as one. Like Chiyu Ye’s sword meridian and 6-star bone frame. If they were to be put together, it might become a 6-star sword dao bone frame or a 6-star sword meridian bone frame.”

“I do not agree with this. Hidden talent and bone frame cannot be viewed as one. Otherwise, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist who is only a 1-star bone frame; even if he had an extremely terrifying bone frame, a 1-star is still a 1-star. He would at best be able to defeat a 3 or 4-star extraordinary bone frame martial artist.”

Everyone had their own opinion as they discussed.

“Interesting. This individual is worthy of me being serious.” Situ Lei revealed a smile.

It wouldn’t feel good to be defeated, but if there wasn’t even a single formidable opponent, it was equally suffering.

“His ability is actually so strong?”

Qi Heng could feel the intense threat from Li Fuchen, even Chiyu Ye had given him plenty of pressure.

After being defeated by Li Fuchen, Chiyu Ye’s next opponent was Qi Heng.

Qi Heng was titled as the Immovable King Star, hence he naturally had a shocking ability. Previously, he had been fighting barehanded, but now he brought out a large halberd. He brandished the halberd, which exploded with horrifying power as it clashed with Chiyu Ye.

“This is his true strength?”

Chiyu Ye didn’t expect for Qi Heng to be so powerful. It was obvious that Qi Heng had not even exerted his full ability.

‘Such incredible physical strength.’

Li Fuchen took a single glance to see Qi Heng’s extremely powerful physical strength. He reckoned that it was more than 50,000 kg.

While Li Fuchen’s physical strength when complemented by the Hidden Blood Body Technique intent, it was only at 30-35,000 kg. Of course, after comprehending the body refinement technique intent, the physical strength increase was just the secondary objective. Most importantly, was the increase in defensive strength.

Li Fuchen believed there were two reasons for Qi Heng’s incredible physical strength.

Firstly, Qi Heng had cultivated his mystic class peak-tier body refinement technique to the limits, which gave him around 40,000 kg of physical strength.

Secondly, it was the Mystic Tools Sect’s defensive secret technique, which was to brand defensive tool patterns on their bodies. The defensive tool pattern was mainly for increasing their defensive power, but it would more or less increase some physical strength as well. There were times were the defense and offense had a relationship that couldn’t be undone.

This terrifying power had caused Qi Heng’s move and stance to be extremely heavy. He was like a clap of thunder that was going to decimate everything in the world. Everything was astounding, be it his strength, attack, or movement speed.

Qi Heng’s physical strength might be powerful, but he wasn’t as skillful in control as Chiyu Ye. In terms of martial arts proficiency, he was inferior to Chiyu Ye. When the power of their moves were around the same, the delicateness and details of the move become extra important.

Hence, when Chiyu Ye executed ten swords, there would always be one that would hit Qi Heng.

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But, Chiyu Ye’s Sky Dragon Sword light would only be able to leave a shallow sword scar on Qi Heng’s body. There would be the occasional sword scars which were deeper, but it only caused small bleeding, as though a regular individual cut on the hand by a small knife. It might be painful, but it wasn’t life-threatening.

“His defenses are so tough?” Chiyu Ye had gloomy eyes.

He had already used his sword meridians’ power and was barely breaking Qi Heng’s defenses.

After taking a deep breath, Chiyu Ye started to use his sword meridians’ core power.

Unless absolutely necessary, Chiyu Ye didn’t wish to use the sword meridians’ core power. Firstly, the core power was replenished very slowly and wouldn’t even be recovered after several months, as it would probably take at least a full year. Secondly, he wanted to use all his sword meridians’ core power on Situ Lei, and if possible, he wouldn’t want to use it against Qi Heng. Of course, that was only if he could defeat Qi Heng, if not, there would be no meaning.

Using up the sword meridians’ core power, Chiyu Ye’s sword art’s fatal power went to the next level and was boosted significantly.

Chi, Chi, Chi, Chi, Chi, Chi…

Qi Heng’s body appeared with many deep cuts, some were even bone-deep.

“Damn it!”

Qi Heng roared out while he launched his large halberd at Chiyu Ye.

It was obvious that Qi Heng had practiced throwing weapons. Putting aside his accuracy and timing, there wasn’t even a sign showing when he was going to make a move.

This move came too suddenly and Chiyu Ye nearly couldn’t react in time.

When the large halberd turned into a moving light and was shot over, Chiyu Ye was only able to raise his sword to block.


There were a burst of sparks as Chiyu Ye flew backward with lightning speed.

Just as Chiyu Ye was about to fly out of the stage, he yelled out in midair and burst out with all his reserved sword meridians’ core power. In the next moment, Chiyu Ye instantly stopped. Subsequently, it was as though he turned into a sword, like the union of man and sword; as he killed towards Qi Heng.


With the flash of the sword light, Chiyu Ye appeared behind Qi Heng.

In the next moment, half of Qi Heng’s body was split apart, even his bones and innards were visible. Had it not been inside this Heaven Dipper Great Array, not even Reincarnation Realm martial artists would be able to heal such injuries, and Qi Heng would have been dead.

“Such power!”

Everyone was shocked.

No one could have expected for Chiyu Ye to be able to burst out with such a horrifying sword move.

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Looking coldly at Li Fuchen, Chiyu Ye had a little regret in his heart. He shouldn’t have hesitated and immediately used up a large portion of his sword meridians’ core power during his fight with Li Fuchen. It was possible for him to defeat Li Fuchen, but he wouldn’t have been able to defeat Qi Heng and Situ Lei later on.

‘Quite a powerful sword dao prowess.’ Li Fuchen lifted his brows.

This sword’s power had actually surpassed his ability which he drew from the Black Iron Sword Essence. If Chiyu Ye had used this sword during the match against him, Li Fuchen would have no choice but to activate the Bronze Sword Essence.

“This is sword meridians, huh?” Situ Lei had electrified eyes.

During the match against him, if Chiyu Ye was still able to use this sword move, then Situ Lei wasn’t certain he could win.

“This tournament is too exaggerating. Are the two of them still human? Aren’t they just rising talents?”

“Among the Three King Stars, only Situ Lei is still maintaining his undefeated streak. I wonder if he can hold it?”

“It is rather interesting right now. Li Fuchen has defeated Chiyu Ye, while Chiyu Ye defeated Qi Heng. If Qi Heng manages to defeat Li Fuchen, then Chiyu Ye and Li Fuchen’s ranking would be uncertain.”

When Chiyu Ye burst out with his true ability, everyone realized that the struggle for the top three ranks was still very suspenseful. Anyone could still take the first rank.

Right now, the Stars Ranking Tournament was in its final matches. Li Fuchen encountered the recovered Qi Heng in one of these final matches.

On the circular stage, Li Fuchen pushed his black iron sword dipper to the limits, as 90% of the sword dipper had turned black, and only 10% of the sword dipper was the Blaze Devil Sword Art’s scarlet red.

Chi, Chi, Chi, Chi, Chi…

Compared to Chiyu Ye, Li Fuchen’s sword art was even more concentrated and flawless. Every ten swords, three would leave a sword scar on Qi Heng’s body.

Furthermore, the sword scars were rather deep, and the deepest one had even cracked Qi Heng’s bones, which affected Qi Heng from comfortably bursting out with the limits of his ability.

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